Monday, May 25, 2009

The Sad Story of the Bloater and the Bells

My favourite moment of Brian Mulroney's appearance before the Oliphant Inquiry was when The Bloater launched into the familiar story of how he was a poor carpenter's electrician's son from Baie Comeau etc etc...

And Richard Wolson, the inquiry's Perry Mason, shot back "Oh yeah I'm from North Winnipeg."

Which used to make Baie Comeau look like Beverly Hills.

The look on Mulroney's face? PRICELESS.

But then, of course, that's how all it started eh?

When the rich Americans tied up their luxury yachts in Baie Comeau, the other poor Quebec boys dived for quarters. But Brian sang for them. Just like he sang for Ronald Reagan. Because he wanted to be one of them so much.

And even this Mulroney apologist knows where that led.

Mulroney has his faults, like all of us. He is loyal to his friends who often got him into trouble. He enjoys friends who are rich which he is not. It is difficult to compete with them on a prime minister’s pension.

Oh well. He really should have dived for quarters like the other boys because then he wouldn't have loved rich people so much.

Now I only have only two questions before I try to drive this sad spectacle out of my mind.

Will it hurt the Con brand as much as this guy says it will?

Mulroney's misbehaviour has cost taxpayers millions of dollars for the inquiry into the matter and in legal fees for Mulroney, which we also pay. Mulroney was out of office, just, when he started taking envelopes of cash, but it was still wrong. This is what people in the business world refer to as damage to the brand.

Oh goody.

And when The Bloater said before the inquiry began that he was going to turn up with "BELLS ON."

Did he mean these ?

I think they're the banks....or Bavarian.

Clankety Clank. The old Con Bloater hobbles off stage right.

The song is finally over...

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