Monday, October 12, 2015

Stephen Harper's Monstrous and Most Miserable Thanksgiving

Well it must have been a very special Thanksgiving celebration at Stephen Harper's house, with a bloody niqab replacing a squawking turkey.

A chance to give thanks for all those shiny new seats that bigot issue has earned him in Quebec.

But after he had finished gobbling his ghastly meal down, and allowed Jason Kenney to gnaw on the carcass, it must also have been his most miserable Thanksgiving ever.

For this must have given him a really bad case of indigestion.

The opening two days of advance polls brought out a significant increase in the number of voters casting ballots ahead of the Oct. 19 election.Elections Canada estimates 780,000 voters cast ballots on Saturday, and 850,000 people voted on Friday, the first day the advanced polls were open. 

It brings the two-day total to 1.6 million, and represents a 34 per cent increase over the 1.2 million ballots cast in the first two days of advance polls in the 2011 federal election.

And this must be giving him nightmares or making him feel like an endangered  turkey himself.

With Oct. 19 quickly approaching, websites such as and are encouraging Canadians in key ridings to vote — not for their preferred candidate — but for whoever stands the best chance of defeating the Tories.

Because he must surely know that if large numbers of Canadians turn out to vote, and many of them vote strategically, him and his foul Cons are done like dinner.

But of course this is Harperland where nothing is as good as it seems. And nothing is over until its over.

For the long lineups are discouraging many voters from casting their ballots.

And this couldn't be more alarming. 

A Federal Elections Information Officer angrily quit and stormed out of a Vancouver Centre advance polling station Sunday, frustrated by on-going waits voters are experiencing and the lack of help from Elections Canada. 

"We have made repeated appeals to our election headquarters ... to do everything they can to relieve voter frustration," he said. "They have done nothing."

Or more insane.

"There is normally only one ballot box at advance polls," wrote Dorothy Sitek who speaks for Elections Canada in B.C. "The Act does not allow Elections Canada to just set up additional desks when there is a line-up.

And since it all stinks of voter suppression, we need to take action. We need to make sure that we have all the necessary documents. 

So they can't use that as an excuse to prevent us from voting, and steal the election from right under our noses.

And of course we need to use this day to convince our family and friends why they need to vote for anyone but the Conservatives. 

Including our crazy Con uncles.

As difficult as that may be.

And the good news? 

If Canadians keep flock to the polls as they are doing so far. And we vote strategically. 

And the polls keep showing that our momentum is building.

We will almost certainly defeat the monstrous Stephen Harper.

Send him to the hellish place he belongs...

And cook that Con turkey beyond recognition.

Give thanks that we are now only a week away from the Day of Liberation.

And that our long nightmare may soon be over.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

And Happy Thanksgiving everybody !!!!

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  1. Love your viewpoint and humor, Simon...keep it coming...Happy Thanksgiving to you...

    1. hi BothSidesNow...thank you for your kind words. I think I needed them. For I sometimes wonder what this ghastly Harperland has done to me. And so does my Mum !!! But if I was able to help cheer up progressives during this dark time, I will be happy and more than satisfied...

    2. All this makes me hope for a vegetarian Thanksgiving ... well, actually there will be Argentines present, so there will be meat. But also bread, cheese, wine, as well as vegetables I'm taking from Jean-Talon market...

      And no Cons whatsoever.

      Thanksgiving isn't celebrated much in Québec, but it is a beautiful warm day, so we are celebrating what is probably the last day we can eat outdoors on a little patio behind a friend's house.

    3. hi lagatta...well thank goodness for the Argentines. We won't be having a turkey this year, because there are only two of us, and because the last time I tried to cook one I undercooked it and almost killed me and my friends. But we will be having two nice rack of lambs, and we will be giving thanks for what I hope will be the end of the Con regime...

    4. People who live alone or with one other person would be better advised to buy turkey parts; they should be on sale this week. I like braising a whole leg (thigh and drumstick) with lemon and Moroccan spices; as you know we have a large Arab population here, from the Maghreb and the Levant.

      Nice little party. No, nobody drank too much or overate; no indigestion except being fed up with Harper. Up bright and early (well, Renzo my 19 1/2 year old black cat wants to be fed, and he has enough seniority now to get what he wants). Day is slowly coming...

