Friday, May 16, 2014

The Abominable Tim Hudak and the Koch Connection

I have to admit that I sometimes find it hard to take Tim Hudak seriously. He's such a goof, such a lousy campaigner, such a loser.

Until I remember that after Stephen Harper he is the most beastly Con in Canada, and  a Republican clone if ever there was one.

A man who lives to bust unions, drive down wages, and blow Big Business like a hoover.  A political thug who believes in chain gangs.

And a ghastly tea bagger who got his insane plan to create jobs by killing them, from a kooky right-wing American economist who works for the Koch brothers. 

Meet Benjamin Zycher, the Big Oil pimp, the climate change denier, the crazed union buster.

In September 2013, Zycher was the lead author of a report published by the right-wing think tank that makes the case for American-style, anti-union "right to work" laws in British Columbia and Ontario; he wants to "prohibit collective bargaining agreements between employers and unions from forcing workers represented by a union to pay dues for its representation." 

Zycher, drawing on American surveys of "right to work" states, claimed that gutting unions would create 56,000 jobs in Ontario and boost GDP by $11 billion.

The paid stooge of the Koch brothers, the uber right wing billionaires who among other things, helped install the brutish Republican Scott Walker as the Governor of Wisconsin.

Who did to that state, its poor people, government workers, and unions, EXACTLY what Tom Hudak would do to Ontario.

Because Hudak is Walker, Walker is Hudak, there is no difference. 

And that's the way the Koch brothers aka The Kochtopus want it...

Stephen Harper's ideological American cousins. The ones who own a big chunk of the oil sands, and stand to gain the most from the Keystone Pipeline.

The stars of this excellent new movie coming soon to a theatre near you...

And yes, believe it or not, from those sinister American right-wing fanatics does Tim Hudak draw his inspiration.

For so little inspiration and judgement of his own does he have, that he would have his kooky job killing plans "analyzed"  by a man who also believes the only reason Michelle Obama got a degree from Princeton was because she's BLACK...

Now let me be blunt: Michelle Obama,the product of lifelong affirmative-action coddling, is an intellectual lightweight who considers herself a serious thinker. Just read her Princeton senior thesis, an intermittently coherent stream-of-consciousness pile of leftist jargon, campus pseudo-seriousness, and racial-identity babble. Can there be any doubt that the Princeton administrators accepted it only because of her skin colour?

Can you believe it? That's Tim Hudak's economic expert?

But of course it all makes sense, for don't be deceived. Hudak may be a Con buffoon and a loser, but there are powerful interests in this country that would make him Ontario's Scott Walker. 

He would turn the province into a battleground. He is a dangerous American-style extremist..

A real monster, who would throw hundreds of thousands of people into the street, while giving Big Business even more juicy tax breaks.

And along with his good buddy, and fellow Koch sucker Stephen Harper, he would help change this country beyond recognition, and turn it into a Con JUNGLE.

Because anyone who thinks that Hudak is just Ontario's problem is dangerously deluded. This is a much bigger conspiracy, and the tentacles of the Kochtopus are EVERYWHERE.

And the good news? So far the people of Ontario aren't buying the Hudak/Koch Plan.

Nearly two-thirds of Ontarians disapprove of Tim Hudak’s plan to cut 100,000 public servants to streamline government, a new poll suggests.

And if this poll is correct, the ghastly Kochzilla appears to have lost his initial lead even quicker than he did in the last election.

Kathleen Wynne’s governing Liberals now lead with 38 per cent support to 35 per cent for the Conservatives, 21 per cent for Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats, and 5 per cent for Mike Schreiner’s Greens.

However, since the opposition is divided, and the Harperites are backing Hudak to the hilt, I'm taking no chances eh?

Which is why I officially added him to my Enemy List today, along with these other  Con stooges...

Because I don't know about you. But I'm getting REALLY sick and tired of those alien RepubliCons who would kill our jobs, sell us out to foreigners, act like animals, and try to turn our country into crazy Amerika.

And let's be absolutely clear, we will not be Canada. And we will not be safe, 

Until all three of them have been defeated.

And Hudak's nightmare Ontario is just a bad memory...

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Bucknackt said...

NOT content with the number of repiglican, tea-bagger and third way democrats they control in the government at the local, state and national level in America the koch brothers have expanded their campaign to bring unemployment, underemployment, economic stagnation, destruction of the social safety net and plutocracy to Canada. They have found politicians who can be purchased to spread their lies and misinformation with manipulation of Canadian's desires for the future of their country through a propaganda campaign that presents their political, economic and social proposals as the best plans to improve the lives of all in Canada. At the least Canadians should be outraged at the economic, political and social hegemony of the American koch brothers and their wealthy American allies. All our neighbors to the North have to do to see the results of 10+ years of koch brothers dictated economic and social policies is look at the sorry state of the American economy, the obscene increase in the wealth of the koch brothers and their rich and corporate allies, the decimation of the American social safety net, the assault on civil rights and civil liberties, the simmering social strife across the nation, political gridlock at all levels of government, especially in Washington, D.C. and the steady devolution of our democratic Republic into a theocratic plutocracy (the koch brothers are not religious, they are consumed with lust for power and greed, BUT they have been able to get the support of many religious people by manipulating and perverting the basic teachings of many religions, especially Christianity). BE WARNED, once these right wing extremist start to gain power and have their policies legislated it is very difficult to reverse course. I hope the Canadian people act in time to keep their country out of the hell hole the koch brothers are dragging us into.

Bucknackt said...

