Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Last Sleazy Days of Stephen Harper and the Con Regime

With quite possibly only five days left in his sordid reign, let it it not be said that Stephen Harper is going out with even a hint of dignity and class.

For there he was again yesterday, tieless, his sleeves rolled up, his belly sticking out, watching a pizza guy throw cash on a table, and getting an endorsement from the Ford  brothers.

To the tune of ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching.

The would be King of Canada going out as a sleazy game show host.

Rambling on like a Con man, and lying like a thief.

Give Harper’s political team high marks for hucksterism. It was quite the show. Indeed Harper liked the stunt so much he repeated it on Tuesday. But like most game shows there was an air of unreality about it, a touch of cynicism and more than a whiff of desperation. 

The Conservatives are in trouble just days before Monday’s vote, and they know it. Much of their sales pitch, summed up in a news release with the headline Hold on to your wallet, is as bogus as a three-dollar bill.

As only he can. While his Cons ran around smearing Justin Trudeau. 

Conservative Party advertising targeted at Chinese and Punjabi-speaking voters in Vancouver and Toronto is raising concerns in the Liberal Party. The advertisement characterises Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau as supporting the sale of marijuana to children, and the establishment of safe-injection sites and neighbourhood brothels.

Raising fears about an invasion of sex workers, as first suggested by that old political hooker Jason Kenney...

As only Cons can. When they're not stealing other people's signs.

An Ottawa-area Conservative candidate has apologized for removing roadside third-party election signs he claimed were illegal. Walter Pamic, who is running in the riding of Kanata-Carleton, was allegedly caught on video removing a "vote strategically" sign from among several other signs on a grassy roadside.

But then of course Harper and his Con gang are desperate. The Liberals appear to be surging while they are going nowhere.

Even EKOS which once had the Cons ahead is now looking like the grim reaper. 

The Liberals now enjoy a 36-31 lead nationally over the Conservatives and, perhaps more importantly are now ahead in Ontario, Quebec, and B.C., according to EKOS’ latest poll numbers.

And after all they've done to try to suppress the vote, this must seem like a living breathing nightmare. 

Canadians stampeded to advance polls over the long weekend, exceeding turnout in the past election’s early voting window by 71 per cent. In total, some 3.6 million people cast ballots between Friday and Monday, according to Elections Canada.

Because if the turnout on election day is anything close to that, the Cons will be crushed beyond recognition. 

And the interesting thing is that there are signs that Harper's fear and loathing campaign, that he cooked up with his Australian hitman Lynton Crosby, may have backfired.

And tarred him with his own foulness...

Which I have to say doesn't surprise me, because the same thing happened in Britain, where Crosby won a majority for David Cameron.

But left Cameron looking as sleazy as himself...

And in Canada, he only reinforced Stephen Harper's negative attributes, and left him looking like a grubby political pervert.

Especially when he attacked a candidate like this one...

Which only fuelled the desire for change.

And if that does cost Harper the election, it will be poetic justice.

He fouled this country. He shamed us in the eyes of the world. 

Then he fouled himself, and went out crawling on all fours...

A Con hog if ever there was one, and the most monstrous Crime Minister this country has ever known.

A man who is always saying that this is not a time for risky schemes. 

But is himself too risky to be allowed to remain in office...

You know, there are probably very few progressives who truly believe that our nightmare could actually be over in just five days. It seems too good to be true.

And after what we have been through in this long night of the soul, and after all the horror and the disappointment we have endured, I don't blame them.

But as the season changes, and the leaves turn Canadian red in the place where I live...

I feel as if our poor battered country is putting on its finest show in the hope that we can save it.

And we will save it. 

We will defeat those filthy Cons and make our country clean and free again.

And we will send this depraved monster to the place he belongs...

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  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Kenny the heir apparent is just too much in his sexy outfit complete with helmet and cigarette. Who can resist voting for him? It seems that Stevie the clown presiding over the Gong show has made another strategic mistake in assuming that Canadians have the same twisted sense of humor as the Aussies. But then again Stevie always had a problem sorting good from bad advise.