      No real discussion because we all voted or will vote NDP. Probably the last really warm day (about 24°). I took some of my last basil (amazingly, still alive, though I brought the big boxes it is in inside) and a potimarron squash, which looks like a little pumpkin but is much tastier. A red kuri is practically the same thing.

      Here is a good opinion piece by Josée Boileau of Le Devoir on defending science and federal scientists; the NDP, the Liberals and the Greens are all calling for measures to protect the freedom (and jobs) of scientists:

  2. I find it very interesting that so many Canadians are taking advantage of the Advance Polls this time around. Maybe there will be Huge Changes........I just hope they are Positive ones!

    1. hi Kathleen...I think it's a very good omen. Polls show that 75% of Canadians believe this is a very important election. So if we can get similar numbers on election day the Cons will be defeated...

  3. I had only heard a little bit about the Strategic Voting Group, more power to them.

    I was in a loong sloow line-up on Friday (1hr 40 minutes for me) and while some people left, one could usually hear them say "I'll have to come back later" so I don't think a lot of voters were lost. I was talking to one woman who said that, at anther poll, she waited a bit over an hour. At least one person was heard asking who was responsible for this apparently was told the Cons and said "Well now I know who I'm not voting for".

    BTW the reported 40,000 students who voted on Thursday (?) are a real plus also I expect..

    1. Update on my advance poll.
      I passed by about 13:10 this afternoon and there was a line-up out the door. I did no go in but, even if only one of the two polls is backed up, it would mean a line-up of, perhaps 100 people.

      It is a beautiful, warm, sunny day and perhaps people were taking advantage of it to escape the terrors of Thanksgiving & relatives & overeating but it still seems incredible.

    2. hi's good to know that even voters who couldn't vote because of the line-ups are planning to return later. And as I told Kathleen those line-ups are a very good omen. I still fear the election could be stolen, but with every passing day I feel more and more confident. Change is in the air, and with a little luck our long nightmare could soon be over....

  4. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Simon and all your supporters. Have A super day.


    1. hi Irene...thank you, and the same to you and yours. Let's hope that we can also declare October 20th to be a Day of Thanks as well....

  5. Yet another genius article & images... Keep 'em coming :)

    1. hi Chris...hey thanks a lot. I appreciate your kind words. As I said above my images are humble, and my mother the artist is horrified, but I do enjoy making them. And I do feel that I only portrayed Harper and his gross Cons as they deserved to be portrayed....

  6. Cries of " seniors votes will save him " have gotten so suspect that I dug a bit. This conventional wisdom does not take the actual numbers of people into account. While 75% of seniors vote, they comprise only about 7.5 % of the population. Those 18 to 34 vote at 20% but are 20% of the population. The 41% between 35 and 64 are close to 50/ 50. When the population numbers are factored onto the voting percentages, the LPC and CPC get about 32 % each. The NDP, Greens , Bloc and misc. make up about the same amount.

    It would seem that motivating 1 student to vote is worth the same as driving two old fogies ( I'm 67 ) to the polls for progressives.

    1. hi rumleyfips...those are interesting numbers, and they do point out the importance of getting younger Canadians to vote. I must confess I have no idea how that will work out, I'm getting too old too. ;) But I am feeling more optimistic than I ever have before. I don't doubt that the university educated will put in a strong showing, but how to motivate the others is a lot harder. I think I'm going to have to be sedated to watch this election....

  7. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Hopefully we will have even more to give thanks for in another 7 days. Was discouraging to listen to several political pundits on the National last night conclude that politicians that have been in power a long time tend to get vilified and compare Harper to Mulroney and Chretien. Plagued with corruption yes but they did not practice divisive attacks on the least able to defend themselves or launch outright attacks on individual freedoms. Its almost as if the longer this election goes on the more normal this fascist is portrayed by MSM.. Fortunately people who have seen his true face are not giving up! Keep on going Simon!

