Sunday, October 25, 2015

Prince Justin and the Painful Collapse of the Con Regime

Golly. I know it's Jason Kenney's twisted fantasy, and Stephen Harper's Satanic nightmare.

But I can't help feeling like I'm living in a fairy tale. It's that good.

Prince Justin has toppled the monstrous tyrant, like he brought down the ogre Brazeau.

And is now charming Canada and the world with his niceness, his coolness, his hotness.

And his bhangra skills !!!

First he conquered Harperland, and now he's conquering India !!!

He is going to restore our soiled image in the world. 

Two things will become apparent as the new prime minister-designate hits the road. First, our image on the world stage is about to go from vanilla to pistachio. 

Second, we are about to drop the bellicosity that marked the Stephen Harper years and engage in some old-fashioned diplomacy.

It's not going to take ten years as I had feared, just another ten days.

We are going to start acting like Canadians again. 

Instead of loutish grunting hogs...

And speaking of farm animals....when I told my friend Hamish, a shepherd in the Scottish highlands, that Prince Justin is also going to legalize marijuana, and sensed that he was sinking slowly into the heather, purple with envy.

I knew that my Canada was back eh?

And yes, can you believe it?

We really did it...

We stopped Stephen Harper and his foul regime from killing this country. 

We stopped him from strangling medicare, bleeding our institutions, ripping off seniors and veterans, and raping our humble but decent Canadian values beyond recognition.

We stopped him from making millions of Canadians second-class citizens in their own country. We stopped him from using bigotry to divide us. We stopped him from turning us into a police state.

We stopped him from torching our country and our planet...

Can you believe it?

The complacent Canadians gave the sick bastard the boot...

And as Jeffrey Simpson points out, if we change the voting system we can exile  his ReformCon conspiracy from power forever. 

Prime-minister-designate Justin Trudeau insists that the Oct. 19 election will be the last held under the existing voting system – first past the post. 

Suppose it happens. Any new system would hurt the Conservative Party that evolved under Stephen Harper and the leaders of the Canadian Alliance and Reform parties, Stockwell Day and Preston Manning.

If their supporters don't die of ignorance and old age first.

Conservatives do well among people over 65 and those with the least formal education. Those are hardly the groups on which a party can build a bigger future.

Or the Con don't kill themselves. Because it's getting ugly out there.

In a sign of increasingly heavy-handed attempts to quell internal Conservative-party unrest following the defeat of Stephen Harper’s government, the party is planning a post-election caucus meeting to which defeated candidates would not be invited.

A senior member of the Conservative caucus said several MPs are “strongly fighting” the move to bar defeated incumbents.

And there is growing concern in the party over Harper’s apparent plan to stay on as an MP. 

And I can only imagine how Stephen Harper must be feeling...

Now that he knows that NOBODY wants him.

Poor maniac dictator. As if being humiliated by Prince Justin, the Son of Trudeau, wasn't painful enough.

But still, try as I might, I just can't feel sorry for him. 

Not after what him and his lowlife Cons did to our beautiful Canada. I want them all put on trial, and hopefully jailed .

Because for them life should mean life, or whatever...

For no worse criminals and political perverts ever infested this land.

And yes, that's why I feel like I'm living in a fairy tale.

That's why I may have to put rocks in my pockets, to keep me from floating up and sticking to the roof like a helium balloon. Because I've rarely been happier in my life.

We've got our Canada back.

Prince Justin is our Prince Charming... 

And off to a fine start.

The depraved dictator is being attacked by his own Con zombies.

And this ghastly freak show is finally over...

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  1. The good news is the MSM have decided Harper remains the great helmsman. It was Jenni Brynee 's fault. Harper flawless, Man has she been thrown under the bus.

    1. hi Steve...yes I've noticed how Byrne and her gang are being turned into scapegoats, as if they hadn't been following the dictates of their Great Ugly Leader. It's all too convenient and it won't work...

  2. Good point Steve, with harper a great many supporters have felt the wheels of the bus. Well past time that what's left of the party puts this deranged psychopath under the same bus he would put any one of them under in a heart beat. So sympathy for the devil here.

  3. I wonder if there is any truth to the claim that Harper is staying on as MP only to the end of the Duffy trial so that he can try to avoid being called based on a claim of parliamentary privilege? As I understand it, a case of PP would not be clear cut if Harper is only a lowly opposition MP, but he could certainly fight any subpoena.

    1. I was wondering if PP applies at the moment. I think there is some gap between desolution and the new parliament that may be long enough to allow Harper to be called. Simon had some information on it earlier this year and I have lost it.

