Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Final Battle For Canada

For more than eight years he has waged war on Canada and its values.

The Canada he once called a "second tier socialist country." The country whose values he hates so much.

He has assaulted our democracy, smeared and bullied his opponents, muzzled scientists, gutted the census, burned books, and turned his hideous Harperland into a surveillance state, where fear is a weapon, and the Big Lie RULES. 

But now he is crazy desperate, his Big Oil dreams are collapsing, and the final Battle for Canada is about to begin. 

Stephen Harper's Conservative government is expected to announce its long-anticipated decision on Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline sometime in June. The decision could well determine whether or not the Conservatives can win the 2015 election.

For let nobody doubt that it will be a battle.

The momentum of opposition to the pipeline -- and perhaps more importantly, to the hundreds of supertankers that would move tar sands bitumen to Asia -- is clearly growing in both B.C. and the rest of Canada. This makes Harper's absolute dedication to the oil industry and his dogged commitment to the pipeline in particular, tantamount to a suicide pact.

Or that Stephen Harper is out of control.

This is a pipeline that will never be built. It is already dead. But don't assume Harper sees that. His decision, as many of them are, will be a war between his highly touted strategic genius and his narcissistic impulses -- revealed by a pattern of rejecting defeat until reality can no longer be denied.

Or that he will do ANYTHING to build that pipeline, even if it means using the army against his own people...

Nor should anybody doubt that the battle has already begun, with this new propaganda offensive from Big Oil. 

A variety of Canadian sectors are taking a page from those same environmentalist groups, coming together behind a public relations strategy meant to mobilize the public in a way the feds haven't been able to.

The mobilization part of the campaign is key — so that MPs will know that they have a cushion of public support for the policy decisions they make. An online petition by the partnership gets sent to political leaders with one click.

And this clanging call to action:

I believe in the Power of Canada; That we are a country built on a history of natural resource development and trade. As Canadians, we are blessed with an abundance of resources from agriculture to minerals, fisheries to forestry, and energy.

Natural resources are what our country was founded on and they are our future. Canada’s forest products, minerals, energy and food can help write the next chapter of our economic success story, if our government and political leaders lend a supporting hand.

Designed to soften us up, before Harper sends in the bulldozers and the soldiers...

Oh sure, I know some people will say it couldn't happen here. But they said the same thing before about other bad things, and they did happen. And where did they think his madness would lead us?

Because he isn't just a tool of Big Oil, or a climate change criminal, or a clinical psychopath.

A recent study out of Vanderbilt University "… shows that people with psychopathic tendencies (like aggression, lack of empathy, lack of fear) are more prone to take excessive risk without considering the consequences," reports Business Insider, "It's not just that they don't appreciate the potential threat, but that the anticipation or motivation for reward overwhelms those concerns."

He is the very embodiment of EVIL.

And the good news?

Great Ugly Leader has chosen the wrong battlefield.

Given the geographic distribution of votes in this country, B.C. voters will most likely determine the outcome of the next election. And where does Harper decide to have an unwinnable showdown? Well, B.C., of course. And if you think the pipeline and tanker issues are hot now, this is just early spring on the issue. Once Harper gives the go-ahead, the very long and very hot summer will begin in earnest and last till election day.

A place where the glaciers are melting.

The mountains of British Columbia cradle glaciers that have scored the landscape over millennia, shaping the rugged West Coast since long before it was the West Coast. But they're in rapid retreat, and an American state-of-the-union report on climate change has singled out the rapid melt in British Columbia and Alaska as a major climate change issue.

A place where First Nations and many other people who live in that beautiful province are determined to stop him from despoiling their land, and torching the planet further.

And they will be supported by millions of others all over the country, who will help turn Harper's war against BC, into a war against the Con regime.

It will crystallize the resistance against that foul regime, for all the crimes it has committed against Canada. 

And with an election now looming on the horizon it couldn't come at a better time.

For nothing can motivate young Canadians to engage in the political process more than the cause of saving the planet for themselves and their children. 

And if they do join the struggle, and are motivated to vote in greater numbers than they ever have before, the war AND the next election will be won.

You know, as I've mentioned before, during the Quebec student strike when thousands were being arrested, or beaten, or pepper sprayed, and so many in the rest of Canada were so silent.

No message of solidarity moved me more than this one all the way from East Vancouver...

Well, now the time has come to return the favour.

The people of BC will not stand alone. Their struggle is our struggle.

The final battle for Canada is about to begin.

The Con regime will be defeated, because it must be defeated.

And the monster will be STOPPED...

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Anonymous said...

Harper quietly signed over authority to Calgary based National Energy Board (made up of big oil companies) to make the decision if any fish habitats along the proposed pipelines will be in danger by building any of the 4 proposed pipelines. http://youtu.be/FUYb5AGSNjU

Demand Reason said...

