Monday, May 04, 2009

The Hanging of Delara Darabi

As if we needed any more evidence that the Mad Mullah-o-cracy in Iran is a barbaric and brutish regime.

Here's their latest young victim.

You know what shocks me the most about these medieval bastards is not just how backward they are...but how cruel they are as well.

The execution, which happened on Friday, caught everyone by surprise. Not only had there been no formal notification 48 hours before the hanging, as required under Iranian law, but, just a fortnight earlier, Ms Darabi had actually been granted a two-month stay of execution by the head of the judiciary. The day before their daughter would end up being walked to the gallows, her parents had even visited her in jail where she had excitedly informed them there was to be an appeal so new evidence could be heard. Twenty-four hours later, she was dead.

But then why should I be surprised by anything that happens in a country with this record?

Iran leads the world in executing juvenile offenders, according to human rights groups, accounting for two-thirds of such deaths in the past four years. The hanging of Ms Darabi was the second known execution of a juvenile offender this year and lawyers in Tehran estimate that at least 130 more are waiting on death row.

A country that hangs gay kids.

For the crime of being gay.

And oppresses and kills women for being women.

Delara Darabi left these paintings behind.

To mark her short life.

And I like this one the best.

Because although I don't know what poor Delara intended.

I like to think it's those cruel child murderers screaming in agony.

As they burn in the fires of JUSTICE...

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