Non content de le nombre de repiglican, thé-bagger et troisième façon démocrates qu'ils contrôlent dans le gouvernement au niveau local, étatique et nationale en Amérique les frères Koch ont élargi leur campagne pour faire baisser le chômage, sous-emploi, la stagnation économique, la destruction de la vie sociale filet de sécurité et la ploutocratie au Canada. Ils ont trouvé les politiciens qui peuvent être achetés pour répandre leurs mensonges et de la désinformation avec la manipulation des désirs de canadiens pour l'avenir de leur pays à travers une campagne de propagande qui présente ses propositions politiques, économiques et sociaux que les meilleurs plans pour améliorer la vie de tous au Canada . À tout le moins les Canadiens devraient être outrés par l'hégémonie économique, politique et sociale de l'American frères Koch et leurs alliés riches américains. Tous nos voisins du Nord ont à faire pour voir les résultats de 10 ans d'koch frères des politiques économiques et sociales dictées est de regarder l'état lamentable de l'économie américaine, la hausse obscène de la richesse des frères Koch et leur riche et alliés d'entreprise, la décimation du filet américain de la sécurité sociale, l'assaut sur ​​les droits civils et les libertés civiles, la lutte sociale mijoter à travers le pays, l'impasse politique à tous les niveaux de gouvernement, en particulier à Washington, DC et le transfert régulier de notre République démocratique dans une ploutocratie théocratique (les frères Koch sont pas religieux, ils sont consommés avec la soif de pouvoir et la cupidité, mais ils ont été en mesure d'obtenir le soutien de beaucoup de gens religieux par la manipulation et de pervertir les enseignements de base de nombreuses religions, notamment le christianisme). Soyez averti, une fois ceux-droite extrémiste commencent à accéder au pouvoir et leurs politiques légiféré, il est très difficile de renverser la vapeur. J'espère que les Canadiens agissent en temps pour garder leur pays sortir du trou de l'enfer les frères Koch nous poussent dans.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Simon and Craig. There is no border with North American Conservatives.
They use an effective template- as history shows. Citizens aren't sufficiently aware
of the links and connections yet, but that was a great article- 5 Crushing Hudak Facts, Simon!

Simon said...

hi Craig...thanks for your excellent comment, and in our two official languages too. Merci beaucoup !!! Everything you say is so true and so frightening. I can't believe how the Kochs and their billionaire friends are using their money to corrupt your democracy, and I'm going to have to take a closer look at what they have been up to in this country. Thanks to laws enacted by others, and our righteous Supreme Court the Harper Conservatives haven't been able to corrupt our system to the degree the Kochs have done south of the border. But we do have all kinds of right-wing think tanks/Big Oil lobbies that don't have to reveal their donors as long as they don't claim charitable status. So who knows where their money is going? And of course, we have a reactionary Federal Government with its Koch-lite policies. I'm afraid a lot of Canadians are unaware of the actives of the Koch gang, but we're doing our best to correct that, and that movie should be a big help...

Simon said...

hi lberalandlovingit...yes for the right-wing menace there are no borders. I must admit that I haven't had the time to keep a close eye on Hudak, so great are the other Con distractions. But since his platform is so far to the right of even the Alberta Conservatives, you really have to wonder who is pulling his strings. The good news is that I see a new Ekos poll has the Liberals pulling ahead
So hopefully we may soon see the end of him...

Bookmonkey said...

Now they apparently are re-branding the Regressive Conservatives as the protectors of the environment...A National Conservation Plan........Conservation...Conservative.....I see why they want to run this campaign....

What a load of Tar Sand waste

Anonymous said...

That is so, Bookmonkey. I heard SH's deliverance of that policy-

"Ranchers and Farmers"...being the first two on his list of the

'real' conservators of this land- in Con World.

Yeah right. The plunderers and other assorted grifters and hangers-on who

brought us the "Alberta Hellscape"- (dg) say "thanks for coming out, but Canada is now

the rich, refuge of the backers of North American Conservatism-- the KOCH Brothers."

Aided and abetted by who? The list of just 'the press' alone, is very long.

Anonymous said...

...he'll be quickly replaced by another. And another, over and over again.
See how they work?

e.a.f. said...

ah, that would be the same Koch brothers who donate so many millions to the B.C. Fraser Institute, which has a direct pipe line into the B.C. provincial Lieberal government. Let me explain how well that has worked in B.C. We have had the highest rate of child poverty, in Canada for the past 9 out of 10 yrs. It is 18.6%. How does that happen? The min. wage is $10.25 an hr. in B.C. and a living wage in Vancouver, needs to be $20 an hr.

Then there is the small matter of the B.C. lieberals mining for money in the pockets of children, who live at 50% of the poverty line, whose mothers are in receipt of provincial disability pensions. The province, needs the $17 million a yr they "steal" from these children. Just ask them. Premier Clark and her Minister Don McRae said so this week in the leg. Oh, there was the 284 million in tax breaks and credits for the film industry, $11 million for a Bollywood party prior to the provincial election. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars for international travel for Ms. Clark, but children whose father's pay child support, that is clawed back dollar for dollar while the children and their mothers try to live on $1,200 to $1,400 per month.

The Koch brothers' financed Fraser Institute think that is enough money to raise 2 children on, but M.L.A.s really need that $12K a year housing allowance for being in Victoria a few months a yr--no receipts required.

Want the Koch version of life in Ontario, first see how well its working in B.C., then you decide and vote. If you vote Hudak and the Koch brother's party be prepared for more poverty, more crime, more hungry children, more sex trade workers, less health care, more homelessness, more food banks. Ah, yes the B.C. growth industry: food banks.

Oh, and where the Koch brothers travel their fellow travellers follow, in B.C. we have a former Lavilin exec. making nice inroads with the provincial government. All sorts of nice jobs for him. They get the contracts from the government and then they get to work for these Koch brother type enterprises. Yes, be prepared for a different life style once Hudak gets voted into office. You might want to find somewhere else to live to survive.