Friday, October 09, 2015

The Harper Regime and the Light in the Darkness

It was almost dark when I got back to the waterfront. A cold wind was whipping across the lake. But I could see the lights of the boat coming to pick me up.

Just like with only ten days to go, I think I can see the light at the end of our long Harperland nightmare.

For what a difference a day can make.

In one of my last posts I wrote how worried I was about an EKOS poll that suggested the Cons were ahead in Quebec. And how concerned I was that the Cons were already trying to suppress the vote.

But yesterday a poll from Leger, which I trust more than EKOS in Quebec, showed a quite different result. 

The Liberals have caught up to the NDP in Quebec, as voters in the province increasingly see Justin Trudeau’s team as the party most likely to defeat the Conservatives, according to the latest Léger poll.

The Liberals and the NDP were tied at 28 per cent support each in Quebec, according to a poll done between Monday and Wednesday. The Bloc Québécois was at 23 per cent and the Conservatives at 20 per cent.

The Liberals have moved into the lead, and the Cons are in fourth place behind the Bloc...

Which will teach me to doubt my people.

The Liberals have also moved into first place for the first time on the CBC's tracking poll.

And the even better news is that far from being suppressed, voters seem ready to head to the polls in very strong numbers.

Canada's chief electoral officer sees positive signs that voters are keenly engaged in the election, including students and citizens living abroad.

"We see more people voting by mail, more people voting from abroad, more people having a vote on campus," he told host Rosemary Barton. "This week in the first three days we had 42,000 students who voted," he said. "So all across we see Canadians quite engaged, and that's good as far as I'm concerned." 

Including a lot of young voters...

Today almost six-hundred academics will be running this ad in newspapers across Canada to denounce Stephen Harper's bigot game. 

We are a diverse group of academics with different political views and different political allegiances. We are united by a common interest in the integrity of democratic processes and a concern about the ugly and dangerous turn we have recently witnessed in the election campaign. 

In democratic electoral politics there is an ethical line that distinguishes spirited partisan strategy from cynical tactics that betray the values of mutual respect and toleration that lie at the heart of civil democratic discourse.

And it all suggests a massive wave is forming that will sweep the Cons away. 

For the greater the number of Canadians who vote, the less chance Stephen Harper has of remaining in power...

Which as Carol Goar points out, couldn't come too soon. For the damage he has done to this country and its character couldn't be greater.

Before Harper took power, Canadians were not a fearful people. We did not obsess over criminals in our communities, terrorists infiltrating our borders, bogus refugees exploiting our generosity or foreign wars threatening our security. We took reasonable precautions and got on with life. We trusted our fellow-citizens and gave refugee claimants a fair hearing. Now all of that is gone — dismissed as hopelessly naïve and unworldly.

The list goes on: No prime minister has treated Canada’s Charter of Rights as an inconvenience he could ignore, challenge or test at taxpayers’ expense. No prime minister has sicced federal tax auditors on charities that protect the environment, speak for the poor, or fight for freedom of expression. No prime minister has stripped judges of their discretion to sentence lawbreakers. No prime minister has treated Canadian citizenship as a benefit that can be revoked at will by the government. No prime minister has forbidden federal scientists to share their findings with their international peers or the public.

But now at last there are signs that his monstrous reign is almost over.

And judging by the look on his face after a demonstrator rushed the stage last night, I think he finally knows it.

Finally understands how much he is despised, and that his days are numbered.

We will still have to work very hard to get out the vote in the next ten days.

And we will have to make sure that the Cons don't try to steal the election.

But I think Canadians are finally rising up. And if you'll forgive me for repeating a video, and excuse the language.

After what he has done to this country and its values.

I think this is their message...

Ten days to go.

Ten days before we get our country back.

Ten days to freedom...

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  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Timing is everything, we only need another 10 crisis free days and the Cons will be on their way into history. I shudder to think of how they would have played the darker periods in Canadian history to their advantage.There are others but the Oka and October crisis come to mind. The Con game is at its best when people need a balanced compassionate government the most.

    1. Fear the false flag

    2. Anonymous2:13 AM

      Oh yes. Harper and his RCMP buddies are planning something, I have no doubt whatsoever. Watch for a big sweep of "potential jihadist terrorists" in the days leading up to the election. Or something else...

    3. hi RT...yes I know what you mean. I'm hoping that nothing will happen between now and the election. I'm sure Harper and Kenney are praying for a terrorist attack. But I think you're right, if nothing happens it does look as if Harper and his gang are on their way out. I've waited so long for this election now that it's almost here I can hardly believe it...

  2. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I'm waiting for Harper to pull a Reichstag moment in the last waning hours before the election.

    1. hi anon...Stephen Harper and his foul regime are capable of anything so we must remain vigilant...

  3. Wake-Up, CANADA! Get out and VOTE!

  4. I wish I could be as optimistic as you. I'm very worried, and sad.

    Of course the difference is that I also dislike the Liberal Party - no, of course they aren't (usually) the danger to democracy the Harpercons are, but as you know there are a lot of people in Québec who will never forgive them for certain things. And I deeply resent someone as lightweight and not very bright as Trudeau fils possibly earning a coronation on his family name alone.

    Not that I trust any party, but I thought we might have been able to make a difference in such key areas as social housing, minimum pension payments above the poverty line, and Indigenous rights and reparations.

    Everything is screwy around here. Not so long ago, the Bloc was very strong on protecting and funding culture and cultural workers - now they have fallen into absurd "culture wars".

    Oh well, at least if we can get rid of the Cons... But I'd like them wiped from the roster entirely.

