Saturday, May 21, 2016

Ruth Ellen Brosseau: Now She's Not a Clown She's a Martyr

We all saw Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the House of Commons trying to physically block the Con whip from returning to his seat.

And then after getting accidentally elbowed by Justin Trudeau, carrying on as if she had been shot.

Now she's being used by the Con media to damage Trudeau's image abroad.

By making Justin look like a big bad bully.

Rather than waiting patiently for the shenanigans to play out, Trudeau strode over, shouting at parliamentarians to “get the fuck out of the way”, grabbed Brown by the arm and elbowed MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the chest. 

In the video of the incident, you can see Brosseau wincing in pain. She left the chamber and missed the subsequent vote. The optics were bad. She’s a young, telegenic and well-liked former bartender. Trudeau, a young, telegenic, well-liked former bar bouncer, had just given her a shot in the chest.

Or a woman hating thug.

This moment of thuggery does pierce his carefully constructed international image as a feminist Mr Hotsticks, boosts the morale of his opponents and raises questions about his state of mind that will remain after this blows over.

Instead of the most feminist Prime Minister this country has ever known...

But don't expect Brosseau to correct the record. Because now she's portraying herself not just as a battered woman, but as a feminist martyr. 

Ruth Ellen Brosseau says she has faced personal attacks since she was elbowed in the House of Commons by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, including that she should be "ashamed to be a woman" and that she is "not a feminist."

And suggesting that men have no idea what it's like being bumped, like somebody might be bumped on a crowded bus...

"If I was a man and I was hit in the nuts, would we having the same conversation? I don't know," Brosseau said.

While Stephen Maher suggests that anybody who dares criticizes her pathetic performance is guilty of hating women.

Although to be fair, even though Maher believes Trudeau is a big bad bully, and a woman hating thug.

He doesn't believe Trudeau should be lynched or publicly humiliated.

One of many potential consequences is that Mr. Trudeau could be called to the Bar of the House. This would involve standing behind a bar at the entrance of the House of Commons – rather than an MP’s assigned seat – as the Speaker reprimands the member on behalf of the House of Commons.

Or jailed.

In theory, the House of Commons could go so far as to imprison an MP or private citizen. This power hasn’t been used since 1913, when the House had a committee witness imprisoned for four months for refusing to answer questions.

And here's what I think, as a dude, and a proud feminist. 

I think Brosseau should accept the more than a dozen apologies Justin Trudeau has sent her way.

I think she should apologize for HER role in the incident, and for carrying on like a third-rate Vegas comedian.

For she is acting like a Con clown.

The NDP is acting like garbage party.

And she is definitely no martyr...

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Kev said...

So I guess then Simon you are fine with her being called a cunt, a ho a skank among other things. Because that is what is happening Folks like you may not be using those terms but your attacks are giving oxygen to those who are.

Trudeau acted like a buffoon. Accept that.

car said...

Feminists don't use gender politics for advantage. Brosseau was in JT's space and colluding to delay parliamentary business. It's plain to see on tape just how her game played out to be silly high school girl nonsense. And as for optics. Remember how they jumped on JT for his mustachioed look? Well ponytails on a 35 year old in high profile workplace are a bit 90's.

Anonymous said...

And he vehemently apologized for it. She's being ridiculed for acting like she'd been shot when she was not.
The real buffoon is Mulcair and he will equally be remembered for instigating this pathetic attempt to sully JT's image.
Get over yourselves.

jrkrideau said...

It's a pity you're illiterate Kev. Have someone read Simon's post to you and get back to us.

Anonymous said...

Between Tom Mulcair's rage and Brosseau's actions, the NDP have taken over the CP's former role in the House of Commons...Nicky Ashton on this and Trudeau's wife's request for assistance places them left behind. I'm done with them.

Simon said...

