Sunday, May 24, 2009

Telling the Bully Harper Where to Get Off

OMG. I can't believe it. A political leader in this country has finally told the foul bully Stephen Harper where to get off.

"If you mess with me, I will mess with you until I'm done..."

Yes. Yes. Yes. Now them are the fighting words I've been waiting FOREVER to hear.

You know creepy bullies like Harper believe that those who stand for a kinder, gentler more beautiful Canada are WEAK. They believe decency itself is a sign of weakness.

When of course it is the very measure of STRENGTH. And the only thing that counts.

Stephen Harper's ugly brand of bully politics has debased this country and made it a mean, cruel and nasty place.

But when you confront the bullies like Ignatieff did last night, they usually turn and run.... like the COWARDS they are.

Last time Harper's bluff was called he ran to the Governor General and hid under her gown.

Where will he run to now?

Whose gown will he hide under?

And won't Great Ugly Leader look pretty in blue?

Oh boy. Stephen Harper NOT a Canadian leader. Just a nasty bully and a cowardly nerd.

The decent people of this country are finally saying enough is enough. Just like the great Rad Can anchor Bernard Derome just did.

By accusing Harper of dismembering the CBC for "ideological reasons."

The message couldn't be clearer. We want our beautiful country back. It's time to put our petty political differences aside.

And give the bully the BOOT.....


Anonymous said...

But Iggy has to put some action to his words otherwise it's meaningless.

Simon said...

Hi my very humble opinion this is what should happen:

The NDP should show us why it's the best party for progressives to support. The Liberals should do the same. And both parties should try to EXCITE us with the boldness of their vision,and spend less time attacking each other and more time attacking the Harper Cons.
Because the sight of the progressive majority fighting itself while a monster rapes our country and its values is almost as horrible as Harper himself.
As I said, I'm not a political genius, but isn't that reasonable?
BTW I LOVED the pictures in your last post.
And like you I'm still trying to figure out why someone is painting TOFU on walls all over the city ... :)