Thursday, May 14, 2009

Religious Bigot James Dobson Surrenders

OMG. Start ringing the bells. The raving wingnut James Dobson has surrendered.

I want to tell you up front that we're not going to ask you to do anything, to make a phone call or to write a letter or anything.

There is nothing you can do at this time about what is taking place because there is simply no limit to what the left can do at this time. Anything they want, they get and so we can't stop them.

Golly. I liked that last paragraph so much...and read it sooooo many times. If only it was true. But I guess the recession finally caught up with them.

Although I notice that Dobson doesn't say don't write cheques, or don't sell your house before you lose it....and send half the money to me. And that he does invoke the mighty fundraising power of prayer.

And so what you can do is pray, pray for this great nation... As I see it, there is no other answer. There's no other answer, short term.

Which scares me almost as much as it does PZ Myers.

Oh, no…wait. They're going to start praying? Don't do that! When they've got the power of their almighty god behind them, they'll be unstoppable!

My reaction?

Thank God I don't believe in God.

If the recession kills off these Christianist bigots it'll almost be worth it.

And of course if PZ Myers, my Atheist Messiah, says GLOAT.

I say thanks a lot eh?

I think I will.....


sassy said...

OK, I confess, I replayed the Muttley laugh a number of times. (it's just so dammed appropriate)

Well done Simon!!

Robert McClelland said...

Sweet. Now if he'll just crawl back under his rock...

Anonymous said...

" . . .They're going to start praying? . . ."

They've been praying but recently God has not been listening to them. SHE knows how to punish the false believers.

Moreover, Dobson has become increasingly irrelevant as evangelicalism slips further away from The Message.

Elizabeth Porter said...

"I hope that one day you can realize what prayer can do."

Simon said...

Hi sassy...thanks a lot. I thought of putting a slightly ruder video...but then I thought the Muttley one was exactly how I feel... :)

Simon said...

Hi Robert...thanks. Oh I'm afraid we haven't seen the last of that bigot. But the fact that he's even pretending to give up is a sure sign the Christian Right is increasingly desperate....

Simon said...

Hi're right SHE does work in mysterious ways... :)
And yes the Christian Right after the fall of the Republicans is increasingly marginalized.
I'm not writing them off yet because during apocalyptic times you never know what might happen in the U.S.
But the SIGNS are encouraging....

Simon said...

Hi mum is a good kind Christian so I always hope her prayers come true.
But there are so many bad ones out there like James Dobson who pray for hate instead of love.
So their prayers are worthless as far as I'm concerned.