Monday, May 11, 2009

The New ReformCon Plan to Kill the CBC

Well I guess draining the life blood out of the CBC wasn't a quick enough death for Stephen Harper. Now he wants to cut off its head.

Even if it makes Heritage Minister James Moore look like a liar.

Moore said in response to a question from Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez on April 29 that the government would not be cutting the CBC.

But then as I've pointed out before, like all the other Con sheeple, Moore is just his monster's voice.

I don't know why any normal person would want to tear down a national institution, instead of building it up and making us proud of it. But I know why Stephen Harper hates it with a passion. Because with all its successes and failures it's a mirror of who we are...and so very CANADIAN.

And Harper hates Canada and its values so much he won't be satisfied, as The Amazing GritGirl has pointed out , until the CBC looks and sounds like this...

I on the other hand won't be satisfied until the foul Canada-hating Con channel goes off the air for good.

Won't that be the best show EVER?

Defeat them, crush them, turn them off....

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