The Koch Brothers have been busy infiltrating Canada with tons of think tanks and educational and political groups. They are well organized and pushing their racism and bigotry. It makes me feel sick. It's everything that is wrong with the US they want to bring here. It's almost cult like the way it all operates, ugh, it makes hairs stand up on my neck. Big Corporations, Wealthy and the Christian Conservatives and they are trying to force their ideology on Canada. HELL NO!

Things to concentrate on along with Harper I'd say are the Koch Brothers and the TPP (and the corporations behind that)

This video gives a good insight into the psychology of it. http://youtu.be/cdxFmvuZnrI

Anonymous said...

It was never a battle for Canada.

It was ALWAYS a war for an Independent West.

mizdarlin said...

Here in BC, we appreciate any and all support for this issue..but where is the rest of the country on all the damage this monster has caused? They can't all be the drooling knuckle-draggers of ford Nation, but I have to wonder if it isn't already too late...the people of Canada, in general, seem so passive that they come across as catatonic..
Where is the energy to fight? i remember back in the 70's hitting the bricks on a regular basis to fight Trudeau's price and wage controls, to protest war, to stop the Forestry creeps from denuding the landscape..now, where is the fight in this country?
I hope you are right, that the people will rise up, but have to admit I fear the worst..still, BC is very militant when threatened, and if we have to do it alone, so be it...
And anyone who thinks that it's impossible for a North American leader touse the armed forces against their own people need only look to the South, anyone out there remember Kent State, where students protesting the war were gunned down, murdered by the National Guard...not to mention our own Mounties, who seem to have entirely lost respect for the people they swear to serve..the police have also become tools in the arsenal of the 1%....somehow we'll have to be up against that, as well..

cheena1 said...

Thank you Simon - again, for a blog that gives me hope that all will be well in our country - eventually! I agree with all you have stated, and we residents of BC have no intention of allowing pipelines or tankers!! In addition to our protests, we have First Nations at the forefront of this protest, and we stand beside them. They are such honest and brave warriors!! There is no doubt in my mind that we will win this one!

BC'rs are so tired of the BCLib party lies, Christy Clark's BS spin, BCHydro trying to force us into accepting something (smart meters) that we don't want, there is no chance that we will allow this either! We wanted a plebiscite on smart meters and didn't get one - they should have known better than to continue pushing. All it has done is strengthen our resolve, and reminded us (in a rather ugly way) that the govts, all of them, work for us, not the other way around!! We will be proving that, in spades, this year!!

Anonymous said...

Harper is one evil fascist tyrant, Harper has already destroyed Canada.

IMF finds Canada subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, to the staggering sum of, $34 billion a year. Hitherto unrecorded in the mainstream media.
May 16/2014

Harper's Cabinet is, mulling a massive Chinese resource project in our High Arctic. Chinese Military Brass have visited Canada. Petro-China will also build the Enbridge pipeline. So, Harper needs no military in the High North. Harper knows there will be a fight in BC, regarding the Enbridge. I believe the Communist China Army, will likely guard the Enbridge pipeline. I don't think our military would ever fire at the Canadian people? Because we support our young and old war Veterans. However, China would certainly fire at Canadians, they mowed their own students down with machine guns.

Harper's characteristics are very similar to, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini's. They were all paranoid dictators too and, Harper's security bill has doubled.

Canada's Royal Conservative Mounted Police work for Harper and his henchmen in the PMO All dictators have their Police State. All dictators have the criminal element, to do their dirty work for them. Harper's list of degenerates is as, long as his arm. Some are already in prison, others are on their way.

If Harper can grab control of the Supreme Court? Then Canada will be, Harper's Thousand Year Fourth Reich. The dictators of the 30's and 40's, did the same exact things Harper is doing to grab control.

The Royal Conservative Mounted Police, need to change their shirt color to brown.

Steve said...

there is a logical solution, refine the tar in Alberta. Its a screaming why why not?

Steve said...

smart meters make sense. Tax what you do not want more of. Letting people choose when to consume is smart.

Simon said...

hi anon...the whole process has been a farce, the fix has been in from day one. As Dobbin points out, Harper put all his eggs in one basket, and is now as cornered like a wild animal. I noticed the other day that oil prices are expected to go down, so where will that leave us?

Simon said...

hi Demand Reason....yes the Koch brothers are moving into Canada, the Harperites are their good buddies, and Tim Hudak is their perfect candidate. But then of course they would. They have a large state in the oil sands and an even larger one in the Keystone pipeline. And I agree with you more Canadians do need to know about their activities. Also thank you for the video. It's almost thirty years old, but as relevant as ever....

