Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Great Makeover That Failed

It's hard to believe, but it has now been more than four months since Stephen Harper set out to try to remake his image, and recast himself as the kinder, gentler, Great Leader, of the new/nouveau Con Regime.

By among other things, launching his own video channel, 24 SEVEN, to portray himself as the Father AND the Mother of the Nation...

With more kids, kittens, and dogs than you could count. 

His wife Laureen as the Canadian Evita, to soften his image further...

And guest appearances by Ben Harper, in the role of Great Hockey Dad's son...

But that was then and this is NOW...

It's all gone horribly wrong.

He's still trying to pretend he's a real dog lover.

Anyone who kills or injures a police service animal could face stiffer penalties under new legislation named after an Edmonton police dog that was killed on the job last year, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Monday.

But only of the kind that can sink their teeth into a criminal or an environmentalist. Or any one of his many enemies.

Laureen is under strict orders not to even mention the word KITTEN...

After the so-called furry fiasco. 

Ben hasn't appeared on the show since that unfortunate swim suit party at the Harper Mansion...

And as for his new/nouveau government it has never looked so old or so tired. Or as Bruce Anderson describes it, in such a state of natural decay. 

One truism is that governments defeat themselves. Another is that voters eventually get tired of governments, and become restless for change. Which is it? 

History suggests both. Voters know governments lose a step or two as they age, and people start to wonder if there might be something better on offer across the aisle. This is a natural cycle. It can’t be prevented, it can only be managed.

They're out of ideas, their economic policies are a disaster, only good for Alberta, or foreign workers. 

He's losing his marbles...

Every criticism is judged as bias, rather than examined for its merits. Every critic is judged an enemy. Offence is taken when none is intended.

His cult-like Cons see enemies EVERYWHERE.

They see bias in extraordinary places and imagine forces plotting against them around every corner. Auditors-General, Chief Electoral Officers, Parliamentary Budget Officers, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and a bunch of their own Senate appointees. They have even found a way to fight with veterans, military widows and families, and to draw fire from the Canadian Legion.

And if you want to know how crazy desperate Stephen Harper is, all you have to do is look at the date he has chosen to hold four byelections. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has called four byelections for June 30, a date smack between a weekend and Canada Day. Voter turnout, always low for byelections, may be even lower.

Which not only tells you that he hasn't changed. He's still the same old Harper who would do ANYTHING to win or steal an election.

It also tells you all you need to know about the state of his old, tired, and morally corrupt government. Which is now so unpopular it can only hope to win by suppressing the vote.

Bruce Anderson thinks Harper and his depraved Con regime can still "rejuvenate" themselves. But I very much doubt it. I think it's too late for that.

The Great Makeover has failed. 

The natural cycle of decay was just too advanced. 

The monster is still at large.

But time is now his greatest enemy.

And his ghastly horror show will soon be over...

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  1. It's too bad that we could only allow him to defeat himself. If only we could have turfed them all from office, and from politics permanently, two years ago.

    1. hi thwap....it is indeed too bad that we could only allow him to destroy himself, after he has left Canada in ruins. And the question of how so many Canadians brought this tragedy down on our country will no doubt puzzle historians a hundred years from now. The most charitable explanation will be that like a new virus, we had never seen anything like it, so they were able to get away with murder. But for us right now all that counts is that we make sure that it never happens again...

    2. Anonymous10:46 PM

      He's not a man, but he certainly is a creep!

  2. Noah Patterson10:42 AM

    Many animals when in mortal fear are at their most dangerous and eager to take down anyone and anything that threatens them. Harper exhibits these tendencies very clearly.

    1. hi Noah...you are right, a frightened animal, or in Harper's case a desperate beast, is indeed dangerous. And as I always say he is capable of ANYTHING. But the good news is that he is desperate, he is making big mistakes and shooting himself in the foot, and we shall use his bestialities against him...

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Now with the UN dealing a blow to the, Northern Gateway pipeline and taking the part of the FN people? What will be Harper's next trick?

    It is impossible to do a makeover on anyone such as Harper. All dictators are control freaks and are usually, incapable of change. Dictators arrogance and huge ego's never mellow. Once you understand a dictators personality, they are easy to see through. I see Harper's characteristics, fit the profile of a dictator.

    1. hi anon...as I just told Noah, Harper is capable of anything, and you can be sure that he will try to ram through the Northern Gateway pipeline. Whether he is successful depends on the people of BC, and their supporters all over the country. But whatever happens, all that counts is defeating him in the next election.
      All our efforts must be dedicated to that end, for failure is not an option...

  4. e.a.f.4:44 PM

    Its rather amusing when Harper wants tougher sentences for killing police dogs. It is not unreasonable to conclude Harper thinks dogs are more important than people. Now dog lovers don't get upset, my dogs always lasted longer than spousal units, but what about small children, the ones not able to fend for themselves. has Harper done anything for them lately? I still see them in the news living in poverty, violence, and the rest of that shit. OF course Harper knows dogs are more easily managed than children. children may grow up to vote him out of office.

    1. hi e.a.f....as you may know I love animals, and none more than dogs. So I'm not against doing something to protect police dogs or making hurting them a crime. But as I said in the post, I believe the only reason Harper is doing that is because he hopes to enlist man's best friend in his Great War on Crime. And as you point out, it would be nice if he would show the same concern for the millions of poor children and adults in Canada. Do I expect him to do that? No. That's why we absolutely must defeat him in the next election...