Sunday, May 11, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Kingdom of Fear

There was a revealing moment during the CBC's coverage of the National Day of Honour, when an armoured car and other military vehicles rolled on to Parliament Hill.

And for a few seconds at least, the CBC reporter Hannah Thibedeau seemed genuinely shocked by the sight. She quickly regained her composure, and seemed almost embarrassed by her reaction.

But I thought she should have trusted her first instinct, for I too thought that there was something not quite right, or Canadian, about that invasion of Parliament Hill...

Especially since it was brought to us and choreographed by Stephen Harper. Who is assaulting our democracy like no leader before him. And has turned our country into a Kingdom of Fear.

For what else can explain that another MSM reporter, Stephen Maher, should wonder what might happen to Gordon Moore, the Legion president, for daring to criticize Great Leader?

For among other things, trying to usurp, like a tin pot dictator, the role of the Governor General.

Moore was also upset that the prime minister was to be presented with the last Canadian flag to fly over Kabul.

“Governor General David Johnston is the commander-in-chief of the Canadian Armed Forces,” Moore told Maclean’s magazine's John Geddes. “He and he only should be receiving the last Canadian flag that flew in Afghanistan.”

Thanks to Moore and the Legion, Harper was forced to back down at the very last minute.

And as I pointed out last night, Great Warrior Leader was left looking like an idiot, or a doggy...

Moore was right. Stephen Harper was being unacceptably presidential, and he wisely backed down at the last minute, and agreed to pass the flag to Johnston. But I wondered briefly if Harper would back down or go after Moore.

But the question must still be asked: where did Stephen Harper even get the idea that he could usurp the role of the Governor General?

And how can Maher so easily dismiss what might happen to Moore? When as he himself points out, Harper has attacked so many other decent Canadians so viciously.

There are now so many warnings out there about the kind of leader we are dealing with:

As Andrew Coyne wrote this week, the episode leaves one wondering if Harper “is temperamentally suited to the job.” 

His former chief of staff, Tom Flanagan, writes in his new book: “There’s a dark, almost Nixonian, side to the man. He can be suspicious, secretive and vindictive, prone to sudden eruptions of white-hot rage over meaningless trivia.”

And as Linda McQuaig recently pointed out, even organizations like the United Church now live in fear.

happened to learn last week that the United Church, a bedrock Canadian institution, has been subject to some intense auditing.

heard this from members of Toronto's Trinity St. Paul's United Church congregation, including opera singer Mary Lou Fallis, a recipient of the Order of Canada. 

Fallis says that participants at a recent Church event defending public health care were quietly warned not to say anything directly critical of the Harper government due to fears over the audit. 

This in Canada?

You know, for the first time in my life I've actually started to wonder whether something bad could happen to me, for attacking the Con regime as I do all all the time. 

Especially now that he is creeping us on the internet. And now that the surveillance state is out of control. And so is the Con Internet Warfare Unit.

For I honestly believe that Stephen Harper is an evil bully, with a severe personality disorder, who is capable of ANYTHING.

So let's just hope that Maher is right when he says that Canadians seem to be getting tired of the nasty man at 24 Sussex.

If even the Legion is attacking Harper then a lot of people are surely ready to see the back of him.

And whether they are or not, I want to take this opportunity to let the Harperites and all their grubby stooges know that I'm proud to be on their Satanic Majesty's Enemy List...

I wouldn't have it any other way. So great is my contempt for him and his collaborators.

If Gordon Moore and all the other great old vets aren't afraid to defy Great Ugly Leader...

You better believe that I'm not either eh?

And he would have to literally KILL me to stop me saying what I have always said, and will always say:

I do not consider the filthy Con regime to be a Canadian government. I do not consider the morally diseased Stephen Harper to be a Canadian Prime Minister.

I consider them all to be traitors to our country and its values. I will fight them until the day I die if necessary.

And this country will not be free from fear. 

Or Canada again.

Until the day this foul bully is defeated... 

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  1. The fact that the Cons are trolling social media is hysterically funny...when the enemy becomes the citizenry, even idiots can figure out that the enemy is, truly, that drooling nonentity in the mirror...
    Back in the 70's, when our own BC version of the Cons, called Social Credit, were demonizing the Opposition as "Bad BCers" and "socialist hordes" we considered it a badge of honour to wear both epithets as buttons..I still have mine, somewhere, and whenever I run across them it makes me smile...
    To be considered an enemy of the Cons is the greatest honour that can be bestowed...congrats to both of us..

  2. Anonymous11:34 AM

    "You know, for the first time in my life I've actually started to wonder whether something bad could happen to me, for attacking the Con regime as I do all all the time. "

    Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you, Simon.

    God forbid you should ever need to ask your blogees for a bit of help to establish a defense fund but, if you ever did, you would probably be stunned at the support people would be willing to give you in return for all you say/do. Keep on keepin' on!!! It will be an amazing time if we actually see the christofascist regime of harpie kicked to the curb and serving time in the greybar hotel for all they have done to destroy Canada.

