Saturday, September 07, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Joy of Destruction

I doubt I would have spent half the time I do writing about Stephen Harper, if I hadn't taken a course years ago, and learned about his three most disturbing character flaws.

One, his deranged belief that he owns the truth, as Preston Manning warned us long ago.

Two, his inability to feel the pain of others, as he himself admits.

And three, and most ominously, the savage satisfaction he gets from destroying things rather than creating them.

For as Susan Delacourt notes, that will be his legacy.

Not that long ago, a former Progressive Conservative politician (he stressed the “progressive” part) told me Harper will not be remembered for building anything, but rather for what he’s dismantled while in power. Or, as this veteran Conservative put it: “These guys only know how to tear stuff down.”

It would take too long to list all the other programs, services and funding that have disappeared or been scrapped during Harper’s time in power. But the question remains: what has Stephen Harper’s government built? Beyond the splashes of blue across government websites and facilities, and those Economic Action Plan posters and ads, what will be known as Harper’s signature achievements in office?

And all you have to do is look at all the programs and services he has dismantled or mutilated to know that this isn't just political, it's PATHOLOGICAL.

And it goes way back...

When he was a brooding teenager in high school he tried to destroy the student council. When he was in university he tried to do the same thing. How normal is that?

The first thing he did when he came to power was order that the words "women's equality" be erased from thousands of government documents. And that a national daycare program be killed. How crazy is that?

Somebody in the MSM should have noticed the disturbing pattern, and asked themselves what demons were driving that cold, cruel, political thug.

But nobody ever did, until it was too late, and the trail of destruction stretched as far as the eye could see, and much of the Canada we loved lay in ruins.

And if anybody did notice, like the ones who didn't dare say the mad emperor had no clothes.

Nobody dared call a Prime Minister a monster...

And those who did were ignored or marginalized.

Even though there really is no other word to describe a person who gets his kicks by destroying things. And has been quoted as saying he likes to see fear in the eyes of those who work for him. 

Think of it. What's wrong with that picture? What have we come to accept as normal behaviour? To what dark place would he take us?

And of course, now he's more dangerous than ever. For now he is preparing to go after medicare. He entered politics with the support of a group that was created to destroy our national health care system. He will not leave without its shrunken head hanging from his trophy belt.

And if he is not stopped, if we do not unite to defeat him.

He will leave this country in ruins.

This country he hates so much.

And take us all down with him....

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  1. Anonymous5:10 AM

    I found a photo on a news site featuring Obama and Harper. Obama appears to be looking at Harpers head thinking "Is that a dead weasel or a rug?"

    1. hi anonymous...thanks for the link. I think I'll save the photo for later reference. And have Obama look at Harper and think "Is he CRAAAAZY or what?" ;)

  2. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Hi Simon
    This is the most accurate and the most chilling description I have read about him. Wake up, people!


    1. hi Cathy...thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I'm just glad somebody in the MSM has noticed Harper's demolition derby, because I've been warning people about that for a long time. Some in the media have pointed out that Harper seems to have no creative vision, but they have never understood why. When he said he wanted to change Canada beyond recognition, he wasn't talking about a New Jerusalem, he was talking about a smoking heap of rubble...

  3. Anonymous6:48 AM

    "The three things" you enumerated about harper are the textbook definition of a psychopath and a sociopath. It's right there in black and white for all to read except for the idiotic, inbred "cons" that have somebody read and explain your blog to them because everything in print over one syllable makes their head hurt. For all the lazy, lying fucking "con" assholes that read this blog: "Fuck You, You Fucking Fucks!!!"
    And what fucking idiot came up with the term "progressive conservatives"? That's a classic example of an oxymoron (the important part being "moron") if there ever was one.
    Have A Nice Day, Simon.
    The "old guy" that hates harper twice as much as you and Thwap put together. ;-)

    1. hi old guy...I love your spirit. I wish I could write about the Cons like you do. But my Mum sometimes reads my blog so I can't. ;)
      And yes, I haven't the slightest doubt that Harper is a clinical psychopath. The only good news is that psychopaths do tend to believe that they are smarter than everybody, until the moment they're caught. Our prisons are full of them, and hopefully Harper and his gang will be joining them soon...

