Monday, May 12, 2014

The Day the Hudak Gila Tour Went Off the Rails

The other day I told you how annoyed I was to look up from my hammock, rocking gently in the warm Spring sunshine, after the Winter from Hell.

And see the ghastly Con Gila Tim Hudak coming straight for me, bellowing like a Republican or a Harperite, and threatening to become the next Premier of Ontario.

But now I've changed my mind eh? Because the Hudak Gila Tour 2014 is promising to be even MORE hilarious than the last one !!!!

In the 2011 Ontario election, the wheels fell off his bus, and now his campaign has gone off the rails. 

A major Ontario election platform announcement from the Progressive Conservatives nearly went off the rails Sunday as transit officers put the brakes on a subway photo-op by leader Tim Hudak.

Making a lot of people REALLY unhappy.

As the situation went on, agitation among riders making Mother's Day trips started to rise, with the hold-up dragging on for about 10 minutes. One bellowed "come on" at the whole ordeal.

And leaving Hudak with a frozen smile on his face.

Blaming the unions.

Or just looking ridiculous. Again.

For first there was his campaign video, where the happy people of Ontario waiting for the Gila God to deliver them from the socialist hordes, turned out to be Russians.

Then there was his Hudak-Harper Plan to create a MILLION jobs by firing 100,000 teachers and other government workers...

Which made many people question his competence AND his sanity.

And scared the bejesus out of the others eh? 

Especially since the Harper Plan looks like this. 

And then there was the unforgettable moment when he turned up at a music factory, to denounce what he called "corporate welfare." Only to have the owner say he got a government grant and couldn't have survived without it.

Leaving Hudak to try to explain what he really thinks of the Ontario Music Fund. 

Dodge and weave, and then cut and run...

Only to turn up at another factory the next day, repeat the same message, and then discover that it too had received a government grant, this one from the Harper Cons.

And the best news?

Stephen Harper is still so determined to help Hudak, and kill pensions, he's helping Kathleen Wynne's Liberals !!! 

Blinded by ideology, blinkered by partisanship, Harper refuses to recognize that most people have a hard time socking away money (hence the billions in unused RRSP contribution room); those who do have middling success in the markets (recall the 2008 meltdown) or pay too much in management fees (eating into their returns).

Even if they’re not actuarial experts, most Canadians understand, intuitively, that a pension is a good thing — and want one. Yet by Harper’s libertarian logic, we should roll up the CPP and, while we’re at it, medicare, because they burden employers with extra costs.

And hurting HIMSELF.

Wynne’s attacks may be a mix of projection, deflection and triangulation. But her pension plan is sound public policy. Fortunately for her, Harper is helping her make that point — because he just can’t help himself. Or us.

Wynne is now calling Hudak, Harper's little brother.

One Con clown is hurting the other.

And Great Leader is going to wear the ghastly gila.

All the way to the next election...

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bcwaterboy said...

Well, that was awkward and couldn't happen to a more deserving fellow. It takes a truly stupid person to think that job creation comes from reducing corporate taxes and eliminating vitally important grants and support to small business. Take away another 100K jobs that Ontario cannot afford to lose and even more purchasing power is lost, killing even more small business. Will this moron takes the reins in Ontario? If he does, the province is surely doomed. Hopefully the promising Wynne returns to power and we never hear of this Hudak creep ever again.

Anonymous said...

But who-dat(?) is prolly gonna be the next grand poobah of Ontario anywho so we can kiss another bunch of good paying jobs goodbye. We can be the next Pipelineistan here in the west if we play our cards right and help harpie junior steal this election too. And won't that be fun!!!

e.a.f. said...

If Ontario elects Hudak, they can begin preparing to work in Alberta, like a lot of people in B.C. have to. You communte, two weeks In Alberta, one week at home. You get used to it. It pays your mortgage. It keeps your kids fed.

Ontario has not recovered from NAFTA. Its been down hill ever since. Now it maybe said the Ontario Liberals could have done a better job while in office, but if Hudak comes to office, Ontario will look just like B.C. Nice scenery, no jobs, high taxes, lots off of shore money buy the houses. Right now B.C. has the highest rate of child poverty in Canada at over 18% and Manitoba has a rate of 17%. If the people of Ontario want to join those ranks, vote for Hudak. There won't be more jobs, especially if Hudak can't count, like eliminate 100K government jobs, ya right that will work really well. Who is going to teach, work as nurses, work as cops,etc. Perhaps he is planning to bring in TFWs for all of those jobs also.

At least Wynne is planning an improved pension plan. With the majority of workers being aging baby boomers, they might just vote her into office with a majority. If they do, they might survive. Some of the politicians might want to start talking about all the TFWs in Ontario...........

Anonymous said...

The funniest image was the one you captured Simon - the transit cops directing the media off the train, the campaign workers trying to appease everyone, and there in the back, Tim Hudak with his fixed grin. If he didn't look like a cardboard finger puppet before, he definitely looks like one now! Thanks!

Simon said...

hi bcwaterboy....yes Hudak really is the most bestial kind of Con, and his platform is more American than Canadian. His economic platform is simply insane, and should he ever take power he would turn Ontario into a battlefield, and probably plunge the whole country into a recession. He's also a grotesque homophobe who tried to bully gay kids during the last election by distributing a filthy pamphlet in some ridings. I have kept a copy of it, and I will write about it soon. All Canadians should be concerned about the Hudak threat because he does threaten us ALL....

Simon said...

hi anon....I don't think Hudak is going to win the election, I think we're going to see a replay of last time, where he had a big lead when the election was called, and proceeded to blow it during the campaign. He does well when most people aren't paying attention, but when they do start taking a closer look at him they don't like what they see. Even in the unlikely case that he does win, it won't be a majority, and I would expect the Liberals and the NDP to bring down his government as soon as is humanly possible. Either that or I'm applying for refugee status in some place like Scotland or Sweden.... ;)

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...the thought of living in a city where Ford is Mayor, a province where Hudak is Premier, and a country where Harper is Prime Minister is almost more than I can bear. It's too horrible to even contemplate. But as you point out, Wynne's pension plan is a mighty weapon in an aging country where most people don't have enough for a decent retirement, so if that issue catches fire as I expect it will, both Hudak and Harper will be hurt, and Hoo Hoo will serve as a useful idiot...

Simon said...

hi anon...I'm so glad that you liked that screen capture of Hudak, because it was definitely my favourite. The guy looked absolutely goofy, and the flak on the left of the pic trying to rescue the situation was absolutely hilarious. Couldn't happen to a more ghastly group of people. I am looking forward to many encore performances before this one is over....

Noah Patterson said...

In the last provincial election the Liberal MPP lost to the Conservative by a narrow 210 votes. Hopefully with Wynne having a good pension plan policy in place, that will be enough to get people out to vote. Sadly, the Liberal candidate this year is a new face, and not the man who was there before and quite popular.

It's scary, the prospect of a Hudak-led Ontario... He must not win, for the good of this province.