Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Scary Self Destruction of the Monster Stephen Harper

Well I have to admit that I'm not in the best shape myself. And that I will be hobbling around on crutches for about a week.

But I want to thank those of you who sent me all those sweet comments. And all the nurses who spoiled me rotten. And our wonderful medicare system.

And I just want to say at least I'm in better shape than Stephen Harper eh?

Because he's crawling through the gutter on all fours, and he's a real MESS.

His crude attempt to smear the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is backfiring badly. He's taking heavy fire from every direction. Decent Canadians everywhere are shaking their heads in disgust.

The Canadian Bar Association is demanding he apologize. The Canadian Council of Law Deans says McLachlin has done nothing wrong. 

“The facts that have come to light confirm, to the contrary, that the Chief Justice’s actions were beyond reproach and consistent with the dignity of her office.”

Jeffrey Simpson calls it a new low.

When 11 former presidents of the Canadian Bar Association rebuke the government for attacking Canada’s top jurist, it is fair to ask: How low can Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government go? The answer is that just when you think new depths of conduct have been plumbed, even lower ones are found.

Attacking the integrity of the Chief Justice is a very serious matter, an attack without precedent in Canadian history. It shows a Prime Minister furious at the Supreme Court, angry at obstacles put in the way of his exercise of power, willing to misrepresent facts and lash out at one of the country’s most respected persons, who just happened to infuriate him in the exercise of her duties.

And even Andrew Coyne is comparing him to Lindsay Lohan, and wondering whether he is mentally fit to remain in office. 

Watching the Harper government stumble from one needless controversy to another — picking fights, settling scores, demeaning institutions and individuals alike in the pursuit of no discernible principle or even political gain — one has had the distinct impression of a government, and a prime minister, spinning out of control.

It is one thing to savage a political opponent or beat up on a distinguished civil servant. But to accuse the nation’s highest judge of professional misconduct — for that is what was insinuated, if not quite alleged, an ethical breach serious enough to warrant her resignation — is so ill-considered, so destructive of both the court’s position and his own, that it leaves one wondering whether he is temperamentally suited to the job.

But then, as Frances Russell points out, this explosion of vicious insanity was inevitable. 

The current- and unprecedented – row between the prime minister and the chief justice is proof, if Canadians are in need of any, that political ideology – true belief – is impervious to compromise and change.

Sooner or later his madness was going to boil over, and the mask was going to fall off...

The unprecedented showdown between the prime minister, the chief justice and the Supreme Court is akin to a pot finally boiling over on the stove. The genuine beliefs and principles of the prime minister and his party could not be contained any longer. They burst into the open and are now exposed for all to see.

And the good news is that Stephen Harper is now so deranged that he doesn't seem to understand how much damage he is doing himself.

For what else can explain the Con Death Machine's decision to release another round of attack ads against Justin Trudeau?

When a recent Forum poll suggested that of those who had seen those ads, most (47 percent) said it made them want to vote for the Liberals. 

Because Canadians know a BULLY when they see one.

And if they felt sorry for Justin, can you imagine how they are going to feel about Harper's disgusting attempts to smear Beverley McLachlin?

But because he is such a bully, and because he is so crazy desperate, he can't understand that, so he just can't help himself.

Which couldn't be better news as far as I'm concerned.

For I have always believed that while we can do him and his Cons great damage. And we will.

The madness is malignant.

And in the end he will destroy HIMSELF...

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