Thursday, May 10, 2018

Benny and Steve: The Bromance Continues

Well it wasn't exactly Romeo and Juliet, or even Romeo and Julius.

But the bromance between Stephen Harper and Benjamin Netanyahu was something to behold...

Its R-Rating was well deserved, for it was STEAMY. 

And for a while at least, nobody could be sure where it would lead

But sadly for Steve, it didn't lead anywhere. *Sigh*

For when Benny exposed himself, as a maniac, to the United Nations...

And got Harper all excited.

Steve STILL couldn't convince Obama to bomb Iran.

So Benny dropped him like a stone and moved in with Donald Trump.

He convinced Trump he was right, the Iran Nuclear Deal was a scam.

And here we are today. 

On the edge of Armageddon.

With most sane people believing it would be a mistake to tear up the deal, because that would only strengthen the hand of the hardliners in Tehran, and could lead to a catastrophic war in the region.

But not our Steve. 

For there he was yesterday in a full page ad in the New York Times, still trying to pleasure Benny by praising Donald Trump. 

Former prime minister Stephen Harper's name appeared on a full-page ad in the New York Times Wednesday, supporting President Donald Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal.

The ad, titled "Mr. President, you are right about Iran," appeared in the A section of the newspaper, one day after Trump's announcement. "Iran is a danger to us, to our allies, to freedom," it reads. "It oppresses its own citizens with whom neither we nor you have any quarrel; it exports an extremist Islamist ideology which makes it a particular threat to the Middle East region."

With Harper's hapless stooge John Baird following closely behind, and no doubt panting just as frantically...

While here at home, another Harper tool gushed forth this nonsense.

Conservative foreign affairs critic Erin O'Toole told HuffPost Canada that Harper isn't off-base to add his name to the full-page ad, paid for by Rafael L. Bardají, executive director of the Madrid-based think tank, Friends of Israel.

Though the former prime minister doesn't speak for the Conservative party, it's "fair" for Harper to comment on the issue, O'Toole said. "When it comes to the Middle East, he knows the risks very closely with Syria and the funding of terror organizations there. It's something he understands very, very well."

Which only left him, like all the other Cons, looking like an idiot.

While Andrew Scheer ran for cover.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer's office did not respond to HuffPost Canada's request for comment.

For obvious reasons...

You know, people often forget that the brutish Harper regime not only raped our values at home, they tried to export their monstrous ideology abroad.

They forget that the Cons disgraced Canada in the eyes of the world over and over again.

And that we were fortunate to get rid of Harper and his Con gang before they helped torch the planet, and humiliated us beyond recognition.

Thank goodness for that.

And thank goodness for Justin Trudeau.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters on Wednesday that Canada stands "firmly" with its NATO allies in support of the JCPOA.

A real Prime Minister.

With real Canadian values...


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Damn Neo-Con warmongers. How many have to die in the Middle East to satisfy the Zionists?

    1. Hi anon@1:40 PM...t's not just Trump and Netanyahu who are to blame for fanning the flames of war. Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni states are also to blame, for they fear and hate Iran and would love to join the U.S. and the Israelis in an attack on the Shia state. So it's complicated, and of course, its all madness...

    2. Hi Simon,

      Saudi Arabia does not possess the same level of influence on the U.S. government as Israel (see: AIPAC & AJC).

      So while it's true Saudi has some influence on Trump's decision to withdraw from the Nuke Deal, I believe Israel's influence had a much larger impact on Trump's final decision.


    3. Hi Mo
      I agree with you but don't discount the massive arms sales to Saudia. The Saudi's practically handed Trump a bribe check on his visit to Riyadh.

      There are probably, massive amounts of registered and unregistered lobbying money the Gulf states pouring into the USA.

      I wonder if the close relations that the Bushs had with the Saudi Royal Family have had a continuing effect.

  2. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Thank you Simon for reminding us again how Harper embarrassed this country, and how lucky we were to get rid of him. And for brightening up my grey afternoon. 😂😂😂

    1. hi anon@3:39...I have been struck by how short our memories seem to be, and how many Canadians seem to have forgotten Canada's Lost Decade, and the horror of the Con regime. And the main reason that bothers me is that everything in life is relative, and if you can't compare the present to the past you can't know whether you are heading in the right direction. The Cons poisoned our country and it's democracy for ten long years, and that should never be forgotten...

