Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Incredible Shrinking Steve Harper

Golly. If Stephen Harper's stature on the world stage keeps shrinking we're going to have to swap that magnifying glass for a microscope eh?

Yesterday we found out how low he has sunk. When the New York Times accused him of muzzling scientists in a monstrous attempt to "guarantee public ignorance."

Today we found out how small he has shrunk. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper struck a skeptical chord on any “so-called rapprochement” at the United Nations between the United States and Iran, just hours after the U.S. president held out what observers saw as an olive branch to the Iranian leadership.

Because there he was, disappointment written all over his face, throwing cold water on one of the best hopes for peace in that region we've seen in ages. Lecturing Obama in a ridiculous manner.

“I certainly would not fault President Obama and our allies for trying, but my sincere advice would be when it comes to the government of Iran we should carefully monitor deeds far more than words.”

Or just being SCEPTICAL, like surprise surprise, the Likud hawks in Israel. 

Because Benny Netanyahu is VERY disappointed.

He wants Obama to BOMB Rouhani not talk to him.

Because he's a crazy warmonger eh? 

Are these people professionals? Are they seriously concerned about Iran? Do they honestly believe that no one in the Islamic Republic can ever be safely trusted—or, alternatively, are they genuinely concerned that Iran’s leadership change its ways and be brought back into the community of nations? If the answer to any of those questions is “yes”—then what on earth were they thinking?

And as we all know, what Benny wants Steve is only too willing to surrender...

His ass, his dignity, and OUR honour.

Because once we were a force for peace in the region, and proud members of the United Nations, that we helped create.

But now we're led by a Likud bum boy, who likes to give the U.N. a chubby finger. Even if it makes Canada look even more like a pariah nation.

Foreign-policy experts say Canada's actions at the UN have done its reputation more harm than good. "Canada couldn't get elected dogcatcher at the United Nations today," said Ian Smilie, who chairs the Diamond Development Initiative.

"I don't think any of us could have imagined even three or four years ago that Canada would be in the doghouse as much as it is in relation to the United Nations," Smilie said.

And makes Great Stooge Leader look even more diminished...

Or even more of a MANIAC.

And of course leaves us cringing at the idea of John Baird addressing the General Assembly.

Because that could be really ugly AND embarrassing eh?

And of course leaves me wondering what happened to our once big and proud country? How low have we fallen?

How did a grubby little man like Stephen Harper ever become a Canadian Prime Minister? And will those ghastly Cons EVER stop shaming us in the eyes of the world?

Oh well, the good news is this latest shabby episode will only make Harper look even more pathetic, even more of a loser. And we will use the burning humiliation of today, to motivate Canadians to take their country back tomorrow.

We will defeat that foul Con regime, and its tiny shameless leader. 

If the police don't arrest him before the next election.

And one of the captive kittens in his basement doesn't get him first...

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Steve said...

He is no Lester Pearson, or any PM

Anonymous said...

Q. How did a grubby little man like Stephen Harper ever become a Canadian Prime Minister? And will those ghastly Cons EVER stop shaming us in the eyes of the world?
A. Money.
His oilberta pals have it. They strategically spend it. If any Progs have it, they keep it in a nice, safe place where it can't do any harm. "Money is the root of all evil." Allah forbid that the "progressive" community should do anything really effective to get rid of that fucking crime family now infesting Ottawa. To quote the wise man on Thwap's blog yesterday: "who knows, who cares, why bother" is the new mantra of the so-called progressive community.
And quit yammering about the police. The only thing they're interested in now is protecting their corporate masters and their paycheques. They're not going to touch harper and ruin the gravy train for themselves. If you have any questions about that, go look at the G20 vids again. That is the new Canada harper promised us. It's already here and he's already won.
Fuck! I knew I should have taken Mandarin in school instead of French! What was I thinking!?
Let's all make sure to stay home the next time there's an election also. That way the progressive bloggers won't have to shut down their sites for lack of content.

Anonymous said...

The U.N. had requested Harper join 60 other countries, to refer Syria to ICC for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Harper point blank refused. The U.N. had banned Harper a seat. Harper was livid about it.

ICC also found Harper guilty of, stonewalling and blocking their investigation, on the torture of the Detainee's. Harper prorogued Parliament so he wouldn't have to answer, for his part in that torture.

Luis Moreno-Ocampo was ICC's Chief Prosecutor at that time. He was also considering Harper for, war crimes and crimes against humanity as well. They were deciding if, Harper broke the Geneva Convention or not.

That is who, is leader of our country. Harper is the worst,most corrupt PM in the recorded history of our Nation. Harper isn't worth the powder, to blow him to hell. Harper has destroyed Canada's image, on the International scene.

e.a.f. said...

Anynomous 3:56 p.m. certainly said it all.

Harper giving advise to Obama on Iran? O.K. that should be funny and it was. This is the first leader in Iran to come out and say, hi, lets see if we can get beyond all that other stuff and work towards something better. If stevie slime had been any type of leader, with an ounce of brain material, he would have jumped on it and got with the agenda. No, he goes in the opposite direction.

all stevie slime knows how to do is be negative and make war, if not on his own country, then on others. he is totally out of step with the rest of the world leaders. Even Putin could see the benefits of getting Syria to get with the agenda on chemical weapons. Part of the problem is stevie isn't that bright. He doesn't play well with others.

As another poster, noted, Lester Pearson he isn't.