    2. I'm not sure I'm THAT "old guy", but I AM "Some Old Guy". And THIS old guy is a faithful reader of Montreal Simon and comments by Anonymous, and a big fan of both. Keep it up, you guys. You give me hope.

  4. Well, from what you describe, you have all the makings of a fine sociopath albeit a very stupid one... In comparison to the "Bible-belters" he makes his subjects look like western "Prayer Tampons"...

    1. hi martin...A prayer tampon? No wait, don't tell me, at this present time I don't think I could handle it... ;)

  5. ... your efforts are certainly appreciated Simon .. and so constantly informed, accurate & revealing..
    I often wonder why you and Franke James have not collaborated .. yet ( ! )

    My current theme is to stress COMPLICITY .. question, examine & seek to understand its pathology..

    Seeing as we have a litany of actions, deceits, conceits, litigations, deregulations and prorogues of the nation
    by Stephen Harper, that have nothing whatsoever to do with his election promises or the wishes of the electorate......
    then why do we find a large group of MP's, volunteers, bureaucrats, advisors, ministers, dataminers, lawyers etc
    that grin & cackle and march in complicit lockstep.. Do they actually agree with Stephen Harper on every single matter ?

    At the risk of being facetious .. I ask..

    If Jason Kenney goes home at the end of the day.. does he dish to his girlfriend, boyfriend or his mommy
    about how Conservative policy will exterminate the polar bear within 5 years ??
    And what do those people think .. Do they support Jason ? Are they stunned ? Shocked.. or uncaring and complicit like him?

    Or Peter Kent.. our receding disappearing former Minister.. former 'journalist'.. does he tell his wife or children, if any
    that he with great reluctance decided to systematically poison the boreal wolves.. via airdropped strychnine
    to help the boreal caribou being wiped out by tar sands and fracking expansion.. That's environmentalism ?
    Do his friends or family run shrieking from the house in dismay.. or do they suck it up for good government and jobs

    The list of the COMPLICIT is endless .. How do the voters really feel about an MP defending asbestos exports to the 3rd world
    Their MP also being a Pediatric Surgeon .. ? And now a Minister ? Does anyone in her riding just squirm ? How about her family ?
    We know how over 500 of her medical peers feel.. they were quite explicit

    Does anyone really want to invite Joe Oliver or Peter Mackay over for dinner ? Family ? Friends if any ?
    Joe might only own business suits.. even for a family BBQ.. if he has a family.. not sure
    Diluted bitumen, deceit re helicopters.. does anyone really want to raise these topics in a backyard with beers ?
    'Hey Joe.. what's this about a secret 31 year deal with China ? Was that your idea or Stevie's.. or Flaherty's'

    And how about the wondrous Peter Clement ? Or Fantino ? Or ??? Or Ray Novak.. Jenni Byrne, Arthur Hamilton
    Does anyone actually ask these sociopaths how things are ? How's the weather in Ottawa
    Have you sorted out the 'Indian problem' yet ?.. You still spying on Chief Spence ? She lost any weight ? Ho ho har.. !
    How's the price of bitumen ? Or wild salmon ? Any of them left ? or F 35's ? Find that 3 Billion ?

    Or do these COMPLICIT political animals and hypocrites catch a free ride from family, friends et al ?
    And do they all lie chillingly to the very young children ?

    'Hey kids.. this is my friend Tom Flanagan .. he teaches older kids at Universities.. about Indians n other adult stuff
    Would you like a glass of the Chardonnay Tom.. or we have an excellent Cabernet that we just opened..."

    COMPLICITY is a living breathing toxic disorienting disorder permeating people, households, electoral ridings,
    offices, meetings, dinner parties .. It must be uncomfortable being infected or forced to accept it.. and shut up too..