Hi Kev...I must say I am both shocked and disappointed by your comment. How could you suggest that I am encouraging that kind of vile misogyny? Where did your cherry pick those comments from? Why are you spreading such filth? And are you seriously suggesting that those who criticize Brosseau are guilty of the same thing?
I've made it more than clear that Justin Trudeau should be criticized for losing his cool in the Commons. But so should Brosseau for having started the whole thing, by along with other members of her shabby NDP gang, blocking the Con whip from returning to his seat. And for making an accidental elbow look like she had been shot. And worse for trying to make it appear along with people like Nikki Ashton, that it was some kind of gender based attack. Which as this article points out, is an insult to all the victims of violence against women:

Read it and educate yourself.
Although sadly I doubt if it will. Because you are a Trudeau hater, who hates Justin with a virulence that I sometimes find frightening. Admit it. And are only trying to use this incident to try to do him more harm.
But what you need to understand is that Justin Trudeau won the last election, and is presently supported by an overwhelming number of Canadians. For having liberated us from the Harper regime, repaired our image abroad, and being a symbol of generational change, who has allowed us to feel hopeful and optimistic about the future of our country again. As well as being
the most feminist Prime Minister this country has ever known, and the best friend the LGBT community has ever had. Or doesn't that count?
And what I suggest is that you should look in the mirror and ask yourself where your blind hatred comes from? And how much harm do you want to do him? Or just what have you become?
As for me I haven't changed at all. I am no misogynist, and I will not be muzzled....

the salamander said...

.. like many, I watched the video & also wondered how or why this odd bit of kabuki theatre came about. It does not occur to me to question Ms Brosseau however. She's now becoming collateral damage.. and the piling on continues. What was a clever bit of stagecraft for Tom Mulcair to 'make a point' for a few seconds or so, amazingly became a media wet dream for him and a feeding frenzy by sleepyheaded media. The trolls, wanks & traumatized MP's who were buffing their nails are suddenly swarming.. Marshall McLuhan would give this the barest nod of his head.. and Hunter S Thompson see it as unworthy of mention. I say give ms Brosseau a pass.. a complete pass. The ridiculous irony is that legislation regarding Assisted Dying was before Parliament & somehow, essentially all our elected public servants managed to make it all about them.. One particular clown claiming it was 'physical molestation' ... say what ?

Anonymous said...

Canadians know manufactured outrage when they see it. The tactic of physically blocking people to prevent a vote, while pretending to be milling around, is just the sort of "boys in short pants" nonsense that made the Harper Conservatives unfit for government. Do I imagine the smirking in the video, or is it really there? I don't like to see the NDP behave this way.

Brosseau's reaction only highlighted what was really going on. She was participating in a frat-house scenario, and took Trudeau's elbowing as a deliberate act in the context of those antics, as though he were playing his part and giving her a dig. Any impartial observer would have read it as an accident, if not for her telling response.

Kev said...

I don't hate or wish harm on anyone I will criticize or support anyone including Trudeau (as I have) as I see justified BTW Maher's tweet was in response to me pointing out the vile nature of the attacks on Brosseau calling her a cunt etc . A little context would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Great come back Simon. Poor little make of glass Ruth should bubble wrap herself prior to leaving the house. And yes I have been elbowed in the chest by my children, on the TTC, and I am sorry it is not like a man getting "hit in the balls". No comparison!!!!!!! I think is was just a thing called Karma. That's what you get for trying to stop the process in our house. If she was doing her job, which we pay her to do, and not interrupting the HoC process, and acting like a bully in the school yard her chest would have not been touched. I can't imagine working in a bar and never getting elbowed!!!!!!!!! Just another "cry wolf" performance. I have lost all respect for the NDP and Mulclair. Kev type people are the real buffoons. Have a great 24 weekend Simon. FS

Anonymous said...