  3. Anonymous5:12 PM

    The hardliners in Iran must be praising Stephen Harper to high heaven since they hate the nuclear deal as much as him and Netanyahu do. Harper should realize that he never understood the foreign policy objectives of this country and stop trying to make a bad situation worse. Treaties may not be perfect but they are better than war.

    1. Jackie Blue5:48 PM

      I hope they realize Harper isn't the PM anymore. Canada is obviously tired of cleaning up the American theocons' mess. Which would include the war criminals of the 51st State.

    2. Harper should realize that he never understood the foreign policy objectives

      He managed to fail in any foreign policy initiative that I can recall. There is no reason to think that his judgment is any better now. Come to think of it, is there any possibility that he is a true Christian-Zionist? He acts that way.

      We must remember that Steven Harper never met a war that he did not like. We would have been in the Iraq disaster if he had had his way.

      As an aside, I knew John Howard was pretty strange but how did his name end up on that advert?

    3. hi anon:5:12 PM...yes, the nuclear deal has many enemies, and Harper is playing into the hands of the hardline Mullahs in Tehran. Just as their grip was slipping, Trump just knifed the moderates in the back. I imagine he's just trying to boost his business, by raising his profile, and trying to pose as a Great Statesman Leader. Good luck with that one...

    4. Hi jrkrideau...I don't know why Stephen Harper has that special connection with Israel, or why he feels the need, as some Israelis say, to be more Jewish than the Jews. But he belongs to a missionary church that preaches that the world could end tomorrow, and that it's almost Rapture time. So I wouldn't be surprised if he's just trying to get a front row seat for when The Messiah returns. And as for John Howard, he's also religious nut, and like Harper has never seen a war he didn't like...

    5. John B.10:37 AM

      John Howard?

      It's reflexive. When they really don't know from shit and likely don't even care to, you can always be confident that IDU birds will flock in the same direction. The appeal to crazed religiosity is a lucrative complementary side hustle.

      These people really aren't that bright.


    6. Anonymous5:12 PM
      The hardliners in Iran must be praising Stephen Harper to high heaven

      They may be religious and political hardliners but I like to think they would have better taste then that. Besides, they probably know about his unbroken record of failure in his foreign policies.

      @ Jackie Blue
      I hope they realize Harper isn't the PM anymore.
      Oh, I imagine they do. They, almost certainly, know a nearly infinitely greater amount about the West than any of the West's politicians know about Iran or the rest of the Middle East.

      When the USA is the elephant in the room, one studies that it and its possible allies with a microscope. Many may have extensive experience living in the West.

      I don't know about the hardliners but President Hassan Rouhani did his Ph.D in Scotland, and the Foreign Minister, did all his post-secondary, from BA to Ph.D in the USA.

  4. Jackie Blue5:25 PM

    Well, this is interesting. So far all we know of Scheer's archaic platform (besides he doesn't like weed, gays, feminists, brown people, the social contract, telling the truth, and pretty much anything resembling modern civilization and basic human decency) is that he plans to move the Canadian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Xeroxed directly from Trump's playbook (and Pence's Revelation fantasies), much like how Melania copied her joke of a "cyber-bullying" campaign directly from Michelle Obama. (Or was it Tina Turner?)

    But speaking of "simply the worst," no doubt the usual cyberbullies will be out in full force to claim that Trudeau is an anti-Semite, Trudeau is a covert Mooslam, Trudeau is Omar Khadr's boyfriend, Sacha is behind this, the Aga Khan, Sadiq Khan, Chaka Khan, Shere Khan, etc., etc., etc. So predictable at this point it's like a broken record playing a lot of "white" noise. I'm sure if you play it backwards it says "Bin Laden lives and Hillary killed Elvis." But I digress.

    Meanwhile, Stephen Herpes rears his ugly Lego head again like a painful sore that just won't go away -- supporting a disastrous decision by the most abhorrent presidential administration in U.S. history that could very well mean the literal end of the world. Whose side is he on? And by "whose side," I mean which side of the 49th Parallel is his bread being buttered?