    Being COMPLICIT in Canada. means you don't recognize your own country.. its environment
    Hell .. you don't.. or won't recognize your children.. any children ..
    their future, their hopes and dreams or yourself

    You won't recognize yourself ....
    and certainly not as a Canadian ...
    because you look just like Stephen Harper

    1. hi salamander...thanks for another excellent comment. As you may know, I have come to see the Harperland story as something very similar to the story of the Mad Emperor with no clothes. A story where the real horror is that so many Canadians failed to recognize the twisted nature of our emperor, even though it was staring at them in broad daylight. I appreciate the fact that we are not a belligerent people. But too many have been way too passive, and when the Cons are allowed to get away with murder, it does make them complicit...

  6. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Simon: You probably know some or all of this already. Harper had idolized Pierre Trudeau and actually was a Liberal at the start of his political life/career when he was growing up in Toronto. He had dropped out of U. of T. after 2 or 3 months. The story was that his father, an oil executive at Imperial Oil, I think, in Toronto had wanted him to be an accountant. But he left Toronto and went to Calgary, where someone from the oil company in Toronto (probably his father, or someone directed by his father) told someone else in the company's branch in Calgary to get him a job. That was how he apparently ended up with his mailroom clerk/office boy position.

    Three points about the above that I found amusing: (a) he had to have someone pull strings to get him his first job,(b)that was arguably his only real job before he became a right wing lobbyist and a politician, suckling on the public teat, and (c) one would have thought that with his, ahem, cough, cough, most humble beginnings, he would have felt empathy with many Canadians struggling to make a living or who do not have someone to pull strings to move them ahead in life. Yet, as you pointed out, he seems unable to feel the pain of others. Here is where I suspect his inherent sense of self entitlement, or self delusion, came to play. He must have rationalized away his landing that job through pulling strings as something that happens to every Canadian, and especially,those darn Liberal or NDP supporters -- none of these people get anything through their own merit.

    Regarding his apparent passion to destroy rather than build things, I suspect that something must have happened to make him hate Trudeau and Liberalism, or perhaps the Liberal Party. I had wondered what had happened. Did PET or the Liberal Party ignore or mock him in those long ago days when a young and likely impressionable Steve probably wanted to involve himself in the party politics?

    I suspect that somewhere in there lies the seed of the Harper that many Canadians now perceive: mean, destructive, vindictive, often dishonest, few scruples, etc. Last point: Harper, with his sense of self delusion/entitlement, would probably say it is all PET's fault. That is why PET's own seed must be destroyed, eh? Lol

    1. hi anonymous...although I have read just about anything ever written about Harper, there is a period in his life after he left school and before he went to work for Preston Manning that remains shrouded in mystery. It was a period when he is said to have associated with some very dubious right-wing people and groups. So I don't know how and when he transitioned from a Liberal to a Con. What I do know is that vindictive is the operative word. And I can't help reminding people that the first Harper to arrive in Canada had to be removed from office for in the words of the magistrate of that time "vindictiveness beyond reason." I hate to blame it on his genes, but until I can find a better explanation it will do... ;)

  7. Hi Simon I await your post titled Stephen Harper and his ignominious defeat

    1. hi do I, and it's already written. I wrote it six years ago when I was feeling unusually confident. And all I need to do now, is add a few more insults and a YouTube of church bells ringing.

      P.S. the reason I wrote it in advance is that I fear that on the day itself I may be too drunk to write it... ;)

  8. K. Scott10:32 AM

    SO well put. I have been using "The Emperor's New Clothes" as an analogy for a while and I am surprised that we don't hear it more often...guess most people think he's dressed. Destruction, destruction, so accurate. Everyday of his reign I hear of, get upset by, more outrages, more of our country's values, physical structure, image, national media...destroyed. Thank you so much for this and I would hope that many, many would read this and really understand it...without his veil of obfuscation!

