Monday, October 26, 2015

Real Change: Conada Post Suspends its Community Mailbox Scheme

Golly. Now that's what I call real change. Canada Post learns the meaning of humility.

Stephen Harper's ghastly legacy starts being dismantled.

Or when it comes to the brilliant idea to install community mail boxes in a country with an aging population, and some of the harshest weather in the world.

At the very least suspended.

Canada Post is suspending the conversion of door-to-door delivery to community mailboxes. In a news release issued late Monday, Canada Post spokeswoman Anick Losier said the corporation will work "collaboratively" with the government of Canada to determine the best path forward given the challenges in the postal system.

For it clearly discriminates against seniors and the disabled...

For them it was not what Conada Post executives once called an "exercise opportunity..."

And forcing them to get a doctor's note to keep their home delivery didn't please them.

Or please the doctors. 

Physicians are urging Canada Post to halt plans to require a doctor’s note for individuals to keep home mail delivery, saying doctors are already buried in paperwork.

“Physicians are already burdened with administrative process that comes at the expense of face time with patients,” he said. “Furthermore, it appears little consideration has been given to the confidentiality and privacy of patient information.” 

And why would Conada Post scrap home delivery even though it's making a healthy profit?

Canada Post doesn’t need to axe home delivery in order to make money. In 2014, it ended home delivery for only 2 per cent of the five million householders who now receive the service. And yet it turned a profit anyway.

Even though eliminating home delivery would make us look like a Banana Republic.

If the post office is allowed to finish its cuts, Canada will be the only major industrial country in the world without some form of home mail delivery.

And even though Conada Post clearly has enough money to sponsor the ghastly jungle capitalism show Dragon's Den...

Answer: because its highly paid executives clearly inhabit the same jungle. And don't understand the meaning of community.

Don't understand how many lonely seniors can welcome a visit from a postie. Or how a postie can save the lives of seniors, by being the first to notice that something is wrong.

And those fat cat bosses would rather put even larger profits before the needs of some of the most vulnerable Canadians.

And yes, it is time to put people first.

It is time to replace Conada with Canada

And of course it is time to mail Stephen Harper back to the hellish place he came from..

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  1. Anonymous11:35 PM

    And now ............... they want to change the name of the Calgary Airport to, (NONE OTHER) than the Stephen J. Harper Airport ... LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ... so I wrote in my memo to the website that they should change everything in Alberta to incorporate Harpers name, Harper Street, Harper Road, Harper Avenue, Harper Cresent, Harper Lane, Harper Lake, Harper River, Harper Ocean, The Trans Harper Highway, Red Deer to either RED HARPER or HARPER DEER (LOLOL) ... Calgary can be CalHarper or HarperGary ... LOLOL ... Drumheller could be DrumHarper or HarperHeller ... LOLOL ... change the provinces name to Harpberta or AlbHarper, and Canada could be Harpernada or CanHarperda ... LOLOL ... ... I wonder if HE will throw his name on the list to be the NEW LEADER of the CON PARTY yet again ... I wouldn't put it past him ... also THE GUARDIAN says HARPER has 5 exciting new career opportunities??? ... REALLY??? ... where would they be??? ... the further away the better ... That Bird Sanctuary over there can be renamed to THE HARPER PIGEON COOP SANCTUARY ... LOL ... ... How do the CONS even decide upon anything, considering for the past almost 10 years, all they were allowed to do, was to BOBBLE their heads UP and DOWN and then CLAP like a SEAL LOLOL ... ... YUP what a HERO good ole STEVE is-was to this Country ... AND all the CONS fell for it, and will fall for it YET AGAIN ... ... there's many things that people can FIX about themselves, but "YA CAN"T FIX STUPID" ... LOLOL ... TY

    1. hi Ty...yes it was an incredible Insane Klown Posse show. I'm sure after the passage of time it will seem even more unreal. And imagine what we might be living through today if the Cons had won. But they didn't and it's such a huge relief. As for the Harper Airport, I only hope that the idea gets shot down. For the sake of the honour of those who live in Alberta. I personally will dedicate the rest of my life to trying to make sure that the name Harper is erased from the collective record, and lives on in infamy...

  2. This is a major move. The Postal Union (CUPW) has been calling for a review since 2013 when such a review mandated by the Canada Post Act was supposed to take place. But Harper didn't want anything to do with a review as that would have exposed his real intentions. That was to crush and destroy Canada Post as a crown corporation and give it away to the private sector after prying away the pensions of all the workers presently retired and presently working for their pension.The struggle for postal workers isn't over but there are ways to turn the corporation around that would benefit Canadians and increase the profits as well. Namely, postal banking for people with limited access to bank accounts and other financial services from the largest infrastructure in Canada. It can work and it does work in many countries around the globe. Hopefully the Liberals will have enough of a vision as to try this approach. In the past Liberals did not have they type of vision, however, according to Trudeau's book the Liberals have changed since he came to be leader.

    1. hi John...yes you're absolutely right, the Con plan all along has been to privatize the post office just like the Cameron Cons did in Britain., despite considerable opposition. The method is always the same. First they try to weaken it, and strip it of responsibilities like pensions, then they claim it isn't working, and then they sell it. And yes hopefully the Liberals will encourage those bosses to be as creative as possible, and keep it in our hands....

  3. Anonymous1:01 AM

    I always figured harper was putting in the boxes as a preamble to selling the mail corp..... to the private sector [for a song] with all the streamlining paid for by taxpayers, another terrific deal for likeminded pals who eventually want to own or control everything

    1. hi anon...yes that was the plan to privatize it, which is what they would like to do to just about every Canadian institution including the CBC. They hate government so much they would sell us off to anyone....

  4. Anonymous4:25 AM

    1. hi anon...thanks for that. If the Cons could do that I haven't the slightest doubt they would. Even though it would leave us as the only developed country without home delivery. The Cons might call that progress, but I think they're deluded....

  5. Anonymous4:28 AM

    1. hi anon...yes, welcome to Canada. Whee you have to walk half a mile to pick up your mail, and having a snowmobile is a definite advantage. I rather like the way the Mayor of Montreal recently took a jackhammer to the foundations of one of those mailboxes, even if it was illegal. The arrogance of those Conada Post managers has been unbelievable. Let's hope they have learned a lesson in humility...

  6. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Notice Canada Post is saying temporarily on hold. They've already deployed their minions to the news stations to warn of postal collapse if the cuts don't continue. They think they can get the Liberals to listen to " reason " because as we all know, Cons live in a different reality than us. You know, the one where they don't take no for an answer and they're right and everyone else is wrong. So it's not over yet, I won't celebrate until we know the Liberals won't cave in to their threats and demands and stops them from going after the Retirees pensions. So Justin if you're reading this ( I'm sure he reads you Simon 😊) Please stop them and fire as many of them as you can starting with Chopra. Thanks Justin.
    Thank you too Simon, you've kept me kind of sane with your hysterical analysys and comics. I'm glad you haven't stopped writing, there's still 99 to go.

    1. hi anon...yes they really have a nerve. I hope Justin and company put them in their place and soon. Any organization that would go after pensions needs to be taught a stern lesson.
      And thank you for your encouragement. There are some who are trying to encourage me to it. The head of Progressive Bloggers even sent me a tweet suggesting that I was beating a dead horse. I'll have more on that in the next couple of days, but you can be sure that only makes me more determined to continue.... ;)