    1. How can you say Justin is not very bright. You try debating Harper and Muclair in two languages and at least having a draw.

    2. His French is amazingly shitty for someone who studied at the exclusive Collège Brébeuf.

      I've actually met him and spoken to him several times. Unlike Harper, he's a pleasant fellow, but the general consensus among community groups in Villeray is that he is rather vapid.

      I could most certainly debate Harper and Mulcair in more than two languages.

    3. hi lagatta...actually I have to be honest, I have been quite impressed with Justin Trudeau recently. I don't agree with all his policies, but he is starting to look like real change to me. I still want the NDP to get enough seats, but having Justin as Prime Minister also symbolizes generational change to me, and I think that's what this country needs. I'm still hoping the NDP gets enough seats to form a coalition government, but having Justin represent us abroad instead of the grubby weird Harper would do out tattered image a lot of good....

  5. Anonymous2:14 PM

    3 weeks ago, the recession was Ms. Notley's fault, oh, and Ms. Wynne as well ... then suddenly Joe O said "no recession, again FFS" ... so then it was because of PMOcchio's economic rebound (WTF???) ... HE cried (on demand) to the world when that young Syrian boy was found, how it reminded him of his family (WTF???) ... few days ago, apparently he is HIDING all the applications (FFS!!!) ... Yesterday, his PMOcchio staff had nothing to do with it (gimme a break!!!) ... the CON sure did con his CONS (LOL!!!) ... He gave the rich a "tax haven" ... agreement was signed last November 2014 ... a group of Chartered Accountants or Certified Accountants, are behind this too ... CRA aka CANADA REVENUE AGENCY is after them ... Steve is smiling from ear to ear (gag me with a pitchfork!!!) ... (more info at ... the TPP is a good thing (NOT!!!!) according to PMOcchio, and that HE will supplement the farmers and auto industry with TAXPAYERS money (again WTF???) ... this "clown" got left behind by his circus, and WE got stuck with him for all these years ... he's a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR (typical Sociopath who BLAMES EVERYONE ELSE!!!) ... WOW his family must be proud of him (yuck!!!) ... wonder why he pressed no charges against all these CON LIARS he knows (Wright lied to him of course ... and quoted the BIBLE in court (oh ya!!!) ... I could go on and on and on and on, but NOT today ... LOLOLOL ... found a few more "awesome" articles to read first ... LOL ... Remember PMOcchio, don't go away MAD, just go away (best news so far LOL) ... Thanks for listening ... TY

    1. hi Ty...well thank you, I quite enjoyed that rant. And I know what you mean. When I watch the Con clown show being gagged by a pitchfork does come to mind... ;)

  6. If Canadians vote for this Harper, we are no longer Canada, just mindless sheeple hearded by the dog whilstle that plays our lizard brain.

    1. Anonymous6:41 PM

      I agree Steve.


    2. hi Steve and Irene...well I agree with both of you. If Harper is re-elected after all he has done, it will show that he isn't the only one without a moral compass, and it will be shameful...

  7. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Hope the opposition parties are working to get out the votes. I just saw a couple of what I believe are Cons workers going to the houses of my neighbours who are likely Cons supporters (today being the start of Advance voting).

    I definitely know one of the houses to be strong Cons supporters and the other one they went to was a military family, so quite possibly Cons supporters as well. They knew not to come to mine ... they were checking their phones for the addresses from their CIMS database likely. Mine must have a frowny face, eh? :)

    Unlike the Provincial election, when Liberal workers came to my house several times to ask if I had voted, none have come so far. In a close election, as apparently this one is going to be, the ground game is going to make a difference. Neither the NDP nor Green candidates have even shown up so far or left a note or pamphlet.

    1. hi anon...yes the ground game is important. I haven't been visited by any candidates yet, although I was having a snooze the other day and someone banged on the door, so maybe it was a campaign worker. It doesn't really matter in my riding because the Con candidate hasn't the chance of a snowflake in hell..

  8. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I voted that fucker out early. The polling staff said they were very busy today. Let's hope this is a good sign.

    1. hi anon...good for you, I might consider doing that also. And you're right it seems that the turnout has been very good so far, and that would be a very good sign for our side....

  9. Oh my Simon would you believe

    1. Anonymous8:36 PM

      Great find, Steve!

      Curious. In the signatures to the open letter from academics linked by Simon, the University of Calgary is strangely absent - NOT ONE from there although there are many from the U. of Alberta in Edmonton.

    2. hi Steve...thanks for the tip. I liked it so much I wrote a post about it. It really makes you wonder what the Cons are up to since the group they're sending OUR money to has an appealing record of supporting right-wing dictatorships. I'm hoping the opposition might make something out of it, but they probably won't because they don't want to offend the Ukrainian vote. Only in Canada eh?

  10. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I think the corporate media masters are getting worried about one their own losing the PMO.

    My local rag ran a pro Harperman article with its main source being a mid-September poll.

    So be on the look out for the corporate crony confectioners to start flooding the front pages with sweet Tory toffee.

    1. hi anon....yes it will be interesting to see how the MSM is able to twist itself in a knot and endorse the Cons, despite their appalling record. IStill both the Toronto Star and La Presse have both endorsed Justin so there is some hope...

  11. Anonymous2:07 AM

    When you have folks such as NDPer Rick Salutin indirectly endorsing Trudeau in his Oct. 8 piece in the Toronto Star, it shows the momentum is going Trudeau's way. Read: "How Justin became Mr. Trudeau"

    1. hi anon...yes I read that column and I thought it was quite good. And I think you're right Justin Trudeau does seem to have momentum on his side, and the more momentum the more other people will support him....