    1. hi RT...I'm glad you like Kenney's hooker outfit. I have one of him modelling a skimpy frock at a fashion show, but that one is too horrible to publish. ;)

  2. For sleazy electioneering it would be hard to surpass Kim Campbell's support team, for smearing Chretien's facial tics (due to a stroke)..The country responded mightily..let's hope this time the same thing happens..and that we here in Canada get our own version of a criminal trial for Emperor Steve and his cohorts..BTW, I think you should print up a poster of that Jason Kenny mock-up..I'm sure you could retire wealthy from the proceeds..your best yet, Simon...

    1. hi mizdarlin....yes the Chretien ad was a low blow. It would be hard to sink any lower. But I think the country is responding to all the sleaze and personal attacks of the Harper years. A man with a reputation like Harper really shouldn't go after others, because it only makes him look even more sleazy. As for Kenney's photo-shop, I'm afraid it will have to be archived after Monday along with the five thousand other graphics I made during the Harper years. I've being going through them and I'm already feeling nostalgic... ;)

  3. Anonymous12:33 PM

    "Raising fears about an invasion of sex workers, as first suggested by that old political hooker Jason Kenney..."
    Simon, Master K seems to have mislaid his cilice.

    1. hi anon...yes I want to make sure that Kenney was the one who engineered the niqab pogrom, and pooped I mean popped the idea of the hooker invasion right out of his rear orifice. I'm hoping he helps tear the Cons apart after Harper resigns. But one ay or the other his crimes against Canada will never be forgotten, and his name will live in infamy...

  4. Trudeau will fire the fluffer saving a hundred grand right there

    1. hi mean the team of flutters. I understand it takes about six to make Stephen Harper look pretty. I've acted in plays and know all about makeup. But the amount of stuff they layer on Great Leader is almost unbelievable, and would make a hooker green with envy...

  5. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I would just add it is imperative for Canadians to vote. Let us never forget Stephen Harper has not conducted one clean election. From 2006 forward every election has involved CPC malfeasance.

    The Harper Government amended election law to benefit themselves and to ensure their electoral cheating would go unpunished. The only was to ensure whatever schemes Harper has cooked up are DOA is to get out and vote in huge numbers.

    A desperate Stephen Harper is at his most dangerous. He will not go quietly or easily.

    1. hi anon...yes there is nothing more important than getting out the vote. If we do we win if we don't we might not. But I have to say I was very impressed by the number of people who voted at the advance polls, so I'm hoping for a repeat performance...

  6. Even though Harper has been hiding from 2/3rds of Canadians Simon in this election, the little bit they do see of him, they get to see a lying, tacky,sleazy con. It's amazing to watch. People like you and me have known this about Harper for years, but there he is, performing in his usual crude, cheesy style. No wonder he has hidden from us for years. You can really see how blundering and inept he is. What we've have known about him for years, Canadians are now seeing, even if in small bursts. Watching him perform at his own game show is actually cringe worthy. It just shows how out of touch the cons really are.

    1. hi Pamela...yes this campaign has really revealed him as the sleazy Con he always was, but managed to conceal from so many for so long. And I'm actually enjoying watching him degrade himself, for it couldn't be more tacky or pathetic...

  7. Anonymous9:01 PM

    A false flag operation a day or two before the election is something Harper and some of his RCMP buddies could stage.

    1. hi anon...please don't disturb my shattered nerves further. The stress of this election is quite enough. But yes, I have been keeping my fingers crossed that nothing funny happens, but with only four days to go I'm daring to hope that we are going to make it....

  8. Anonymous1:25 AM

    The PMOcchio should be, but isn't, ashamed of these latest antics (and all others for the past 10 years) ... HE is proud of himself ... I cannot get over the fact that HE has NO FRIENDS!!!!! (that's if u wanna call Jason K a friend - did they go to ROMPER ROOM together??? ... LOLOL) ... That sure tells me something about PMOccio ... HE says HE knows he's NOT liked, but that should NOT be a reason for voting for him ??? ... WTF does that mean ??? ... it makes NO SENSE whatsoever ... In my world, we vote for people we "LIKE" ... I have an article spoken by PMOcchios buddy ... I just need to find it ... I don't like posting certain things unless I have "proof" ... LOL ... TY

    1. hi TY..yes it's true, all his biographers have pointed out that Harper has no friends. He apparently has no time for them. And I'm sure the feeling is mutual. I can only imagine what a nightmare it would be to be trapped in an elevator with him. I'm sure I'd have to be carried out on a stretcher suffering from terminal boredom...;)