Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Supreme Court Smear and the Incredible Shrinking Peter MacKay

I have never had much respect for Peter MacKay since the day he sold out his Progressive Conservative party to Stephen Harper's Reform Alliance.

For as the moderate Con Lowell Murray said at the time, it was the end of a proud party, and an act of pure treachery.

Just days after a leadership campaign in which he repeatedly denied any intent to merge, and without consulting either caucus colleagues or the party executive, Peter MacKay secretly undertook to negotiate the dissolution of the PC Party. 

Now, an agreement in principle, signed by Mr. MacKay and Alliance Leader Stephen Harper, comes as a fait accompli. The message is that there's no turning back, no alternative; the Tory farm has been sold and Dec. 12 is merely the closing day.

But I have to say that when he sold his soul to Stephen Harper, even I could not have predicted how low he would fall.

I mean who can forget the way he mishandled the War in Afghanistan. Or the way he used the military to take him fishing...

And I certainly can't forget how after his painful break-up with Belinda Stronach he borrowed his neighbour's dog to try to make us feel sorry for him...

Because as a huge dog lover I was deeply offended eh? And I remember thinking at the time that's not just low, it's PATHETIC.

Almost as pathetic as the way he has been peddling the Harper regime's foul crime bills like only a ReformCon could.

But all of that pales in comparison with his behaviour in the last few days which has been absolutely DISGUSTING. 

For first there was the case of the wounded soldier who was betrayed by the military. 

National Defence has done an about-face and revoked an offer that would have allowed a soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder, who spoke publicly last fall about his attempted suicide, the right to an extended release from the military.

And the smarmy way MacKay defended that act of treachery. 

Mr. Speaker, our respect for Master Cpl. Wolowidnyk and members of the Canadian Armed Forces could not be higher. In fact, that is why we have not only made significant efforts to improve the mental health and overall health of our Canadian Forces through enormous investments, we have also made enormous investments across the board. We have seen all sectors of the Canadian Forces receive the support that they need, that they deserve, that they continue to earn daily in service of our country.

Which considering the way the Con regime, and their hapless stooges at DND, have abandoned wounded soldiers and betrayed veterans, was simply OBSCENE.

And then there is the way MacKay is enabling and assisting Stephen Harper's depraved assault on Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin. 

The Harper government did not back down Monday from its unprecedented public spat with the chief justice of the country’s highest court. Indeed, Justice Minister Peter MacKay escalated the feud, implying that the Supreme Court went beyond the strict wording of the law to nix the appointment of Marc Nadon to the top court’s bench.

By not only suggesting she did something illegal, but also by suggesting she doesn't know the law.

Which elicited this angry response from that other lawyer Tom Mulcair...

But no shame from Peter MacKay. 

Who history will record sold his party to the devil and his ReformCon rednecks, and became as corrupted as HIM and as foul as THEM.

Oh boy. I wish our progressive parties had the daring and the imagination to make an attack ad showing how MacKay's never very impressive stature has diminished over the years.

Like the ad the Labour Party has just done in Britain by targeting Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrats.  who sold his soul to David Cameron and formed an unholy coalition with his brutish Cons.

Only to end up, like MacKay, as his leader's shrunken little stooge...

You know, if somebody ever did make a video like that about Peter MacKay I bet it would be REALLY popular. 

Especially the ending.

When the shrunken little MacKay is forced to run from the harsh verdict of history. 

Or his own conscience, if he has one.

And not even his neighbour's dog will be able save him...

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Anonymous said...

"Or his own conscience, if he has one."
Simon, Simon . . .
If he wasn't a conscienceless golem, HE COULDN'T BE A CON!!!
Stop trying to anthropomorphise these things. You won't turn one of god's accursed into a worthy soul no matter how you try.

Mahmoud Weinstein

Anonymous said...

Just as an aside, I happened to catch QP that day,
and PMAC threw both hands on his chest,
and huffed to the House- theat HE was a lawyer...
aaand, Mulcair being one as well-
should just agree he was right! As per.
Pride is a nasty, dangerous, character trait.
Just the thought that one day, one of them,
could be triple-bunked in a 9X6, well, that's another file that needs dynamite and a back-hoe next year.

Isn't that correct, Mr. Sapers? That does go on- and is about to get a whole lot worse.

Howard Sapers is like Mr. Kevin of the PBO.
He gives us worthy reports. Not that they go anywhere.
Steve Blaney? What an excuse.

Can you imagine, if Kenney wasn't answering to the House,
on the Shadow Work-Force that ALL Con's created- it'd be Finley?