    I seriously doubt Canadians want to see the maple trees glow neon except maybe with the Northern Lights shining on them. So hopefully, just like the curse of Trump is collapsing the GOP, the reminder of Harperstank and the prospect of a Con-led religious holy war will be the weight around Scheer's neck and the rest of the Northern Republicans that sinks them like a lead hockey puck dropped into the Persian Gulf.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  5. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Welcome back Jackie we missed you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Jackie Blue6:34 PM

      Thank you. I needed a break for awhile (from the whole Internet, actually), but soon after coming back I found this comment on another blog when sharing this story:

      I suppose if Ted Cruz can build a new life in America, so can Stephen Harper.

      And here I was just thinking that Scheer was the most insufferable Canadian Yankee since the junior Tory MP from the province of Texastan. So many to choose from in that lineup...

      But I'd also like to extend my sincerest apologies on behalf of the downstairs meth lab to the Honorable Navdeep Bains.

      God, the swamp never really does drain, does it?

    2. hi Jackie...Yes, I thought it was hilarious to see Scheer desperately trying to avoid appearing in the same story as Stephen Harper. And who can blame his Team Harper handlers? The last thing they want to do is remind Canadians that Scheer is Harper 2.0 and that they're both religious fanatics. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter, but as I said in the post, it should at least remind us that we didn't get rid of Harper for nothing...

  6. Anonymous6:37 PM

    What’s up with Harper? A month ago he was praising the racist leader of Hungary, and now he’s siding with Trump and Netanyahu and undermining our NATO allies? As you said thank heavens he’s no longer our leader.

    1. Hi anon...I think he's just trying to raise his profile, and demonstrate that he is, was, and always will be a religious zealot, or just an odd duck. He wants to be seen as a senior statesman, but even his fellow travellers don't really take him seriously...

  7. Trump is guilty of imperial overeach on the Iran file. There is no other conclusion that he wants to fight Netanyahoos war. Expect the law of unintended consequences to lay a heavy judgement on the offending parties.

    We are told Iran is evil yet Saudi is the birthplace of both Al Queda and ISIS. Iran is evil but pushing it to make nuclear weapons is insane.

    1. Hi Steve...Don't forget to mark your calendar. I think this is the first time we completely agree on something. Trump is guilt of imperial overreach. And the Saudis and the other Sunni states are, like Israel ,trying to get the U.S. to do their dirty work. Unless sanity prevails this could end very badly...

    2. well it must be the absolute truth then:)

  8. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Reneging on the Iranian nuclear deal was a no-brainer for Trump. Pleasing his powerful financial backers and his Armageddon ecstatic base at the same time just doesn't get any better. To hell with the consequences, the worse they are the more the Democrats and others will be to blame. The resulting spike in gasoline prices is equivalent to the full brunt of the $50 per metric ton carbon tax but in the Harper Con world its a small price to pay for the opportunity to send good Christians to another holy war. Just like the good old days but with nukes instead of swords and axes. Just too dumb to know the difference or that in addition to the Zionists they were partially bought by the Sunni Muslims.

    1. Hi RT... yes it is a no brainer, for the reasons you mention, and also don't forget, because Trump is obsessed with destroying Obama's legacy. That's as mad as anything else. And also let us not forget that with the deranged warmonger John Bolton whispering into Trump's ear, sooner or later he was going to declare war on somebody, anybody. It's disturbing how quickly Bolton's appointment was normalized. The American Empire is collapsing, and we'll be lucky to survive...

    2. Let's see.

      Trump has managed to raise the oil revenues of Venezuela, Russia, and possibly Iran, with one sweep of the pen.

      Iran had 100 airliners on order from Boeing IIRC; that order looks like it will go to Russia.

      It looks like there is a good change that Iran will apply for membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

      Countries like India are highly annoyed at the possibilities of sanctions since they may drastically affect strategic Indian investments in Iran.

      Yep, Trump is doing well so far. George W. Bush would be impressed.

  9. Sadly, Harper never went away, he's in the shadows. I believe he is a director of the Conservative fund raising arm, the Chairman of the IDU and god knows what other Con/Evangelical think tanks and committees we don't even know about!