I think what is giving oxygen to all this is its endless repetition of this overblown non-story in the mainstream media. Having watched the tapes over a number of times, I'm really concerned that Ms. Brosseau's reaction (which, as best I can see, seems to be out of proportion to a rather trivial incident that appears to've been engineered by members of her own party) will tend to undermine victims of much more serious forms of violence. Also, although it's never OK for people to call others demeaning names, it seems to me that the root of it is not Trudeau's actions, but Ms. Brosseau's.

And for the record, Kev, I really can't agree with you that Simon's blog is a catalyst for misogyny. Quite the opposite. I think the "oxygen" (personally I think it's more like methane) is coming from the mainstream media and I find that very disappointing.

Just my two cents.

Kev said...

Out of respect for Simon Someone who as much as I disagree with on this remain genuinely fond of I won't respond to your ad hominem

Steve said...

Dippers die with no dignity. Admit it now Mulclair was a con in sheeps cloth, and if you want to win a seat stand for something.

lagatta à montréal said...

She has accepted his apology.

REB has been subjected to a torrent of sexist and classist abuse.

UU4077 said...

I have had great respect for Brosseau since her work after being accidentally elected in 2011. However, such respect has taken a big tumble after this event.

She needs to distance herself from Mulcair going forward or she will end up going down in flames during the next election. People are not stupid. And electors have had enough of such bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be the same opinion of many Steve. Never would have thought so during the election but this overreaction by Tom, petty Ruth, and the rest of the morally depleted NDP are playing right into the CON game!!!!!!!!! I don't understand how they feel they do not have to cooperate and work together on behalf of the taxpayers they serve!!!!!!! It is about time someone stood up for the taxpayer and demanded productivity in our house. As a woman this has to be the most embarrassment I felt in a long time. I never thought a woman would go so low to forward her agenda!!!!!!! We should all provide chest protectors to the female CONS and NDP in our house!!!!! Trudeau should just say "fuddle duddle" about the whole thing. That should get a rise out of the morally depleted mere shadow government!!! FP

rumleyfips said...

This is the second try by Mulcare to burn a Liberal witch with sexual assault innuendo. Sorry Tom , only two strikes here - you're out of a job.

Today, on The House, Liz said of course this was a setup; she was invited in. Reformatories didn't have the integrity to say no, Ndp also lacked the integrity; only Liz did the honourable thing.

Brosseau and Mulcare looked like goggling schoolyard bullies as they squeezed Gord and it looked to me as if she as using her phone on the way out. Brave , considering her injuries.

ottlib said...

In politics when you have to explain yourself you have already lost.

The problem for the NDP is threefold.

First, the evidence does not back up their side of the story. That video has been analyzed to death and it proves any contact between Mr. Trudeau and the NDP whip was incidental.

Second, Canadians know BS when they see it and the over the top reaction of the NDP is classic political BS.

Third, Canadians genuinely like Mr. Trudeau. That fact really frosts the balls of Conservative and NDP partisans but it is a fact. When you genuinely like someone you will forgive minor transgressions, which is exactly what he did the other night.

As a bonus reason, the NDP leadership has the political instincts of a turnip. They were handed a gift from God last year with the NDP win in Alberta. That fact suddenly opened up alot of minds to the idea that a federal NDP government might be a good idea and Mr. Mulcair and his brain trust squandered that opportunity.

The Conservatives have already dropped this issue. They got what they could from it and are moving on. The NDP should do the same but the won't. (See my bonus reason for why that is.)

As for Mr. Trudeau's image and "brand", the Conservatives, NDP and media are dreaming it they really believe this incident will have any lasting impact on either. (See reason number three for why that is the case.)

The Mound of Sound said...

Kev, no one's "fine" with any of that. Crawl down off your perch of righteous indignation. She took a dive, the likes of which we haven't seen since the World Cup. As Simon says, she acts as though she had been shot. Yes, there are people who say bad things. That's life and we have to expect those who seek to become public figures to cope with that and not whinge about it. Maybe she should ask her assistant to screen her emails if she's that sensitive. Somehow I doubt it.

