Friday, May 30, 2014

The Dangerous Isolation of the Desperate Stephen Harper

As you know the thing that bothers me the most in the hideous darkness of Con Canada, is the way the MSM have failed to properly portray the real Stephen Harper.

Failed to warn Canadians that the man they see, and the man behind the curtain, or in the shadows, are two very different people.

One is a plodding and plotting second rate ideologue who would bore us to death, or condemn us to mediocrity. 

And the other is a raging beast who would tear this country apart and change it beyond recognition.

So I'm glad to see the Star's Tim Harper at least acknowledge the existence of that monstrous beast.

When Stephen Harper returned from political exile to lead the Canadian Alliance 12 years ago, a few of the more cynical members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery played a little game on the side. We plotted how we could get a notoriously volatile Harper to “blow’’ at the mike on the opposition side of the House of Commons foye

We all lost, of course. Harper maintained his cool with the camera rolling, but it is hardly a surprise there is a growing body of evidence that he does his “blowing” in private, with aides and colleagues.

So that Canadians might finally understand is that the reason Stephen Harper muzzles people so easily, is because he must muzzle HIMSELF...

Restrain his inner bully, conceal the deeply disturbing behaviour his former adviser Tom Flanagan has recently described:

“He can be suspicious, secretive, and vindictive, prone to sudden eruptions of white-hot rage over meaningless trivia, at other times falling into week-long depressions in which he is incapable of making decisions.’’

And now so has his other former adviser Bruce Carson:

He also is talking about a man who was prone to temper tantrums, dressing down aides heatedly, swearing at them, but also getting as good as he gives. He wouldn’t go as far as Flanagan in describing Harper as prone to bouts of depression — something Harper’s office dismissed as “ridiculous,” — but agreed the prime minister does have his ups and downs

So Canadians might also understand why Harper is now so isolated.

What Flanagan and Carson are flagging that should cause alarm, however, is the increasing isolation of the prime minister. He is a man with far more enemies that confidants.

And why he's now so dangerous:

Isolation breeds rash decisions and vindictiveness.

Because as I've warned before now there is nobody in the PMO to restrain him.

Now they are all his little monsters...

Who howl with excitement at every dirty thing he does, would never dare defy him, and would follow him to hell and back. 

So now his anger and his evil madness are out of control. For what else could explain his depraved assault on the Chief Justice?

Or his desperate attempt to muzzle his own beast, or conceal it behind a wall of babies...

As he has been doing for the last few days at the Maternal Health Summit.

Only to blow that PR exercise with another explosion of mindless paranoia. 

PMO spokes-drones have argued that the coverage limitations were “a group decision” to allow frank discussion. But no participant at the summit who does not cash a Government of Canada paycheque has endorsed this entirely fictional decision. Several have expressed their dismay as they learn they can no longer expect Canada to be a free-speech country.

In the past several months, there have been spectacular examples of Harper talking before he thought about a subject, which is a good way for Harper to get into trouble.

Now he’s done it again, picking a fight we weren’t interested in, for no reason. Harper’s instincts are sometimes really bad, and when his latest advisers let those instincts win, reporters are the least of their problems. Their problem is Stephen Harper.

Because now he really is out of control. He sees enemies everywhere, and all he wants to do is DESTROY them...

And as he grows more paranoid, more angry, and more desperate, he will be capable of ANYTHING.

And the good news? 

Because he cannot muzzle his own beast any longer, and there is nobody left who can restrain him, he will not be able to hide it for much longer from Canadians.

The real Harper will be exposed for all to see and be horrified by his moral depravity.

No longer will so many stumble around as if blind in his foul darkness.

And the more they know the monster, the more easily they shall destroy him...

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  1. .. its often said, that one out of a hundred persons are either sociopaths or psychopaths.. with varying degrees of the extreme mood disorders. So to are there statistical realities of Clinical Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Omnipotence, Anxiety etc. Its simply unrealistic fantasy to believe that within the recognized core of The Harper Party, The Harper Government, the Harper PMO, the Harper Senate, the unelected consultants, spokespersons, technicians, thousands of lawyers, lobbyists, energy partners, public relations gurus, election service providers, fundraising specialists etc etc etc.. possibly a total of 10 thousand people... that there are not at least 100 seriously unwell people.

    Add deep seated evangilism, venomous partisan politics, greed & power, rapture fantasy & ignorance to the mix and surely the very inner core.. the command and control cadre is a hive of like minded losers. Surely any competant healthcare clinician can point to obvious behavioral clues & signposts... and identify the more seriously afflicted, delusional.. or ar risk to themselves & others.

    Sad to say.. the only other explanation for the bizzare behavior of some in the Harper upper commando corps is blackmail. That they are compelled under duress to do what they do... That or bribery.. where the rewards seem to outweigh the risks. So.. mood disorders, blackmail, greed.. what else explains The Harper Fallacy? Complete ignorance & incompetance?

    1. hi I don't think it's ignorance, and although they are incompetent, I think their real problem is the madness that comes from belonging to what is for all intents and purposes nothing more than a deranged cult.
      For he is a clinical psychopath, with a dangerous personality disorder, and the stress of it all has finally driven him over the deep end. And the good news? You know what they say: those who the gods would destroy they would first make mad...

  2. Anonymous8:20 AM

    4.2 billion? It isn't that I don't care about those women. It's that what ever we do is cosmetic. Their circumstances are caused by the world economic system and the arms dealers and those in the west who support horrible dictators. In other words the movers and shakers. And young Canadians need education and jobs. Educated young Canadians will work for a better world. And Canadian veterans need help. And children on reserves need help with their education. I think Harper won't care if Canadians are dumbed down. It will be to his advantage.

