Sunday, October 11, 2015

Is Stephen Harper Trying to Start a Hindu Muslim War in Canada?

I've always assumed Stephen Harper's grotesque anti-niqab crusade was primarily designed to win him the support of some Quebecers.

Like these two clowns who turned up to vote yesterday with their faces covered.

And of course to pleasure his rabid base in rural Alberta, for whom the only good Muslim is a dead one.

But Tasha Kheirridin suggests that Harper may have another reason for continuing to beat his hollow bigot drum. 

And it couldn't be more chilling.

Because it involves pandering to the anti-Muslim prejudices of some in the Hindu Canadian community.

Many observers have accused Harper of blowing a “dog whistle” to white or “old stock” Canadians (to use a recent Harper expression), fanning the flames of anti-Muslim sentiment. That may not be what’s happening here. Unfortunately, all groups, ethnicities and cultures harbour their own prejudices. 

When immigrants come to Canada, they don’t behind leave their struggles — or the racism that can accompany these experiences. And there is a very important Canadian diaspora currently caught in the cross-hairs of anti-Muslim sentiment: Hindu Canadians of South Asian descent.

It seeks to profit from heightened tensions between the two communities in the wake of a horrifying sectarian killing in India, in the hope it will win the Cons seats in Toronto and Vancouver.

And what's so chilling is that Kheirridin's suggestion does make perfect sense.

For what else can explain that a month after Jason Kenney launched his anti-niqab crusade, and Lynton Crosby started working for him, Harper should practically throw himself at the feet of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

Even going so far as to travel across the country with him on a triumphal tour of one Indo-Canadian community event after the other.

Even though Modi is a Hindu extremist, who has been accused of enabling mass murder. 

While Modi was chief minister of Gujarat, he was accused of “criminal conspiracy” in a pogrom against Muslims in 2002 in which more than 1,000 were killed, and over 100,000 were made refugees.

So Harper's passionate embrace of Modi couldn't be more appalling, just as his tacit support for Hindu extremism couldn't be more dangerous.

For the last thing we need to do is encourage ancient hatreds from the old country to play themselves out in this one...

And needless to say for fanning those foul flames, Harper is the last person to accuse anybody of cultural barbarism.

But then we know he's desperate, and that he has no moral compass, so he is capable of anything to try to cling to power.

And as I keep repeating, we can't defeat that monstrous maniac soon enough.

Before he sets this country on fire...

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  1. Anonymous3:44 AM

    A false flag/ black flag operation run by RCMP/CSIS with the blessing of Harper just a day or two before the election. Just wait and see. Harper is so crazy desperate to win he is capable of anything.

    1. hi I've said before, I too believe that Stephen Harper is capable of anything so we must be vigilant. But all I will say if he does try something nefarious it better not have his fingerprints all over it, or we could win by a landslide, and he could go to prison...

  2. Anonymous4:05 AM

    1. hi anon...thanks for the link, and yes Heather Mallick does a good job of laying out Harper's ghastly record, and it certainly is very Nixonian. Even after all these years I still have trouble believing it could have happened in Canada. But Nixon was deposed and hopefully Harper will follow him into the garbage can of history. And we can start rebuilding our country again....

  3. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Harper always finds a way to stoop lower and lower to garner votes. Keep going Stevie and I hope there's a special place in hell reserved just for you.

    1. hi RT...yes the man really has no moral compass. And for stirring up ethnic hatreds he deserves to be jailed as a terrorist. But don't worry I've already made a reservation in hell for him. A cozy little cell right next to the blazing tar sands... ;)

  4. It appears to me that he is pitting one group against the other! THIS IS SCARY!

    1. hi Kathleen...that's exactly what he is doing. Doing what he does best, pitting one group of Canadians against the other. And it couldn't be more shameful and dangerous. The man is a divider not a uniter, and we need him like a hole in the head...

  5. Yes, I have professor friends in India (secular, but of Hindu origin) who have been campaigning for recognition and reparations to the victims of the "genocidal pogrom" in Gujarat. Those saffron fanatics are every bit as nasty as ISIL.

    1. hi of my grandfathers was a British officer in India at the time of partition, and he told me the sectarian massacres he witnessed as Hindus fled south and Muslims fled north into Pakistan were the worst things he ever saw. With entire trains full of refugees massacred, men, women, and children. For Harper to try to profit from those ancient hatreds is absolutely appalling, and criminally irresponsible...

  6. "I think that's something that both new and existing and old-stock Canadians can agree with."

  7. e.a.f.12:29 AM

    When Steve had a Sikh member of the Cons stand up and introduce the leg. I wasn't surprised at all. It was an attempt to court a lot of votes in B.C. specifically in the lower mainland, where we have a very large Indo Canadian community. Although not reported much in Canada there has been and continues to be large religious strife in India. It wasn't just the Quebec vote he was looking for. From the beginning I thought he was trying to appeal to the south Asian vote. He needs it in B.C. to get Diane Watts elected in surrey, b.c., one of his star candidates. right now, the Liberal may win. Its been reported her camp is worried what went from a perceived cake walk, is now a fight.