Monday, May 25, 2009

Hubble's Glory and My New Space Heroes

The word hero is so misused these days it has practically lost its meaning. But my hall of real heroes now includes the crew of the shuttle Atlantis.

Who were finally able to come home yesterday.

Because they were operating at a higher altitude, they had one chance is 229 of being hit by some of the space junk that rings the planet.

They had to work under impossible conditions.

Their landing was delayed for three days until they were practically out of food and fuel.

And they did it all just so an aging telescope could bring us more amazing pictures like this one.

And these.

To remind us of our place in the universe. How small we are. How precious is our little planet.

And how nothing is more important than saving it....from ourselves.

Yup. To the crew of the shuttle Atlantis....

Please take another bow.


Because that was EXCELLENT...

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