Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Scary Roots of Stephen Harper

I guess I should have known. I thought the madness came from outer space.

But actually it came from Yorkshire.

The original Canadian Harper - born in a small village in Yorkshire in 1730 - immigrated to Nova Scotia in 1774 and moved into a house near Fort Cumberland, only to have the home burned to the ground two years later by rebels. He spent years taking revenge in the courts and slowly rising through the political system.

He had risen to the post of justice of the peace by the time a judicial inquiry found him guilty of, as one historian put it, "violent and oppressive measures" - vindictive to a point beyond all reason.

And, of course, now it's too late....

Golly. Isn't that SPOOKY?

We knew he was a political thug, and a vindictive bastard.

But we never realized it isn't his fault...he can't help himself.

Holy Yorkshire pudding. May the Monkey God help us.

The ghost of Christopher Harper has come back to haunt us...


  1. Stevie Harper and Sarah Palin are actually twins, separated at birth.

  2. Hi know I hate to say it but I find Harper makes Palin look good. At least she's an authentic redneck while Harper just pretends to be one. He's an intellectual anti-intellectual i.e. a budding fascist. While she's just DUMB.
    But then of course I'm biased.. ;)

  3. We really need divine intervention. God sees the truth and would never want evil to take over. Thanks for sharing.

  4. There is no god Lanie but idiots like Harper that are drooling for a rapture that will never come...