    1. hi K.Scott...Thank you. I'm also surprised that The Emperor's New Clothes hasn't been used more as an analogy or metaphor of the nightmare we are living through.It seems to me so obvious. A leader out of control, and a people unable to recognize that there is something terribly wrong about the way he is behaving. I am no saint, but my parents raised me to demand better, and when I look at the Harper Cons all I see is moral depravity and corruption. I pray for the day they are defeated so I can write about better things....

  9. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Such great points. The man is the purest form of a sociopath, and I have worked with many through my profession.

    1. hi anonymous...yes he is a classic sociopath isn't he? As you know that alone doesn't disqualify him from holding office. But when you combine those tendencies with an anti-social personality, and a heartless ideology, it can be a dangerous mix. And what's truly disturbing is how his personality has shaped and tarnished the image of an entire government. I dream of the day we can get a real human being to replace him, because it has been a real nightmare...

  10. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Cartoon: Stephen Harper Explains His Jail Plan

    Cartoon: Stephen Harper Explains His Love Of Death

    1. hi anonymous...thanks for the links. I love to see progressives making fun of Great Leader in all kinds of creative ways. I'm hoping we can really step up that kind of campaign over the next year. I've been shooting stuff all over the city, and will be unveiling some new videos soon...

  11. Anonymous4:30 PM

    I wonder what people think of? Harper was Policy Chief of his, Northern Foundation of 1989? Harper had hired Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front as, security for Preston Manning. That should have been our first clue, of what an evil monster Harper really is. The reason Harper permitted a convict to come to Canada? Conrad Black was a member of, Harper's Fascist Northern Foundation of 1989.

    Harper has signed a deal with, the Communist China Army. Watch for China taking the rich resources in our High Arctic. Watch for, the Enbridge pipeline being forced through. Harper gave Communist China the keys to, the tar sands, our mines, our ancient forests, the rain forests and, Harper even permitted Red China, to buy up our Canadian farms. With Harper's vile FIPA deal means, China will takeover Canada for a, minimum of 31 years. We also know? Never will we get, that horrible country out of Canada.

    Go read Grant G's He has an excellent article on Harper's Fascism and Dictatorship. Canada will be as an occupied country. Harper's FIPA deal and his, Omnibus-Bull-S-bill means, Harper the Hun has destroyed our, once decent and good Canada. China is even permitted to sue Canada if, anyone tries to block China's takeover of Canada. Harper just gave another oil company to Red China. This time it was, Novus Energy.

    Canada will have to become another Syria to rid ourselves, from Harper's evil regime.

    1. hi we don't have to become another Syria to get rid of the Con regime. We just have to become proud Canadians again and stand up for what we believe in. That'll be enough, that'll do the trick...

  12. And don't forget this psychotic slug fraud of a PM robo cheated his way to power in the first place. Add thief to your list.

    1. hi wazz...the kind of mentality that Harper brought with him to the PMO is the only explanation for the robocall scandal. Only one or more of his fanatics could have had the nerve to try to steal an election. And who knows what they are doing now? Because as I pointed out the other day the PMO has never been so full of Harper acolytes...

  13. Anonymous7:22 PM

    "Hey Joe.. what's this about a secret 31 year deal with China ? Was that your idea or Stevie's.. or Flaherty's'?"

    Jimi explained it best:

    1. hi anonymous...the Cons are in such a tizzy they must be closely watched, for they will sell us out to the lowest bidder, and they will pick our pockets. And thanks for the Jimi Hendrix song. The song is great and so was Jimi...

  14. Who Killed Canada
    Media Ownership and the Radical Right in Canada
    Part 1, 2 & 3. Note: each video about 10 minutes long

    No time for video? Read review instead:

    Mr. Hurtig begins by discussing the Canadian media and how we now have the greatest concentration of media in the western world. In fact, he states this would simply not be allowed in any other western democracy.

    And since these same media outlets control newspaper, television and radio news; we are essentially only being given one voice. There are few or no alternative views. As stated in the video, a healthy democracy should foster a healthy and independent news media.