    1. hi RT....yes I have noticed that too. So many in the MSM seem prepared to forget his outrageous anti-democratic behaviour and prattle on as if this was a normal election, and Harper was not a fascist. When this history of this dark time is written, I hope the MSM will be held accountable for the way they failed to see that the emperor had no clothes, and I hope the verdict will be a harsh one. As for me, after almost ten years of attacking the Harper regime, I've still got enough gas to get me across the finish line, but not much further. I'm so exhausted these days I might have to trim my plans to celebrate the fall of our home-grow Fuhrer down to just two weeks instead of a full month. I also hope that people forget a vow I made years ago when I said I would run naked down Ste Catherine street the day the Cons went down. Instead I think I'll just build a big bonfire on the beach at night, and dance around it naked instead... ;)

  8. Anonymous4:56 PM

    I already voted the fucker out

    1. hi anon...good for you. I bet that felt good. I'm looking forward to voting on the 19th and no Poutine better get in my way...

  9. Video: Young people have a lot to thank the Conservatives for!

    Shane Koyczan's new poem ‘The Cut’ rips into Harper's track record‘-cut’-rips-harpers-track-record-video

    The Nixon of the North
    How Stephen Harper ruined Canada
    by Heather Mallick

    The Stephen Harper fear index

  10. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Does HE ever stop BULLSHITTING (PMOcchio) ??? ... Anyone that thinks he is a great guy, must have rocks in their head ... and are in major need of some good psychiatric intervention (LOLOL) ... perhaps some "shock treatments" may bring them back to reality ... and some very strong ANTI-PSYCHOTIC MEDICATION may help as well ... The trained "SEALS" that are at his conventions, parliament, election campaigns look so stupid, they continually nod their heads as PMOcchio continues to BS us??? ... Only thing missing is the "SEAL BARK" ... LOL ... ... For mee, this has been the election in my lifetime where I ask is "THIS FOOL" for real??? ... ... I never thot people could be that "DUMB", but I was wrong, and I admit it LOL ... ... YUP, Wayne Gretzky, probably was right when he said PMOcchio was "UNREAL" ... Wayne forgot to add a word to that comment UN-F*****G REAL is more like it, right Wayne??? ... LOL ... Everyday HE is on a "new" topic AND never once (not even 1 iota) did HE ever blame himself ... almost 10 years of "TORTURE" ... and all of a sudden, some people think he's the best man for the job??? ... I have to ask "WHAT JOB is THAT?" ... We have nothing left for his "economic" crap ... He's sold us out, and many of those deals are "without" payment ... but I think HE forgot about that ALREADY and AGAIN !!!!! ... TPP, wtf is that? a new term for TOILET PAPER??? ... maybe he wants to wrap that TPP (Toilet Paper) around the TPP deal??? ... I even told some friends, that if they vote for PMOcchio that they, are NEVER to talk to me again LOLOL ... NOT like I will know who they vote for ... LOL ... anyways, to the fine people of this country, PLEASE VOTE if you haven't already ... TY

    1. hi I'm afraid our PMOcchio can't stop bullshitting or lying. He simply can't help himself. And now of course he's desperate. I heard rumours that he is in a very bad mood, so by the end of the week he should be a real mess. His plan to win the election with a long campaign has misfired spectacularly, and left him hanging on the ropes. And as for his lousy TPP deal it is without a doubt a total sellout, and when people discover what's in it, long after the election, I think they will be in for a shock. All those deals ever do is lower wages, and give the big multinational companies even more power. I only hope than when a progressive government takes over they will hold hearings into the deal, ask Harper and his accomplices to explain themselves, and then hopefully jail them. I know some people just want to put the Harper years behind them, and I don't blame them. But I want revenge....

  11. e.a.f.12:20 AM

    I don't think the long lines will deter Canadians from voting. What it may do, if they perceive this was done to discourage voting, is to have more people actually go out and vote. People may not go to vote because they can, but if they think some one is preventing them from voting, its a whole different ball game. if the advance polls cause people to wait in line, it may be blamed on harper. people will see that in a negative light and those who still have to vote may decide to vote against harper.

    1. hi e.a.f....I wouldn't be surprised if you are right. The perception that the Cons are making it harder for people to vote, might actually motivate people even more to bring down the Harper regime. I think the MSM has underestimate how badly Canadians want change, and I wouldn't be surprised if Justin Trudeau benefits from a wave of support if and when when people finally decide that he's our best hope to defeat Harper....