Thursday, October 15, 2015

Harper Derangement Syndrome or Stephen Stockholm Syndrome?

As we approach the day of decision that will determine the fate of this country, I have been skimming through some of the thousands of posts I have written denouncing the bestial Stephen Harper and his foul Cons.

And I have been struck by how many times I have been accused by their supporters, and even by some so-called progressives, of suffering from Harper Derangement Syndrome.

But then I accuse them of being collaborators, for aiding and abetting the most brutish  un-Canadian government this country has ever known.

And diagnose them, as Mark Leiren-Young does, of suffering from Stephen Stockholm Syndrome. 

I keep hearing about 'Harper Derangement Syndrome' — how paranoia affects people regarding the prime minister's policies — but having read the surreal screeds accusing Tory critics of succumbing to hysteria, I think the actual psychological condition threatening Canadian voters is 'Stephen Stockholm Syndrome.' Tory voters have fallen in love with man who kidnapped Canada.

Because the symptoms are unmistakable:

You don’t see anything strange in rebranding the Government of Canada “the Harper Government”.

The fact that the Tories have cheated in the last two elections doesn’t bother you because that's just politics. 

You believe the long-form census was "too intrusive," but C-51 is essential to our security.

You don't mind if the government is muzzling scientists, because science is boring, eh?

And those that still can't see how Harper and his political thugs have hijacked this country and its values.

Or can't recognize a political pervert when they see one. 

Stephen Harper is defending a Conservative ad campaign targeted at Chinese and Punjabi-speaking voters in Vancouver and Toronto that claims Justin Trudeau supports the sale of marijuana to children, the expansion of safe injection sites and the establishment of neighbourhood brothels.

Or still believe that compulsive liar.

There’s a saying that dates back to ancient Greece: In war, truth is the first casualty. If that’s the case, then on economic policy, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are at war.

Really should see their doctors.

Do you have Stephen Stockholm Syndrome? Ask your doctor if democracy is right for you.

Or get a brain transplant.

Or take Stephen Harper's full spa treatment...

Because he's crazy and so is anyone who still supports him. Crazy evil.

And the good news? It looks like they're all going down with their maniac leader.

The Liberals are surging, the NDP seem to have halted their slide in Quebec.

And the Cons, and their collaborators and fellow travellers, will soon be returning to the hellish place they came from...

And as for me, when I take my walk in the snow.

Or walk away from this blog at the end of my nine-year journey to freedom...

I'll leave with my head held high.

For he was a monster.

He did rape our Canada.

And my message was always the same...

Resist that bestial leader and his foul regime.

Defeat them, humiliate them.

And take this country back...

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  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    I've only followed you the past couple of years Simon and it's no secret you hate Harper(with good reason). I hate him too. It takes a great deal for me to actually hate someone but Harper has certainly earned it by how he's turned this country into what it is today. To suggest that we're suffering from hysteria is laughable. 9 years of this clown would make any level-headed person hate him.
    We can reverse the damage and we will reverse the damage he's done. My only hope is that his retirement is followed by many inquiries into how he has corrupted everything he has touched during his reign and maybe, just maybe, he'll be forced to finally become what he's always said he would be, accountable.

    1. hi JD...I don't know if I'd call what I feel about Harper hate, it's more like utter contempt for what he has done to Canada. He is a tiny tyrant after all, just very unpleasant and extremely annoying. But he has done this country much damage, and he has shamed us in the eyes of the world, so I suppose if it isn't hate its close. I regret that I have had to spend almost ten years blogging and agitating against him, for I would have rather done other things with my free time. But he left me no choice, I could not remain silent. But all I want is for him to go away, and live in a normal decent country again...

    2. Anonymous12:25 PM

      Thanks for clarifying Simon. Hate is a very strong word and I guess what pushed me to feel that way about Harper is his bullying and how he reminds me of the bullies I had to endure while growing up.

  2. i was watching a CBC interview with three undecided voters, and the one that struck me as jaw-droppingly twisted was with a woman who called herself an 'entrepeneur,' around 40, and 'leaning' toward the Cons...her reasons? Because those with incomes over $200,000 were going to be taxed more in the Liberal world...this was the only reason, it was all about a slightly higher tax bracket, with no other considerations, like the welfare of the rest of the country, our foreign policy, health, education, etc. ...nada...this kind of thing makes me feel ill..had to turn it off before the ending.
    This is what we are up against..not simply Emperor Steve and his entitlements to lifetime leader of this stumbling excuse for a democracy, no, we are up against the Rob and Doug Show, and their sycophantic followers, the semi-well off terrified that their next Mercedes payment might be a bit is to weep....

    1. hi mizdarlin....yes that's what I meant when I said we have become a smaller country. We used to believe in taxes to support the communal good, but now it's all about tax cuts. Even as we are running out of money to repair our rotting infrastructure, and deliver proper services to the population. And the poor get poorer, and the rich get richer...

  3. As I keep saying........Man's Greed will destroy us all!

    1. hi Kathleen...yes greed will kill us if we don't curb it. We need to come up with a whole new world view, or economic system, that is sustainable and can preserve the planet for future generations. There is no greater responsibility, and in this country we take that far too lightly...

  4. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Simon, that graphic with Harper on horseback saying he was stabbed in the back by a pot smoking niqab with a needle had me practically choking on my tea. You are so funny! Thanks for the laugh!

    1. hi anon....thnk you, I'm glad you like it. There is nothing I enjoy more than making people laugh. And these days, after this long campaign, I'm finding it quite a challenge. But fortunately the blatherings of Great Leader and his foul gang provide me with enough material.... ;)