Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jason Kenney's Never-Ending Fast Food Nightmare

Oh goody. Pass the ketchup and call an ambulance. It looks like Jason Kenney's Little Shop of Con Horrors and Foreign Workers just got even MORE entertaining.

Because now not only is the fast food industry going after Kenney for cutting off its juicy supply of cheap foreign labour. 

Now they're so steamed, or broiled, by his plan to fix the problem, by forcing them to pay those slaves more than they do Canadians.

They're going after Boss Harper !!! 

The group representing Canada's restaurant owners is calling for an urgent meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper to discuss the freeze on temporary foreign workers in the restaurant industry.

"The recent moratorium on temporary foreign workers in the food service industry has turned the labour shortage into a crisis," Restaurants Canada CEO Garth Whyte said during a news conference in Charlottetown today.

And quite frankly, if I was Harper I'd be worried...

Because he might be out of his mind, like his bumbling pimp Kenney...

But so are THEY !!!

Even if restaurants offered $100 an hour for kitchen jobs, they'd still need to hire temporary foreign workers to fill the posts because Canadian workers just don't want the jobs, the head of Canada's restaurant association says.

But of course it's worse than insanity, it's naked greed.

And in a country where so many are unemployed and losing hope.

it's absolutely OBSCENE.

And a very cruel joke...

So my message to the fast food barons is the following:

If you need docile foreign slaves to run your restaurants, if you can't train Canadians or pay them a decent wage, then you deserve to go out of business. Period.

So don't cry me a river.... of GREASE.

And if they don't get that message maybe they'll get this one...

Because enough is ENOUGH.

It's time our useless business class stopped being so scuzzy, so greedy, so useless. And started creating good jobs, instead of munching on their juicy tax breaks, and sitting on their BILLIONS. 

A report by the International Monetary Fund, meantime, sounded alarms about how Canadian companies are accumulating so-called "dead money" — idle cash reserves — faster than any other country in the G7. 

Statistics Canada data shows Canada's corporate cash hoard was $626 billion in the last quarter of 2013, a jump of six per cent over the previous quarter — more than the federal debt and almost a third of the country's gross domestic product.

Because that too is obscene.

And the good news? This outrageous foreign workers scam has Canadians boiling with anger. It has the fast food industry stewing in its own juices. 

And it's absolutely COOKING the Cons.

Kenney's credibility, or what was left of it, has been toasted or roasted...

Or cremated, along with his leadership ambitions.

And of course, Stephen Harper is just about ready to be popped into a padded oven himself.

Because he was planning to spend the summer celebrating the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War.

And posing as Great Patriotic Leader.

So this is the LAST thing he needed...

Gawd. What a way for the grubby little dictator to go out eh?

Pursued by the fast food monster. The smell of treason and gravy in the air.

And how fitting. Or how delicious.

We have the Cons where we want them.

And we really are going to COOK them...

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e.a.f. said...

They still would need TFWers even if they paid workers $100 an hr. Gee, I don't think so. That is more than most engineers, teachers, professors, long shoreman, nurses, flight attendants, cops, lawyers make. O.K. some lawyers make a couple hundred an hr. but they are few and far between.

All people want is a "living wage" with regular shifts and a 37 1/2 or 40 hr work week. Employers want people who will work for less than min. wage, 2 hrs at a time, no benefits, no raises unless the min. wage goes up, and they want to pull and allocate shifts as the wind blows. Oh, and those employers who want TFWers usually need them because they abused the workers they had. You see TFWers have to take all the shit handed out because, if they don't they get fired and deported.

With the number of students needing jobs and the high unemployment rate in Canada, there ought not to be TFWers, much less 300,000 of them.

Anonymous said...

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