Monday, May 19, 2014

Stephen Harper's Excruciatingly Embarrassing Supreme Court Fiasco

Gawd. I bet I know how Stephen Harper is spending the May Two-Four weekend eh?

Trying to build up his courage to say sorry to the Chief Justice for smearing her so viciously, like a thug or a maniac.

And hoping that nobody noticed how he jinxed the Montreal Canadien's first game against the New York Rangers...

Thanks Steve. 

But of course getting people to forget that embarrassing moment, will be a cinch compared to getting them to forget the scandalous way he treated the Chief Justice...

Because it was a monstrous eruption, it is a Supreme spat.

Political leaders have often come into conflict with the judicial branch of the government, but they don't usually break out in the open. Stephen Harper's veiled suggestion that Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada, did something unseemly in placing a call to his Minister of Justice, is without modern precedent.

He did behave like a ghastly bully. 

Or an ANIMAL...

Defecating shamelessly on our laws and our values.

The chorus of condemnation has been DEAFENING. 

The BC Trial Lawyers' Association calls the prime minister's criticism "baseless and smacks of political bullying." Eleven former presidents of the Canadian Bar Association and the Council of Canadian Law Deans, have demanded Mr. Harper withdraw his suggestion that the Chief acted improperly. This past week more than 650 lawyers, in an open letter, criticized Mr. Harper and called upon him to withdraw his comments.

If he doesn't withdraw his baseless smear, the situation can only fester.

Because of her position, the Chief Justice is constrained from saying too much about the controversy. Because of his personality, the Prime Minister is not planning to say very much either. Which means this important issue, this open sore, between the judiciary and the executive will continue to fester.

And so shocking is his behaviour, some are even questioning whether he's still fit to remain in office...

Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star

Or whether he's finally lost his marbles.

Because just admitting that he lied about that foul fiasco isn't enough. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has revised his version of events around what he and his office first characterized as an “inappropriate” and “inadvisable” phone call by the country’s top judge over a vacancy on the Supreme Court.

He must also say he's sorry.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems to be edging back from his reckless and indefensible attack on the chief justice of Canada’s Supreme Court, Beverley McLachlin. As the Star’s Tonda McCharles reported this past week, he now says he simply didn’t need to speak to McLachlin about a court appointment, rather than rejecting such a conversation as “inappropriate” and “inadvisable.” 

What Harper has not yet done – and what he must do without delay – is definitively clear the air of any suggestion that McLachlin acted wrongly by offering her input to the government on issues that might arise in a potential appointment.

Because only by admitting he was wrong, and doing some SERIOUS grovelling, can this sordid scandal be resolved.

The lingering accusation of impropriety has cast a shadow over the court and raised troubling questions about the relationship between the government and the judiciary. It was Harper who created this completely unnecessary squabble. Only he can end it – by once and for all withdrawing his insinuations about Canada’s top judge.

But of course that won't be easy for a man like Stephen Harper who doesn't like to admit he's wrong about ANYTHING.

And the good news is the longer he delays doing the right thing the worse he will look.

Probably even worse than he'll look at the end of the Two-Four weekend...

Because this scandal is all about Harper, the man and his vices.

That's why it's so devastating.

And it's just what I'm always saying eh?

Give the tyrant enough rope, or enough booze, AND a dynamite issue.

And he'll destroy himself...

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  1. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Harper has been in court a few times with the Chief Justice McLaughlin trying to change the Canada Elections Act as he felt it violated his free speech because he was not allowed to have private third party donors bank roll his campaign - This was in 2004 before he became Prime Minister in 2006. I commented on a story late last night with some links to the Court Documents on CanLii website. Have a look it's so pathetic!

    1. hi anon...yes I know about his battle to eliminate restrictions on third-party spending when he was the president of the NCC. His reaction at the time was so extreme it explains both his hatred for Elections Canada and Beverley McLachlin. Harper it seems is trying to settle a lot of grudges at the same time...

  2. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Search for Harper v Canada (Attorney General) 2004 and there are also court documents for years 2001, 2001 and 1990 and 1984 I believe.

  3. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Damnit, this asshole is a real "Jonah" for any normal people when he "endorses" them. I wish harpie would start rooting for New York. They would most assuredly lose then!

    1. hi anon...yes that's what I thought. An endorsement from Harper is like the kiss of death. And now that the Habs have lost game two, and their star goaltender, I may have to blame him for jinxing the whole series... ;)

  4. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Harper is an evil fascist dictator of a tyrant and it is impossible to shame a sociopath. If you recall Hitler? He could have saved his people from a lot of bloodshed, if he would have surrendered. However, he refused to do so and his country was turned into rubble and thousands and thousands of German people died needlessly. Harper couldn't care less about the everyday Canadians either. All tyrants are very paranoid and vindictive.

    Dictators also have their police state. Many of us were totally shocked when, the Royal Conservative Mounted Police permitted Wright, to get away with his crime. The PMO also sanitized Senators expense claims. To me, the RCMP are Harper's brown shirts. I think Duffy and Wallin will get away with their thefts too. I believer, the only two that will go to prison is, Harb and Brazeau.

    If Harper can control the Supreme Court? Harper will then be, supreme dictator of Canada. I think Harper was totally surprised when, the Judges he appointed upheld the Law against him. However, vindictive little Stevie will get even.

    1. hi anon...he is a sociopathic bully, and he would be the supreme dictator of Canada. But the Supreme Court and many other decent Canadians are refusing to bow before him, and we will cure him of his delusions by defeating him in the next election...

  5. Like Dirty Harry said, a man's got to know his limitations, and going out of your way to offend Canada's lawyers has gotta make you wonder. This may be the tipping-point; a significant sector of the wealthy bourgeoisie aparatchiki are take-no-prisoners offended.

    1. hi Edstock...there are only two possible explanations. He is either trying to deliberately whip up a confrontation with the courts, so he can claim that they are coddling criminals and use that as the central plank of his election platform. Or he is so far gone in his own parallel universe, that he does not recognize his limitations, or the limits of decency. I'm not sure which explanation is closer to the truth, but either way he is clearly unfit to remain in office. And you're right, he has shaken the ruling class to its very foundations, he has made a lot of powerful enemies, and hopefully the hidden hand will force him to resign before we have to defeat him....