    Mahmoud Weinstein

  3. harper is a bipolar, sociopathic megalomaniac.

    At least Rob Ford has friends that cared enough to get him help.

    harper has no backup save the Royal Conservative Mounted Police SWAT squad who thrive on pushing defenseless citizens around.

  4. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Didn't the Canadian Nazis donate to Harper's Alliance in 2002? I am sure I read that, some time ago?

    Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were dictators with, very similar characteristics. They were all paranoid,sociopath, control freak, dictators too. Harper has no decency, honor, ethics nor morals either. Harper's henchmen, are no different than he is.

  5. hi mizdarlin....if Canadians knew what the Harperites are up to, and how the security services are working for the Cons instead of for Canadians, and how our personal information is being shopped around, they would be shocked. But yes, in a society like this one, being on the Con regime's Enemy List, is a badge of honour, or at the very least a sign of self respect....

  6. hi Mahmoud...the only thing I have been guilty of, legally speaking, is two tickets for speeding. So I am not afraid of any legal consequences. What I wonder though when I notice the government presence online, is how far are they repaired to go? For in its pursuit of decent Canadians the Con regime is now using the instruments of the state, and if the United Church is one of its victims, nobody is safe. I will never ask anybody for any money, but I do appreciate the support. And it is some consolation that if I ever do end up in jail, you and a lot of others will also be there to keep me company... ;)

  7. hi Ron...yes he is a sociopath, and how so many Canadians still support him is simply beyond understanding. And yes, I very much fear that the RCMP and other security forces are now so much under their control, that being an enemy of the Con regime is now tantamount to being an enemy of Canada. I of course reject that absolutely, I believe the exact opposite is true. And although I would rather live a more peaceful life, and write about other things than just politics, I simply refuse to live in a country governed by fear. I owe it to those old vets, and to all those who sacrificed their lives to protect our freedoms. We all do. And enough is ENOUGH...

  8. Keep on keepin' on, you're an essential part of what Nathaniel Bedford Forrest called "keepin' up the skeer", keeping up the pressure on Stevie and his orcs.
    Possible fallout, though, might be intense border scrutiny on both sides, if your name has been put on an extra-tasty-crispy list that gets shared.

    1. hi Edstock..."keepin' up the skeer" ? I've never heard of that expression but I must say I like it. As for crossing the border, I am not making any plans to visit the U.S, and they wouldn't dare not let me into Scotland where I will be going this summer. In fact they've informed me that if I claim I'm escaping from Harperland I can go to the head of the line... ;)

      P.S. Although I do hope the Cons take some action for I've always wanted to sue them for ten million dollars...

  9. e.a.f.4:39 PM

    Lets hope to whatever that I've made the enemies list. I'd think I'd failed, some how by not making it. Loved the line about being a Bad BCer! Remember it well. Now I want to make stevie slime's "enemy list". Then I'll know I'm on the right path.

    people need to publicize the things stevie slime is doing to our democracy, like auditing the United Church of Canada, my god, so much for all that Christian stuff, of course with stevie, its more like the Christian Taliban. O.K. stevie is starting to make the Taliban look good. they aren't pretending to be anything but what they are.

    Keep up the good work. Love the articles and comments. Glad to see the surgery hasn't interrupted the writing.

    1. hi e.a.f...don't worry, by virtue of being a regular commenter here you're on the Harper list already. I mean let's face if the United Church can make the Con Enemy List ANYBODY can.... ;)

  10. e.a.f.4:41 PM

    come to think of it there used to be "bottons" which said something about being a Bad BCer. should really go through my collection. Now if someone would just start making buttons, made in Canada which said something about being an enemy of stevie's state. I'd certainly purchase more than one of those.

  11. I believe when your indoctrinated into the federal government you have to swear a oath of allegiance to the people of Canada and it's government to uphold it's principles democratic justice and it means everyone-- including the CRAP party--so why haven't there being any arrests for treason and destruction of our way of life. I work for them on 2 different occasions and that's the way I remember how it works! So why haven't these opposition parties taken harper and his illk down by now!

    1. Anonymous11:43 PM


      Note even close!

      The Canadian Oath of Allegiance is

      " I, [name], do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors. So help me God"

    2. hi zeke...unfortunately the oath is to the Queen of Canada. I know because I had to mumble it once. But yes, their behaviour is thoroughly un-Canadian, and sooner or later it will catch up to them...

  12. Speaking of the governor general Simon...........

    I think you and your readers might like this: "Burnaby-Douglas MP Kennedy Stewart is willing to present a petition in the House of Commons asking Governor General David Johnston to dismiss Prime Minister Stephen Harper."


    If you want to rise to the top of king harpers enemy list spread this far and wide we need a few million of them descending on parliament hill;

    I believe its time for this move.

  13. e.a.f.5:32 PM

    Had to take that oath once also, except the person, taking it with me, thought they were marrying us,.