Thursday, May 01, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Big Brother Cons

We know he seeks total control. We know he would be our very own Big Brother.

We know he's out of his mind, but would make us pay to make him look good.

But who knew he would make us pay to violate our own privacy? 

Canadian taxpayers are footing the bill for government agencies to buy their private data from telecom companies without their knowledge.

Figures released Tuesday by Canada’s privacy watchdog indicate authorities requested that access from nine companies more than 1.19 million times a year, meaning authorities spend in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars to quietly access Canadians’ personal data.

And what do you think he might do with this kind of information?

It’s not certain what information is routinely sought, but documents tabled in Parliament earlier this month suggest authorities are mostly interested in “basic subscriber information” — names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, Internet protocol addresses and local service providers.

“This information can be sensitive in nature in that it can be used to determine a person’s leanings, with whom they associate, and where they travel, among other things,” the report reads. “What’s more, each of these pieces of information can be used to uncover further information about an individual.”

When he has a long Enemy List, he's vindictive beyond reason, and you can't trust a thing he says...

“Privacy laws are respected by the government. Law enforcement and other investigative agencies always seek warrants when they are required to do so,” Harper said under opposition questioning. “There is independent surveillance, independent oversight to make sure that these laws are respected.”

But privacy experts argue that there is little to no oversight over most voluntary disclosures from companies, and the vast majority of information sought does not require warrants.

Not with his government's sinister record, and the horror of Vic Toews...

Not when as Michael Geist points out, his Cons are planning to invade our privacy further, and make the situation even worse. 

First, Bill C-13, the government's lawful access bill that heads to committee this week, will expand warrantless disclosure of subscriber information to law enforcement by including an immunity provision from any criminal or civil liability (including class action lawsuits) for companies that preserve personal information or disclose it without a warrant. The immunity provision makes it more likely that disclosures will occur without a warrant since the legal risks associated with such disclosures are removed. 

Second, Bill S-4, the newly-introduced Digital Privacy Act, proposes extending the ability to disclose subscriber information without a warrant from law enforcement to private sector organizations. The bill includes a provision that allows organizations to disclose personal information without consent (and without a court order) to any organization that is investigating a contractual breach or possible violation of any law. This applies both past breaches or violations as well as potential future violations. The disclosure occurs in secret without the knowledge of the affected person.

Not when he is rapidly turning us into a scary surveillance state. 

And would use every instrument at his disposal to go after those who dare oppose him...

You know, internet privacy is under attack from all directions. It's a jungle out there. If Orwell was alive today he would have to be treated for shell shock. 

But when a man as desperate and depraved as Stephen Harper is trying to strip us naked, we're all in real danger.

For a political thug who would wreck our democracy, gut the census, muzzle scientists, and burn books, is truly capable of ANYTHING.

If Orwell was alive today he would say this about Harperland:

"We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men."

And this seems only too obvious to me eh?

We will not be safe until the surveillance state is brought under control.

We will not be safe until the totalitarian Cons are defeated.

We will not be truly free.

Until our ghastly Big Brother is finally BACON...

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Anonymous said...

"But who knew he would make us pay to violate our own privacy?"

And we will pay just like our good little brit subjects cuzzins 'cause that's how we was raised. (sort of a nation of Honey-Boo-Boo's and we all know that's a legacy to be proud of) No wonder our kids hate us.

Anonymous said...

Harper is no different than the dictators of the 30"s and 40's. Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were paranoid control freaks. They had spies and informers all over hell's half acre. All of them had very similar characteristics and were absolutely paranoid about their safety. Harper's security bill has doubled.

The first time I laid eyes on Harper, he instantly repulsed me. I do not like thee Dr. Fell, why I don't I cannot tell. As time went on? I found Harper as a fascist dictator and my mind hasn't changed. As more time passes Harper even becomes, more and more repulsive every day.

Anonymous said...

If it's ever truly revealed on where and why these requests were made, I believe it will show a government spying on anyone who disagrees with them (Harper's hate-list) and meting out revenge to those who dare defy our Dear Demented Leader. Welcome to North Korea Lite, persecutions without the executions.

e.a.f. said...

what goes around comes around. stevie slime may rue the day he started down this road. wait until some smart kid gets hold of stevie's information and "shares" it with everyone. would be a very nice day.

Michael Darling said...

Never liked harper, never will. it is a shame too many will not realize how much he has hurt our country. he is not a proper representation of our country