David said...

Anonymous said...

What a week, first the Ashton - Rempel affair now R.E.B sits back and watches while Justin is smeared worldwide for an accident she engineered. In a way I'm greatful because now I see their true colours and will never waste another vote on them. I never thought this possible Simon but I despise them as much as the Con's now. I'm now voting Green, Marijuana Party or maybe the Marxist Leninist Party in BC next year. Anything but Conservative (which is liberal here) or NDP Or as you put it, The Loser Party. Sunny Ways ! Pamela

Anonymous said...

To be fair, I think she was genuinely emotional when she left the House, given the heightened emotions in the first place and the fact she did not want to cry in public (I am sure it was painful).

By the time she came back in her party had turned the whole event into an attack on women. I am not sure she had a lot of choice but to play along.

She is a victim of her party playing politics. At least that is how I see it.


Simon said...

Hi everybody...thank you for your comments. I'm not going to comment further on this story. It's been a long day, I said what I had to say in my post, and in my reply to Kev who despite our disagreement on this issue I still consider a friend. And I will As I have said before, I think that Justin Trudeau learned a good lesson, I don't think this over hyped controversy will hurt him one bit, on the country I think it may even make him even more popular. And I think the biggest losers are Tom Mulcair and his NDP, who took the story and tried to turn an accidental elbow into an assault on women. Of all the things that happened, that in my opinion was unforgivable.
I may or may not write one more short post to sum up how I see the situation, before I move on to other things. Unless of course the Cons and the NDP try to put Trudeau on trial, in which case I will return to the fray, with MY elbows up. I will just say once again what I have always believed, hatred has no place in the New Canada, and defeating hatred was what defeating Harper and his thugs was all about. Have great long weekend everybody...

Anonymous said...

This is politics at its lowest level. The Cons and the NDP engineered this after a week of bashing Sophie and they got the response they wanted. Congratulations on your contributions to bettering this country you lowlifes. What next? Pictures of her chest all black and blue with stitches and tubes sticking out!??
Mulcair will eventually wear this one en masse and Brosseau as well for allowing herself to be the star in this farce. And Harper, with his shit eating grin through it all reminded me of the spoiled little coward he is and how he relishes the pain of others, and further reinforces why we booted them from office. They have nothing to offer this country, nothing but hate.

lagatta à montréal said...

I really don't understand why you persist in calling everyone who doesn't see JT as the second coming of JC "Trudeau-haters". You accused me of that with no basis whatsoever, and are doing it to other commenters who have never made hateful comments about him. I've only seen one commenter here who made despicable violent comments about JT, and he has been quite rightfully banned.

I don't hate Trudeau (there were sure times I hated his dad, after the War Measures Act and anti-labour acts and legislation, but JT wasn't even born in 1970, and was a small child during the later acts). I certainly would have preferred a victory by Anne Lagacé-Dowson in Papineau - for a while she was leading. But I blame Mulcair for the NDP's shitty campaign far more than I'd blame Trudeau or any other Lib, and hope the NDP can get a better, seriously left-wing leader along the lines of Corbyn or Sanders.

Please don't throw accusations like that around. I'd never vote for the Liberals or any other bourgeois party; it does annoy me that you seem to want to destroy the only somewhat social-democratic party on the Federal level and making nasty comments about serious socialists like Alexandre Boulerice (my MP and someone I like and admire very much) and Niki Ashton.

e.a.f. said...

perhaps we can establish an Academy of bad acting for the House of Commons and give Broseau the first award.

feminist victim, whatever. Let me explain to this wanna be about being a feminist and a victim. Try being one of the first women to join the RCMP. there's a book out on that. Try being part of a group who worked to have free standing abortion clinics in this country. See how that got a lot of women victimized. this wanna be come lately doesn't even know what she is talking about and Mulcair ought to be kicked in the butt because he is old enough to know what the history of women in the 1960's, 1970's and 80s was all about.