    1. hi anon...look I'm glad that poor women and children are getting more money, for the need is so great. But it is all cosmetic. Harper is only doing it to try to soften his image. His decision not to fund safe abortions is absolutely criminal. And how can he claim to be fixing the world's problems, when he is slowly destroying Canada. But give him enough rope and he will destroy himself...

  3. Frankly, I cannot think of anything more hypocritical that I have ever seen than Harper up on his back legs lashing out at those "unscientific" folks that oppose vaccination. This is the guy who hates science and hates facts and if I was a less decent person I would wish his children would be poster children for victims of whooping cough or polio.

    1. hi kootcoot...yes his hypocrisy knows no limit. There is no greater enemy of science in this country than the maniac himself. He isn't doing enough to save our own poor children, and he's trying to destroy medicare. But it will all catch up with him, and he will pay a heavy price...

  4. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Stop the presses, Melinda Gates and Steve Harper agree that vaccines are necessary. That fact that science determined seventy years ago that vaccines are necessary to prevent childhood death does not exist in their reality bubble.

    And the fact that Melinda Gates (nee French) blithely nods along in agreement with our imbecile of a prime minister does not stand her in good stead. Her last real job (unlike Steve, she actually had a real job) was as a marketing manager for the disastrous 'Microsoft Bob' project run by Kate Fries. It was known internally at Microsoft as the 'French Fries' project. 'Microsoft Bob' was cancelled after the the version 1.0 release - the first and only time Microsoft killed a project after a version 1.0 release. Perhaps Melinda will have better luck marketing 'Microsoft Steve', but I doubt that the project will survive after the version 1.0 release.

    1. hi you I have not been impressed by the way that Melinda gates has acted as an apologist for Harper during this conference. I thought she would know better, but now that you tell me she was the marketing manager for Microsoft Bob I understand everything. Because Vista might have been bad but the French Fries project was even worse. You know, if I had the technical skills I would design a video game called Harperland. It would be horribly tacky, you'd have to be insane to play it, but the Cons would always lose... ;)

  5. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were all paranoid dictators. Dictators and control freaks have very similar characteristics, including Harper. All dictators are also vindictive sociopaths, with very few trusted friends. Eventually, they drive their friends away too.

    Harper's behavior is so bizarre? I wonder at his team permitting Harper to lead and it doesn't make any sense, they do so.

    1. hi're right, paranoid dictators like Harper eventually end up not trusting anybody. But his behaviour is so bizarre, it is the beginning of the end...

  6. anyone else notice that harpers stranglehold on the media is akin to russia, and other totalatarian countries. I mean wtf....why do the media, and the other politicians not hammer this home over and over, along with scientists who have been muzzled. Sure I read about it here and there when its been lightly touched on this last decade, and valiant people like Simon blog about it, but what the hell is wrong with this country, that more folks arent outraged by his insane stranglehood on ....well....everything. Control Freak is the nice name for it, mentally ill is another label, me I just see a freaky dictator who has been allowed to operate because the media is afraid to lash out, for fear of losing the few crumbs they are fed. Thank the media gods there is a few heros out that that write about this bullshit but many editors and newspapger magnates are soo wrapped up in the conservative stranglehold too that its almost pointless to read any media output. Its all crap. even the CBC:P

    1. Anonymous8:31 PM

      anyone else notice that harpers stranglehold on the media is akin to russia, and other totalatarian countries.

      You already answered your own question, Deb.

    2. deb Scott:

      Yes I've noted that the Harper message practices resemble that of the old USSR/Iron Curtain countries media messaging that I used to encounter back in the 70s and 80s. I've been making that point when it is relevant in comments around the web for a while now. Indeed, watching the Harper government(tm) in action for a long while has stirred up ugly echoes in my memory of that side of things from the Cold War era, and not just the media control aspect. There was a reason why I was always so fanatical about stopping Harper from ever reaching the PMO beyond all other considerations for so long, and then trying desperately from letting him ever get majority control, I knew what he was like, I knew how vulnerable our system was to someone like him, and lo and behold I have seen my worst nightmares all but completely confirmed by his actions. The media control is only one small part of that.

    3. hi deb...I don't know why more Canadians didn't recognize the warning signs sooner. Or allowed him to get away with so many foul deeds. When I'm feeling charitable I say it was because we had never seen anything like him. So like a new virus the body doesn't recognize he was able to do great damage before our natural defences kicked in and started to fight back. But now surely even those who were so blind must see the threat he poses to everything good and noble. We have identified the bug and we are going to destroy it...

  7. e.a.f.9:37 PM

    Maternal health summit. What mothers need is enough money to provide food, shelter, education and health services to themselves and their children. When that isn't happening there isn't any maternal health. stevie can summit with whomever he wishes but it isn't going to change anything.

    Women need to be able to limit the size of their families, because if they don't, there won't be any maternal health either. This is especially the case in third world countries.

    Love the fact the books were written by former Harperits. Voters pay attention.

  8. "He [Carson] also is talking about a man who was prone to temper tantrums, dressing down aides heatedly, swearing at them, but also getting as good as he gives."

    The other day Liberal John McKay was secretly recorded, mentioning a "bozo eruption".

    What if some disgruntled staffer/ aide managed to record Harper having a temper tantrum and leaked it to the press?

    1. hi David....from what I hear about Harper's eruptions, if we ever got a tape like the one that was made of Ford venting in his living from and threatening to kill someone, it would be even more disturbing. For the man is an absolute thug who turns the air blue with foul language, and it really would shock Canadians.
      And needless to say I would be prepared to go massively into debt if necessary to get my hands on a tape like that one... ;)

  9. Horse tranquilizers. That's the only plausible explanation. The man is mad.