    2. Anonymous12:21 PM

      The dissolution and recall periods of 40 days each apply only to freedom from civil arrest. Exemption from attendance in court as a witness is solid and without specified time limits. HoC Procedures and Practice, chapter 3. Parliament must be in session and there is no period before or after where the exemption stands. So ... no, Harper enjoys no privilege from subpoena at the moment but he would the instant Parliament is recalled. The Duffy trial is scheduled from 18 Nov to 18 Dec. Parliament becomes a convenient closet.

    3. Damn it Anon 12:21 another convenient closet to hide in f**k I knew there was an ulterior motive for shit for brains and rocks for emotion and feeling had to hang in. I think you nailed it others suggested it...

      Well then there is no limitation in the statutes regarding fraud so have at it Simon...

    4. hi anon 12:21...thanks for that, and yes it's no doubt one of the reasons Harper is refusing to give up his seat. The other is that as long as he's in the caucus he can try to manipulate the leadership contest and help choose his own replacement....

  4. "First, our image on the world stage is about to go from vanilla to pistachio." Actually, I think it's more like from sh_t to strawberry.

    1. hi UU4077...yes I think you're right, vanilla is too good to describe where Stephen Harper took our image, and shamed us in the eyes of the world....

  5. I suspect the threat of the necessary Duffy perjury is a factor as is the need to control the party's selection of the next glorious leader . Neither shows any integrity.

  6. Anonymous11:14 AM

    The courts have the jurisdiction to determine whether any claimed PP should apply, thus the short answer probably is that he can be summoned if Duffy's defence makes a play:

  7. Anonymous12:19 PM


    Now I know what to do with the rest of my STOP HARPER decals! Thanks for the idea!

    1. hi anon...yes, I'm not one to brag about anything, but I think we can all be proud of what we accomplished together...

  8. Harper's second worst nightmare has come to pass: being defeated by the son of Pierre Trudeau.

    Harper's WORST nightmare would be to appear as a witness at the Duffy trial, then found guilty in a separate trial of lying to the RCMP and the Canadian people.

  9. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Harper is going through a Dictator's anguish of losing ultimate power and the only way to sate his egomaniacal ways is to stay on as party leader as long as possible. That way he can still boss people around and maybe toss a few more under the bus before the rest of the party say enough is enough and boot him to the curb, permanently. Though he deserves worst, rock-bottom is a good place to start.

    1. hi JD....yes I think you're right, that is probably yet another reason Harper is refusing to resign his seat. The control freak can't stand the idea of giving up all control over a party that he believes is his creature. Just his presence in a room is probably enough to keep scaring many of his sheep into submission...


    There is something wrong with the Toon here it does not display Harper's porkie beer belly. Funny when he had the Rob & Doug show on his campaign stop in Etobicoke. Rob actually reminds me of Jabba the hutt of starwars fame.

    1. hi Raven...yes that's true, it doesn't quite capture the porky nature of Stephen Harper. But don't forget he was no doubt squealing as he flew through the air... ;)

    2. That pig did fly for awhile didn't it. That which proves pigs can fly. But he did it on the backs of 25% of Canadians that were illiterate at the time. Let's stop talking about the shithead and move on, Simon we need to redress allot that man [is he really a man or the devil incarnate?] and get on with repairing the damage he has done. Now we must hold Trudeau Jr's feet to the flames, let's concentrate on him. Harper died a political death the full moon is almost upon us along with a Saturday night Halloween so let's allow the blood sucking vampire cons to finish him off. I wish to speak about xxxxxharpoxxxxx no more forever.

  11. I can't bring myself to feel sorry for him either. I never thought he was very bright, but I think he had brains enough to know that what he was doing was bad.

    I described his sort of person before: You can understand someone faking it out of their depth and hoping to avoid consequences when they screw up; but you can't feel sorry for an inept surgeon making lame excuses for having caused the death of a loved one.

    I hope that now that the dog-ass scent of power has left the noses of his backbench troglodytes and it has only been replaced by the smells of defeat and resentment, that they turn on him like the pack of hounds that they are.

    1. hi thwap....yes, I find it rather disturbing how some are suggesting that Harper was the accidental victim of his own campaign. When in fact he raised Byrne and all the others to be and think like him, and believe that the end justifies the means. And it will be interesting to see if his wretched flock of sheep can summon up the courage to defy him, after baaing in unison for so long. I'd say the odds are about even...

