Friday, May 01, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Pink Flamingos

Well in the whole history of photo-ops in Canada this one by Great Loser Leader had to be the most fake....and the most absurd.

I realize it was his birthday. But as Buckdog points out, it was hardly something to celebrate.

"Passions, feelings of jealousy, and possessiveness run high....Fear of betrayal may be strong this year.

He's turning 50 at the peak of Canada's political pyramid with nowhere to go but down...

He's got it all now. But when and how will it end -- and as what?

And who are the flunkeys who came up with that ridiculous idea ? Not the losers in the PMO?

I hope.

He's in trouble in the country, especially in Quebec; in trouble with the public service, which is putting down tools with his government; and increasingly in trouble with the Conservative Party, whose fault lines are cracking under the divisive and mean-spirited management style of the Prime Minister's Office.

Because they sure made him look like an IDIOT.

Although does ANYONE really think that Great Control Freak Leader would take part in a photo-op he hadn't first approved?

So how DARE he carry on like that with a bunch of pink flamingos when hundreds of thousands of Canadians are suffering so much? Shame on him !!!!!

I mean how LOW can he go? Answer: very low.

So much for the unholy separatist socialist coalition.

But of course you don't have to be a political genius to figure out what's going on. Harper and his incompetent Con thugs in the PMO are so desperate....they've decided it's time to bring back Mr Nice Guy.

You remember him don't you ? The one AFTER Great Strategic Genius and BEFORE Mr Ugly.

OMG. Where have I seen that movie before?

Which reminds me.

Great Flamingo Leader may be the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history.

But he sure makes a great DIVINE...

Happy Birthday Great PINK Leader.

Did you feed the flamingos to your kittens....or the unemployed?

Nowhere to go but DOWN. Excellent.

It can't happen soon enough.


P.S. if a puffin can poop on a Dion, can a flamingo shit on a Harper ?

Just wondering...


Anonymous said...

I saw that footage with Harper and his daughter and he reminded me of Ned Flanders--clumsy and ineptly at a loss for the right words.

He's a hobbledehoy-- all gangly and awkward at the worst times endowed with a silly smile that reminds me of Alfred E Newman.

Oh please, somebody, take him out behind the barn and do what must but not so loudly that it will frighten the children when they're having their dinner.

Canajun said...

I guess the tacky lawn ornament rental company was out of pigs, snakes and turkeys. (With apologies to pigs, snakes and turkeys everywhere.)

Simon said...

Hi Torontonian...yes he did look a little Neddy didn't he? But then what do you expect. Can you imagine Stephen Harper walking into Central Casting and applying for the role of a NICE guy?
They'd laugh him out of there...or send him across the hall to the Monster Department... :)

Simon said...

Hi Canajun...heh heh heh...I didn't think of that. And yes snakes...or garden gnomes would have been more fitting.Especially the latter., since they could have saved themselves a gnome by using Jimbo Flaherty.
Which reminds me....Where do you find fifty flamingos SPONTANEOUSLY... :)