Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Gay Rights: When Impatience Blinds You

Sometimes when you've been fighting for gay rights for a long time, you can't see the forest for the small victories.

Or the big ones like this one.

In the state where George Bush has his summer monkey house. In the state with the motto: Live Free or Die.

And because you can't see the forest...and you can't see it moving like the one in Macbeth...sometimes you can let impatience blind you. Like I did yesterday when I dumped on this gentle idea.

By suggesting that it wouldn't change anything, and that any straight people thinking of participating should write their blood types on their arms. Which was very grinchy, and very Simon. Ugh.

I did it because I thought the time and effort could be better spent fighting things like bullying in our schools. But I forgot that we can still hold hands AND get the message out. Like Chase did today on Oprah.

A 13-year-old Alberta boy was called a "hero" on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Wednesday for speaking out about his torment at the hands of bullies.

And that every gesture than can help make a kinder gentler world can only be good for children like him.

Then there was the message from my oldest and best friend Donald...who just happens to be straight. But is like a brother to me.

Simon if you can't find a straight guy to hold your hand I volunteer. I know my blood type. You sod. XXX Donny

Which made me smile and reminded me that there are probably many straights who would like to show their support for love and gay people, and holding hands is a fun way to do it.

And made me feel even WORSE. Like hanging my head in shame or impaling myself on my highland sword.

Or this one.

Because nine out ten sausages can't be wrong....and I deserve it.

Until I remembered those trees in the forest, how lucky I am to have a friend like Donald, and the support of so many other straight people.

And I decided that maybe I'd better use the Zorro fork instead to pitch a couple of lobsters on the barbie.

And party like CRAZY....

Well done Maine. Live Free or Die New Hampshire.

Donny you're ON.

The struggle continues....


UPDATE: So now it's a parade....Donald and me, his wife Alison and her friend Peggy, two little children, and no doubt Kerouac and his good friend Roger the cocker spaniel. Who thought of this BRILLIANT idea? AAAAAARGH...


sassy said...

Now I'm looking forward to a pic of Kerouac and Roger holding paws ;)

Simon said...

Hi sassy...I think we're going to turn this into a BBQ...
But Roger and Kerouac are really cute together.... :)