Saturday, April 21, 2018

Doug Ford: When Ignorance Kills

The thought of Doug Ford as Premier of Ontario fills me with horror and disgust, for there is no telling what that political ape might do to degrade our country, and compromise our future.

But the thing I fear the most is what he might do to the province's healthcare system. 

For although he is promising to create 30,000 long-term care beds, which would be great, he hasn't said how he would pay for them.

And judging by what he said yesterday, I'm afraid he could cannibalize the healthcare system and kill thousands of people.

For ignorance does kill. 

Doug Ford says he is “dead against” safe injection sites and believes the focus should be on drug rehabilitation instead.

“If your son, daughter, loved one ever had an addiction, would you want them to go in a little area and do more drugs? I am dead against that,” Ford said Friday. “We have to help these people. We can’t just keep feeding them and feeding them.”

When in fact safe injection sites, like the Insite clinic in Vancouver, not only save lives, they reach out to those who need help and try to steer them into rehab as well.

Instead of having addicts shoot up in rooming houses or alleys where no medical help is available, and neither are any counselling services.

And if the Harper Cons had not fought the idea for so long, to cater to the ignorance of their bloodthirsty base, tens of thousands of mostly young Canadians would still be alive today.

So if the bestial ape Ford goes down that same road, the result will be the same, and he too will deserve to be charged with mass murder.

But then what do we expect when ignorance is in his genes?

For who can forget his ghastly brother Rob screaming that crack addicts should be jailed instead of being sent to rehab...

Only to end up reeking of hypocrisy.

You know, in the garden of a community clinic not far from where I live, there is a  memorial to those who died of drug overdoses or drug related causes.

It's a wonderfully human place that serves its lower income neighbourhood in a magnificent manner.

And after jumping through all kind of legal hoops set up by the criminal Harper regime, thanks to the Trudeau government, their services now include a safe injection site.

So they are able to do more to fight the problem, instead of just watching people die.

And for someone who believes in harm reduction above all things, that's my kind of Canada.

Don't let this ignorant beast become Premier.

Don't let him kill more Canadians...


  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Great post Simon. God protect Ontario if Doug Ford ever becomes Premier.

    1. hi anon@2:26 PM...Thank you, I'm glad you like it. And yes, God help all those who will die if Rob Ford becomes Premier. But if that happens the people of Ontario will deserve what happens to them. And they will get no sympathy from me. You make your bed, you lie in it...

  2. e.a.f.3:33 PM

    My opinion on electing doug ford as premier is: you can live with it or you can die because of it. You voted him into office.

    The reason doug ford advocates rehab is because it doesn't get built or financed, except for private institutions, which cost a fortune. People won't vote to build rehabilitation facilities. we have seen it in B.C.

    There are a couple of successful re hab facilities in B.C. and they are privately owned and cost up to $20K. Now who has that kind of money? No doug and his followers will simply let the drug addicts die. Its cheaper. of course they don't think of all the cost involved in first responders, fire fighters, cops attending each case with vehicles but they that's another line item and many are municipal line items. In B.C. Fire Fighters get called out when a 911 call comes in along in many cases the police. Get to a scene and there may be 7 or more people in attendance. That is expensive. Has the province every added to rehab? Not so much. Voters won't go for it.

    I have always maintained voters won't deal with an issue until 10 middle class people die because of a situation each week in a moderate sized town/city. Right now those dying don't count, they don't vote.

    1. hi make some excellent points, as depressing as they may be. The Ford family could afford to send Robbie and his sister to private rehab, and many people in this country don't believe in rehabilitation for drug addicts, they want to jail them. They're that dumb and that bestial. As I told the previous commenter, you make your bed you lie in. Or pay now, or pay later...

  3. I remember Mike Harris planning to create long term care beds. He got as far as closing a lot critical care beds and forgot the long term ones.

    1. hi jrkrideau...thank goodness I wasn't living in Ontario during the Harris years. And in Montreal in the circles I moved in, news from Ontario was like news from Mars. ;)
      But I heard what the beast did, and if Ford gets elected people in Ontario are in for more of the same thing, or worse. Serves them right. If you're that stupid or bestial, you deserve what you get...

    2. Voters whine about the perceived 'evils' of socialism until they need something. Like healthcare or a retirement pension.

  4. Anonymous8:59 PM

    I also remember the Mike Harris years, and I recently read that Ford could make Harris look like a moderate. Ontario is in danger of cutting its own throat. How could this happen Simon. I don't recognize the province I was born in.

    1. hi anon@ 8:59 PM...I'm afraid I don't understand how anyone could vote for Rob Ford.
      I understand that the Liberals have been in power for a long time and have made some mistakes, but there is always the NDP. And anyone or anything would be better than the Fordzilla. I blame the influence ofTrump, and his stooges in the Harper Party. They are selling this country and its values down the river, and without those values we are lost. But don't worry, it might be a long and painful struggle but in the end we will prevail....

  5. Anonymous2:20 AM

    We are to believe that Doug's "focus" on rehabilitation will solve this problem as opposed to what he sees as "enabling" addicts?
    I find this odd when you consider he couldn't even get his own brother into rehab(that I know of or if he even tried) and being right wing elitists, they certainly could afford it.
    So if Doug's "intervention" plan is realized, his base will applaud, people will die, and just like with his brother, he will have failed miserably in dealing with a proven alternative for addicts.

    1. hi JD...I can't even talk about those who would condemn thousands of mostly young Canadians to death. I hated Harper for it, I hate Rona Ambrose, and it's just one more reason to despise Doug Ford. I hate brutish simplistic "solutions" to anything. But when human lives are involved I get so angry I could put my fist through the wall. I once witnesses a group of people holding a little service at that humble memorial to those have died from drug related reasons. And it was heartbreaking. For every person who dies there are others who mourn their often sudden disappearance. And by now all over this country they must number in the millions....

  6. Read Johann Hari's CHASING the SCREAM and educate yourself!

  7. Hi Kathleen...I've heard of the book and I understand it's very good. But I've seen enough with my own eyes to know the extent of the problem, and what needs to be done right away to stop even more people from dying. Only ignorance and prejudice can explain why not enough is being done, and that's unforgivable...

  8. There IS an alternative to Dou Ford as Premier of Ontario and it ISN'T Kathleen Wynne.

  9. Anonymous7:21 AM