Friday, May 09, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Facebook Creepers

He seeks total control. His dark world is full of enemies and he must know them ALL.

His slogan is "Knowledge is Power, Ignorance is Strength. Where he knows everything about us, but we don't know anything about him.

He's building a massive security apparatus, he's been trying to violate our privacy for YEARS.

And threatening us if we don't surrender...

So I suppose we shouldn't be surprised to discover him with his pants down creeping out our social media. 

The government that characterized the long-form census as unduly intrusive is increasingly lifting Canadians’ personal information from their social networking websites, according to the federal privacy watchdog.

Or be surprised that the sinister Con buffoon Tony Clement would dismiss this gross invasion of privacy so lightly:

“Canadians willingly put onto social media all sorts of information, so it should not be a surprise that corporations, individuals, good guys, bad guys, and governments are collecting the freely available information they put on social media sites,” Clement said.

While failing to explain why the government is collecting all that information on ordinary citizens.

When asked how the government is using the data, Clement said no concrete examples sprung to mind.

But then who can blame him for thinking he can get away with ANYTHING, when Canadians are so apathetic about their internet freedoms? 

According to a Harris Interactive poll, 47 per cent of American adults changed their behaviour on learning about NSA spying. About 25 per cent said they have decreased their online banking, shopping and email use, for example. 

Here in Canada, similar information was gathered by Canadian Journalists for Free Expression and Nanos Research. A strong majority, 60 per cent of respondents, said they would do nothing if they suspected the government was spying on them.

Now I can understand why in a country with such a great number of internet users, many people think the battle over privacy is already lost.

Like it is on social media sites like Facebook...

Which is one of the main reasons I'm not on it eh?

But they should be asking the big telecom companies why they are selling our information to ANYBODY who is willing to pay for it? And why aren't they notifying their subscribers?

One of the key questions in the document on telecom and Internet provider disclosure practices asked simply: 

Do you notify your customers, when the law allows, that their information has been requested, thus giving them an opportunity to contest the request in court? 

The answer from every provider: No.

Because if the Cons ram through their legislation we won't even be able to SUE them for violating our privacy.

And of course Canadians should be demanding that the Con regime explain what they plan to do with all the information they are collecting.

For anyone who believes Stephen Harper won't use that information for partisan purposes, or to identify or try to intimidate his enemies, must at this point be frankly DELUDED.

And it really comes down to this: 

Or Canadians wake up and realize the danger.

And where all this could be leading.

Or they will wake up one day in a country they don't recognize...

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