Thursday, May 24, 2018

Doug Ford's Brutal Fall From Grace

When he ran for leader of the Ontario Cons, Doug Ford had himself anointed in a church, and vowed to clean-up what he called the rot in his party.

The corruption he blamed on his ousted predecessor Patrick Brown.

And when he won, and Team Harper started running his campaign, they tried to portray him as a secular saint.

But sadly for them, Dougie will be Dougie.

And he's now up to his big belly in his own ethical swamp.

Accused of breaking the rules by peddling free party memberships to help his favourite candidate Kinga Surma. 

The Liberals have released an audio recording that appears to show PC Leader Doug Ford telling people at a Tim Hortons they don’t have to pay for party memberships while out recruiting with Etobicoke Centre candidate Kinga Surma.

While allegedly trying to intimidate her opponent Pina Martino by following her around in his big black SUV.

Just days before losing the nomination to Surma, Martino filed a formal complaint with the party, accusing Surma of “discreditable conduct” and alleging Ford followed her home and tried to intimidate her, according to an email Martino wrote to the party’s lawyer.

And this only one day after he was accused of helping his beloved Surma by buying party memberships. 

Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford paid for memberships for new Tories —contrary to party rules — and bused them in to help his preferred candidate win the PC nomination in the riding where he lives, say a former top Conservative official and a party member present at the 2016 vote.

And a week after he was grilled about allegations that his party used data stolen from the records of the pay-to-drive highway 407 for crass political purposes. 

If you watch that video he definitely doesn't sound like a secular saint.

Which as I pointed out yesterday, can only make people wonder what kind of government Ford would run if he did become Premier...

Or worse if that's possible, make people wonder about the allegations that he was once a big time drug dealer.

Which is a scary story if ever there was one.

And all I can say is that if all these allegations keep piling up, they are sure to attract more police attention than I'm sure Dougie would want...

And make him the last man who should be elected Premier of Canada's most powerful province.

Which is why I tell the (two) Cons in my neighbourhood in elitist downtown Toronto.

Don't just do Ontario and Canada a favour, do your man a favour too.

By helping to keep Dougie out of the swamp....


  1. Frank mag has a bit about Doogie giving a blond bimbo a condo and a big shiney car. Rumour has it she is a Condidate. No word on why her taste is so bad.

    1. Hi rumleyfips....yes, there are all kinds of rumours flying around about Ford and a certain blonde. I of course would never stoop so low as to repeat them. But I will hum that well known Australian song 🎶 Hang me kingaroo down sport, hang me kingaroo down....🎶 And always
      And all I’ll say is, if he did cheat and he did try to intimidate another candidate for a love interest, he probably should hang himself...

  2. Jackie Blue3:01 PM

    Jesus Pierre James Christ on a unicycle, he's dumber than Donald. This guy is a sitcom actor, something you might find in a lowbrow Adam Sandler comedy about a complete moron seeking higher office. A meaner, more aggressive and far less likeable version of Kevin James. Harper really bet the farm on running a hippo in reverse for this horse race, didn't he?

    For all the stalking on stage that Trump did of Hillary, as far as anyone knows he never actually followed her car down the street or made bigly yuge deals with GOP down-ballot candidates at a NYC McDonald's. Duh Ford is such a meatheaded gutter thug it's embarrassing. Did he even finish grade school, or did he buy (or bully) his way through that too? You should do a drawing of him as Mugsy the gangster from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. "Uh... OK, boss."

    I wonder how soon it will be before the RCMP cavalry in their Mustangs start chasing Doug Donuts down the highway in (or on) a white (or orange) Ford Bronco. Who'll be the Ontario cons' version of Kato Kaelin to testify under oath about the wheeling and dealing at the fast food joint this time? "Can we get some fries with that extra-value order of special-sauce corruption on a sesame seed bun? Super-size me!"

    1. Hi. Jackie...yes, it’s hard to believe but Drug Fraud does appear to be as bestial as Trump but even dumber. As I told rumleyfips, electoral fraud and intimidating another candidate are bad enough, but doing it to please a love interest is the kiss of death. And now there are reports that two new polls are about to come out that shows the NDP heading for a majority government. I’ll try to restrain myself, but needless to say it would be like Christmas in May...🏄‍♂️

  3. Anonymous3:28 PM

    I've always felt that Doug Ford was corrupt. The video where he was caught offering to sell a large chunk of Toronto's green belt should have been the clincher. But maybe these latest scandals will wake up the people of this province. If him and his.Cons ever become the government it will be a feeding frenzy and we'll be paying for it for years.