  12. Anonymous7:59 PM

    The first time that the PMOcchio opened his YAPPER, many moons ago, HE SAID that HE will run Canada, the same way that GORDON CAMPBELL ran British Columbia ... That sure was MY FIRST CLUE ... and when GORDO probably got kicked out by the BCLiberals ... GOOD OLE HARPER gave his twin brother from another mother, a "JOB" in England ... can't remember what it was, and I don't really care LOL ... Last year or earlier this year, suddenly there was GORDO CAMPBELL on NATIONAL TV saying HE was considering running for some seat in HARPERS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (he smiled for the camera, just like HE did for his Hawaiian DWI charges) ...... anyways, I guess GORDO thot HE would test the waters of HARPERS government on the GENERAL PUBLIC ... everyone I know, couldn't stop laughing ... especially MEE ... LOLOL!!!!! ... That did NOT last long at all ... I NEVER saw him on TV since then ... LOLOL ... anyways I am hoping GORDO no longer has that job ... and LAST but NOT LEAST, I would love to know HOW MUCH of the tax-payers money was paid to LYNTON CROSBY for helping PMOcchio LOSE the election ... I'd think us tax-payers should get a refund, OR have PMOcchio repay CANADA out of his retirement pension ... IF ONLY, things were that easy to do ... LYNTON CROSBY defrauded the Canadian taxpayers ... What a crock of BS that was ... or MAYBE, HE helped HARPER lose LOLOLOL ... Seems like HARPER has finally realized he was NOT re-elected on OCT 19th ... for a few days there, HE sure seemed "incapable" of understanding what really transpired ... Kuzzin Benjee says "your good to go" for the custodial job at the Bird Sanctuary" ... LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ... PLEASE DO NOT SEND US PICTURES ... EVER !!!! ... U TORMENTED Canadians for these almost 10 years ... a good website to view is ... read ALL ABOUT Stephen HARPER ... PATHOLOGICAL LIAR ... dat's it for now ............................. TY

    1. hi Ty...yes he was always a pathological liar, and he deserves to be exiled to his pathetic bird sanctuary for his services rendered to his good friend Benny, who like his boyfriend is crazier than ever these days. Which is why I would like an inquiry into the nefarious activities of the Cons, and if we are not given one should organize one ourselves...

  13. Anonymous6:52 AM

    And lest we forget....the bitchy, whining right-wing "journalists" who are still trying to portray a huge landslide vote/victory on Trudeau's behalf as a "not majority". What a load of shit and what a bunch of sore loser assholes. It's no wonder the sheeple of this country still cling to the phantasm that heil harper was actually a great leader and wasn't just another psycho/sociopath with a god complex.
    I sure hope Trudeau enables the CBC to hire back some of the real talent they lost and get rid of the corporate koch-suckers they hired instead and kick to the curb all the assholes heil harper put in place to destroy the CBC.

  14. People like you thought Wynne winning over Hudak was great, then she went and Priavtized Hydro.

    I'll just wait for the day Trudeau reveals his true colours and you realize that this change is an illusion.

    1. And here we have the usual NDP partisan unable to recognize the vast difference between Harper and ANYONE else, even those hated Liberals.

      Serious Gyor, get over it! Trudeau is clearly going to be far less damaging than Harper ever was, there will be a major change between the two governments, even if it isn't the change YOU would have preferred to see! Just because a change isn't your preferred one does not mean there will not be change and is not change, and that Simon is correct and you are not!

      The mean spirited bitterness you love to show, this contempt you have for Trudeau, and your inability to recognize that we are already seeing signs of change between the way the two men see the role of government and that of Prime Minister is why you can never seem to see reality for what it is, only what you must imagine it to be to suit your twisted mind, the mind of someone so lost to partisanship they can never see anything else.


      Sorry Simon, but I find this particular partisan being more than a little ridiculous at this point, I mean really, the idea that Trudeau isn't real change from Harper, and that we can already see signs of that change coming completely escapes him seems a bit emblematic of the diehard NDP partisan. Thank once again for not being one of those, I make a distinction between supporters and partisans, the former I can get along with, the latter I have little to no respect for at all, whatever the party they adhere to.

      Like you Simon I am in a permanent happy mood so far, after a very long decade I can finally sigh with relief and stop having to be a keyboard warrior for Canada, which with my health was all I had left to fight with. No matter what issues I may have with the Justin Trudeau government down the road I can be content in knowing they will never rise to the level of horror show that I saw with Harper, and for that alone I would be grateful However in Trudeau I actually get the sense that what he has been presenting as his belief and vision of Canada is truly him speaking from his heart, and anyone that leads us with that kind of soul, well I have great hopes for such a man, even despite the major barriers those with power and wealth who will fight him and try to change him will put in his way.

      We live in a renewed time of hope and optimism, and everyone who was old enough to remember Trudeaumania mark 1 has said this feeling of happiness and joy that seems to be permeating all throughout this nation (you would be amazed at how happy people are down here in my neck of the woods, and it always comes back to Harper gone and Trudeau as PM) was what it was like then and that this truly is Trudeaumania redux after all, and how happy they are for it!

      Having this constant weight off my shoulders, having finally lost the sense of being Cassandra I have lived with for a decade now, you cannot begin to know how much my soul feels lightened!