Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dr Strangelove and the Human Rights Commission

Imagine if the love of your life was dying in a hospital bed. But you weren't allowed to say goodbye. So your lover died alone wondering where you were.

Even though you were just outside the room.

How would you feel for the rest of your life?

Which is why this story haunts me.

“I have this deep sense of failure for not being at Lisa’s bedside when she died,” Ms. Langbehn said. “How I get over that I don’t know, or if I ever do.”

Of course that could never happen to me. Because NOBODY would ever be able to stop S├ębastien. And I'd drive a bulldozer through a wall to get to him.

But then I wouldn't have to because in Canada we have a Human Rights Commission that keeps bigots from firing people, or not renting apartments to them, or discriminating in other ways just because of who they are.

And helps keep Canada a civilized country, and women and minorities safe from the haters.

Which is why I was not surprised to see the uber neocon Tom Flanagan calling for it to be scrapped.

...we should remember that the existence of the commissions is itself an abuse. They have little to do with genuine human rights such as freedom of speech and worship, security of the person and ownership of property. They are specialized agencies to enforce anti-discrimination legislation, and issues of prejudice and discrimination are far too complex to be resolved by human-rights sloganeering.

But then he would.

Because this ridiculous Calgary School Strangelove has been trying to turn Canada into a jungle ever since he arrived in Canada from the United States.

And even though when he sneezes, Stephen Harper FARTS, it ain't gonna happen.

Because this is Canada eh? Not Amerika.

Although I'm sure that after this pathetic performance Flanagan WILL get a chance to dip his lips in paint and plant a big kiss on Ezra Levant's Butt of Fame. Because goodness gracious everybody knows.....it's BIG enough for all of them.

As for me ....I'd just like to dedicate this song to Strangelove and all the other right-wing weirdos and dinosaurs who would destroy the Human Rights Commission and turn our beautiful country into a racist, sexist,homophobic jungle.

Call it my salute ...or OUR salute. From the Big Gay Collab.

This time all the way from Paris...

Because sometimes you can argue with the k....k....k....KRAZY doctors and dinosaurs.

Sometimes you need a bulldozer.

And sometimes why BOTHER?


Deb Prothero said...

great video from the Gay Collab

Simon said...

Hi Deb...yes wasn't it? I especially liked the fact that they are French kids and the beautiful mix of races.
It's not a video I'd play for my mum. :)
But those nasty bigots deserve it...