Simon said...

hi anon...Well it certainly was an attempt to make Alberta richer at the expense of good manufacturing jobs all over the country. Harper did sign that famous "Firewall letter." And they may get their wish of making the west independent. If you look at a map of Canada, west of Ontario it's Con territory, and Liberal NDP all the way east. Sooner or later the east is going to take a hard look at the situation and wonder whether it should separate...

Simon said...

hi mizdarlin...just because I am always looking for the light in the darkness, or the pony in the manure, doesn't mean that I don't share your concerns about the situation. Or ask myself all the time why the inhabitants of a big young nation that took so much effort to carve out of the frozen wilderness, are so passive in the face of such horror. Part of the reason is that we are an aging country, with an average age of almost fifty, compared to the 60s for example when the average age was under thirty. But that doesn't explain why young people are so passive when their interests are being ignored, and their future threatened. It would be very easy to give up, and concentrate on the others causes and interests in my life.
I am more of an artist or a lover than a fighter AND I'm lazy. Or as I prefer to call it dreamy ;)
But I can't. I just love this incredibly frustrating, but amazingly beautiful country too much. I curse it every day, feel like banging my head against a wall all the time, but I will not see it killed, and I will not give the Cons the satisfaction.
I'm sure this madness comes from my Scottish background, and the grand tradition of fighting for your freedom for a thousand years. And losing almost every battle, but still staggering back minus an arm or a leg, to keep on fighting.
And in this peaceful kingdom, so raped by the vandals, I feel I can't remain silent. As lonely and tiring as blogging can be, I just have to say SOMETHING.
I also know that we are approaching a critical point in human history. The capitalist system is collapsing from inequality and corruption, just as the planet itself is under attack by climate change , caused by our monstrous greed. Or we draw the line soon, or we'll end up in a nightmare world most people can't even imagine. As for the Kent State thing...I find it hard to imagine that Canadian soldiers could intimidate let alone shoot their own people. But if trouble erupts along the construction route, in the wilderness, Harper will call the army in to protect it, and ANYTHING could happen.
So yeah, whether we like it or not, we must all join the struggle to defeat that dangerous Con regime. Now is a chance for this complacent country to redeem itself, and regain its self respect. I know we can do it, but it is now or never...

Simon said...

hi cheena...Thank YOU for reading this blog, and if I help give you hope in these dark times I couldn't be happier. We have been living through a real nightmare, and it's only natural that so many progressives sometimes feel discouraged as I do at times. But we must keep our spirits up, we are more and better than them, and we WILL defeat them. I hope the battle over the Northern gateway pipeline will help unite progressives in a common cause, motivate us to fight the Con regime harder than we ever have before, and crush them in the next election. The harder the struggle, the more enjoyable the victory... :)

e.a.f. said...

because if they refined it in Alberta, Harper's friends wouldn't be able to make all that money building a pipeline and all those Chinese corporations wouldn't be able to make all that money. You see if they refine it in Canada, there might be some Canadian workers who are paid "living wages". In China, not so much. If its refined in China they get to make a big profit when they sell it back to us as oil and even more when they sell it back to the U.S.A.

Of course, all that tar may not be needed. Germany is on its way to making its electricity from renewable resources, 27% now and on the previous Sunday at noon, actually did 75% of its electricity from renewable sources. Iran recently held a conference on electricity from renewable sources at their German Embassy. They now offer a 15 cent reduction on electricity at Kh for solar energy homes and offer to pay up to 50% of the installation of the equipment.

The only reason China is buy this tar, is because right now, its cheaper than using renewable sources of energy, and they don't have to use their own. Once renewable energy is cheaper than Canada's tar, China will pull out just as the Japanese pulled out of the coal mines in B.C. back in the late 70s.
When one of those multinationals re opened Tumbler Ridge coal mining, they closed it a few months ago, Not making ENOUGH MONEY. They can get it cheaper somewhere else.

In the end, Harper will be the laughing stock of the world, The guy who just could manage an economy. Oh, he did manage to take a lot of air plane rides but that's it.

kootcoot said...

"If Harper can grab control of the Supreme Court? Then Canada will be, Harper's Thousand Year Fourth Reich. "

All but two of the sitting justices on the Supreme Court of Canada were appointed by either Harper (5) or the Jaw that walks like a man, Brian Baloney Mulrony, so it stands Lib appointees 2 and Con Artist appointees 6, which will be seven once Harper appoints another that doesn't violate the Charter.

It is somewhat reassuring that the current court seems more concerned with justice than implementing Harper's ideology, unlike the shameful Roberts court down south that loyally promotes the corporate and Reich Wing agenda.