Monday, May 18, 2009

The HarperCon War Room Flames Out

Uh oh. Call the fire brigade or the insane asylum. It looks as if the Con war room is in full meltdown mode.

Their anti-Ignatieff ads are steaming fresh ....out of the toilet. And already the reviews are BRUTAL

And once Stephen Harper realizes how much damage they're doing to the Cons...and how people are laughing at him instead of Ignatieff. Or just shaking their heads in disgust.

He'll be blowing smoke out of his enormous ass...and bellowing "Bring me the head of Stephen Taylor."

Because by the desperate way Taylor defends the indefensible, you'd think he was personally responsible for the worst Con ad campaign since they made fun of Chretien's face.

He just doesn't get it. But then these frat boy war room Cons never do. Because they're born UGLY. It's in their Bush Con genes.

Just checkout these Young Republicans....picketing a Democratic convention during the darkest days of the AIDS epidemic.

And remember that these Harper/Rove attack Cons are cut from the same cloth. They use the same kind of cruel twisted try to destroy rather than defeat their opponents. Like they destroyed the gentle Stephane Dion because he was too decent to fight back against their ugly ads of personal destruction.

So what are we progressive bloggers going to do? Let them get away with it again? Or give the desperate Cons a taste of their own foul medicine?

The Harper Conservatives are far better in the attack-dog game than the Liberals. In the House of Commons, they never miss an opportunity to pointedly remind the Grits of their own record whenever a criticism is raised.

The Liberals let golden opportunities pass. Every day, they could be painting Mr. Harper as the Prime Minister who shut down Parliament and ran off, tail between his legs, to the Governor-General to beg for survival. They never do.

Actually I can think of many even WORSE things to say about Stephen Harper...because he's such a weird freak. And to prove it I'm working on a new video.

But until it arrives later this week, this gentler version will have to do....

Although I also like this brand new one from A Creative Revolution.

Because mocking him like he mocked Dion feels so damn GOOD. And if attack ads work, as Stephen Taylor insists they do. Well that's a BONUS eh?

Yup. I do believe the Progressive YouTube Brigade is on the march. And these cowardly un-Canadian bully Cons are going to regret playing dirty.

More than they could ever IMAGINE...

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