    1. Unfortunately it won't rattle the base. They hate government with a passion despite many of them that make use of said services. They just believe Doug is the anointed saint that will stop them damn 'evil socialists.'

    2. Anonymous8:21 PM

      hear hear

    3. Hi anon@3:28 I have said before, when I hear Doug Ford speak he sounds like a character out of an old gangster movie. He could barely summon up enough energy to attend Toronto Council meetings, he acted like his drugged up brother’s bodyguard, he is said to be a bully, and how he ended up in position to become the Premier of Ontario is beyond belief. I can only hope that sanity will prevail and that this nightmare will soon be over...

    4. Hi Frank...You’re probably right, just like Trump’s supporters Ford’s base will stick with him no matter what he does. But he needs to expand his support beyond that base if he wants to win the majority he has been claiming he will win. And in my opinion the more people find out about him, the less likely that will be...

  4. And he seeme utterly uninterested in saving his kid brother from polyaddiction hell. I hate Rob Ford for political and environmentalist reasons, but he was a basket case from a very young age.

    In French, we say polytoximanie.

    1. Hi lagatta...Several writers who covered the two brothers during their nightmare years at Toronto City Hall have said that Doug was extremely bitter that his younger brother was more popular than he was. So I’m not surprised that he did almost nothing to help Rob overcome his drug problems. Rob was always just his meal ticket, and it was always only about Doug....

  5. Doogie has his own police force allegedly. Brother Doug never got an impared charge why? The pundits are pounding the idea that its just $10, never mind the corruption?

    In my own world I am facing a crisis. My blog Thinkingaboot has been flagged by Google and they want to know who I am. The reason IMHO being I said something bad about Israeli killing people in Gaza. I have always supported Isreal and find this very chilling.

    At the moment I can not log on to my blog without giving Google more personal details than they already have. As they already know everything it seems a bit extreme.

    1. Anonymous9:19 PM

      Supposedly the smiley faces have a commitment to identify paid for political propaganda. Perhaps one of their algorithms flagged your blog as potentially part of an organized propaganda network. Still not very comforting as data has a way of ending up in the wrong hands for the wrong purposes.

    2. Hi Steve...I don’t know why or what Google has flagged your blog. But all Google customers are being notified that the E.U. has required them to be more transparent about the information they collect. So it could be that, or it could be part of their effort to go after Nazis and other racist sites. So you may have been singled out by mistake. My advice is file a complaint if it causes you any problems, and in the future measure your words carefully, for we are entering a new era...

    3. Hi RT....I think you’re right. Google and Facebook and others are reacting to the criticism they have received, and their massive purge of Nazis and bots is no doubt causing trouble for some innocent users. I’m in favour of these moves, but as I told Steve, one must measure one’s words to lessen the chance of being penalized by mistake...

  6. Anonymous8:50 PM

    I REALLY hope that Doug Ford completely falls apart before the next election.
    The Conservative party - all levels - was a legit party once. Now that special interest groups (especially Charles McVety) have taken over the 'behind the scenes' system and tired slogans that reek of racism, stupidity and baseless promises (Conservatives haven't balanced a budget for decades, regardless of where they have been elected) run rampant throughout the ranks, they only have themselves to blame.

    But will they? Conservatives just keep coming back for more, picking bigger morons than ever.

    What a shame.

    It was a good option a LONG time ago.

  7. Hi anon@5:50 PM...With his polls heading south, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ford starts to fall apart. But one thing is for sure, the campaign is about to get a lot dirtier. I wish the media spent more time looking at the influence if McVety on the Ford campaign. But if they don’t do it we should because that grubby bigot shouldn’t be associated with any political party, and the fact that Ford is all but calling him his spiritual adviser is absolutely disgusting...

  8. e.a.f.2:21 PM

    a lot of this was said about trump and look where the u.s.a. is today. as long as ford gets his base to the polls and the other parties don't, ford will be the next premier of Ontario. This is one of those times it will be very important to get every one out to vote. In the last B.C. provincial election, which was very tight, one of the ridings was won by the NDP by a few votes. every vote counts.