Monday, May 05, 2014

Blogging and the Great Escape from Harperland

Well I must admit that there are so many things I want to do with my free time, now that the Winter from Hell is over and it finally feels like Spring.

Almost all of them have to do with bikes and boats.

And blogging about the horror of Harperland is not one of them. Not when sometimes all I can think about is how to escape the grubby living nightmare that the Cons have created...

By whatever means necessary.

But how can I do that, when I live for the day of liberation, and the monstrous Harperites are so EVIL?

For everywhere you look these days they are out of control.

Their grotesque leader is attacking the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for having the nerve to resist his attempts to rape the constitution.

And refusing to apologize or even offer an explanation.

The Prime Minister’s Office is rejecting a call from Canada’s legal community to clarify its statement about the Supreme Court, leaving unresolved an allegation that the Chief Justice behaved improperly.

How can I not raise my voice in protest when the equally grotesque Jason Kenney has flooded the country with foreign workers after claiming that there is a labour shortage? 

Basing that claim on figures drawn from Kijiji. Only to be exposed as a complete fraud. 

The Conservative government has quietly adjusted its labour data to ignore job postings from Kijiji and similar websites, a change that essentially erases the dire warnings of labour shortages that Ottawa has used as justification for expanding the controversial temporary foreign worker program.

With these sites removed from the source data, the government’s latest labour market report points to a job vacancy rate of 1.5 per cent, which is dramatically less than the 4 per cent vacancy rate Finance Canada warned of on budget day.

How can I remain silent when the sinister Con regime is spying on us like Big Brother, with the help of Big Business or Big Busybody. 

In the time it will take you to read this column, say four minutes, law enforcement and other government agencies will have obtained “private” and “confidential” information on eight more Canadians from their phone or Internet providers. 

It’s so routine, so pervasive, that a request for confidential information is made every 30 seconds. Almost every request is granted. It’s no exaggeration to say that Canadians are losing the right to privacy while their personal information is exploited by persons unknown; every day, around the clock.

How can I look away when Stephen Harper, the sicko maniac, is turning our country into a Banana Republic, or a corrupt dictatorship?

What’s it going to be: a modern democracy or a Steve’s banana republic of the north?

Steve likes people docile. He appears to have tamed a lot of the realm. He kicks, the subjects cringe. He kicks some more, they slip into the woods of indifference. They are so disconnected that they no longer hear the screams of the other kickees: Linda Keen, Bill Casey, Kevin Page, Marc Mayrand, even Sheila Fraser — and now, and now, Beverley McLachlin, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The train wreck of the Harper government continues to roll down the mountainside, crushing body after body, yet no one utters the right word. Allow me. Canada is a dictatorship in the making.

And the truth is I can't look away, for I am not docile, I hate bullies with a passion, and I WILL keep blogging until the day him and his filthy un-Canadian Con regime are defeated and broken.

So help me Great Polar Bear God of the Great White North.

But just not tomorrow.

For as I said at the beginning, there are so many things I would rather do now that Spring is finally here...

And all things considered, I would rather play with my buddy Seb and my friends than fight eh?

But in a couple of hours I will be checking into a hospital for an operation, to repair an injury I sustained while playing with a motorbike. Gawd.

So I may not be back here for a couple of days.

But you can be sure that even when I'm lying on the operating table I will still be dreaming of ways to defeat the foul Con regime and its depraved leader. Dreaming of the day when we are finally free.

So until I am back, please think of me as Simon your friend, totally unafraid, paddling towards that great day of liberation.

Keep fighting the Cons harder than ever.

I'll miss you in the morning.

But I'll see you all soon.

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Rene said...

Best wishes and speedy recovery...

the salamander said...

.. you'll be missed
as a leader, among the glowing hearts ..

But rest and recover.. Best wishes .. !
The salamander hordes are thinking of you !

Anonymous said...

Get well, Simon. And come back to us when you're feeling better. We need you!

Anonymous said...

Been through some surgicalies myself, Simon, so I definitely get it and empathize with you. Best of luck tomorrow. Get well and blogging again soon.
Oh, yeah . . . try not to sneeze for the first couple of days. It's a real bitch!

Anonymous said...

Simon, I hope all goes well with your surgery! Take care! You will be missed! There is not another one like you! I have said a prayer for you! Your news has made me very sad indeed!

sassy said...

Take care and mend well Simon.

((( )))

Anonymous said...

Simon - totally unafraid!
Heal well and recuperate safely - I await your return:)

deb said...

enjoy the spring, you deserve it. Wishing you a speedy recovery, glad we still have universal medicare, and be well Simon.

Bookmonkey said...

Hope that your operation goes well and after take the time you need to get better...
The rest of us will continue the fight ....You've shown us the way..


Steve said...

Hi Simon I think everyone who reads your blog is exhausted as well. Lets enjoy the spring, Harper has not found a way to defoul it yet.

Al said...

Lucky you are having your medical procedure before Harper manages to dismantle our health care. Looking forward to a good recovery for you!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Simon, you mean a lot to us,please get well soon! In the meanwhile we will carry on the Harper Con fight for you.Spring is just around the corner, and many Harper free Seasons lie ahead! All The Best!

Beijing York said...

Wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery, Simon.

Anonymous said...

Speedy recovery from your surgery Simon. Harper is rabid to be, supreme dictator of Canada. As a dictator control freak, Harper is becoming very paranoid and frantic. I have no idea of how that monster Harper, is able to stay in office?

I agree with Steve, we are exhausted. However, you must be doubly exhausted. We all know it takes hours and hours of your time, to do all of your research. Thanx for all you do for us.

e.a.f. said...

take care of yourself. going under the knife,, it should be a piece of cake for you. You've been in a knife fight as long as you've been writing about the slimers. look forward to your writing.

Edstock said...

All the best, Simon, get healthy and give Stevie hell.

Simon said...

Thank you for your good wishes. Simon's operation went well, and when I visited him this evening he was sitting up in bed and telling the nurses why they should not vote for Mr Harper. So you know he's in good form. He should be discharged tomorrow, or Thursday at the latest.



sassy said...

..telling the nurses why they should not vote for Mr Harper :-)

Simon's going to be just fine. Thanks for your message S├ębastien

karen said...

Here I was scrolling down to wish you well and a quick recovery only to find Sebastian's update, which made me smile. All the best to both of you. And your lovely readers.

David said...

Hon. Jason Kenney (Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, who said there was no general labour shortage in Canada? I did. I have said it a hundred times: there is no general labour shortage in Canada. However, some sectors and some regions are experiencing skills gaps. That is a fact, and that is why the government took action to improve the training system. For example, the Canada job grant helps ensure that young people are better prepared for the jobs of the future.

Noah Patterson said...

Take care Simon! I'm sure there will be lots to write about when you get back!

And I just realised something in reading this current blog post. The relationship between Harper and Canada is very similar to that of an abusive partnership, where the abused party withdraws, afraid to anger the abuser, hides in an imagined our recessed reality to cope with the abuse. This is just what Canadians are doing.

Simon said...

hi everybody...I want to thank you all for your kind wishes. I was extremely moved to read them when I returned from my ordeal, which wasn't as bad as my vivid imagination had conjured up. And I did have a lot of time without the internet to think about the state of this country, so being knocked out was almost a relief. So here we are again, and on a pair of crutches the struggle continues....