Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Bigot Woozle of British Columbia

The first time I arrived in Vancouver a friend took me to the tip of Stanley Park ...a place called Ferguson watch the sun go down and the float planes come in to land.

And it was all so awesome...and the BC bud was so good.... I turned to him at one point and said something like "OMG this is PARADISE !!!! "

And he said: "Yes...but just remember as soon as you leave the city it's Reform Country."

And I said: "Oh no...not rednecks and woozles?"

And he laughed and said "No woozles but more rednecks than you can count."

But sadly he was only HALF right. There were quite a few rednecks and religious fanatics. But there was also a woozle. A nasty bigot woozle called Kari Simpson

And not only is she REALLY ugly and scary.

Now she's going after gay kids.

Telling them they're sick and need to be treated. When in fact they are BEAUTIFUL. And it's the bigot woozle that needs urgent cure her foul homophobia.

Although now that I think about it even a woozle couldn't be that mean and nasty

So maybe what we're REALLY dealing with here is Canada's Anita Bryant...

You know some things are for sure eh?

Bigots and homophobes may hurt us, but they will NEVER beat us.

And whether they are woozles or worse.

They ALWAYS look ridiculous...


Anonymous said...

Well I have to respectfully disagree....

They do beat us, and they do kill us, both in body and is spirit, but only when we allow ourselves to be alone or vulnerable. (do the names Aaron Webster or Matthew Shepard mean anything??)

The lesson to be learned is "if we stick together we shall overcome".

And when Kari Simpson, Bill Whatcott, David Popsecu and Alphonse de Valk and BennaNazi Ratzinger arrive at the pearly gates and are told to go down below, then they will be saying how sorry they are for all the harm they have caused. Stoke up the fires Lucifer, here they come!

'berto said...

quote: "And he said: 'Yes...but just remember as soon as you leave the city it's Reform Country.'"

*ahem*... Your friend is a tad mistaken. Not only is there Nathan Cullen in Skeena-Bulkley Valley -- and -- but in my *own* riding, BC Southern Interior, we have the fabulous Alex Atamanenko -- and . I *hasten* to point out that both Skeena-Bulkley Valley AND BC Southern Interior are OUTSIDE "the city". (I would also point out that, on a provincial level, there are also a number of NDP MLAs, such as our own Corky Evans -- .)

So, please don't tar ALL of BC outside "the city" as being chock-full of weasels and woozels. There are many out here who are big fans of the Tao of Pooh, as well -- including some of us who are Family. :)

PS: If you ever get out this way, Simon, pop by for a visit. The scenery out here in the West Kootenays is MUCH prettier, the people are fabulous, and the weed is MUCH cheaper (and of excellent quality). You've got an official invite; just send me an e-mail before you come. :)

Oemissions said...

Respectful Relationships (R+R) is a National and Provincial award winning schools-based primary violence prevention program for youth, developed by SWOVA.

We have spent almost a decade of research and development, refining our ideas about how to stop bullying, interpersonal, partner, and family abuse, through ‘relationship education’ with youth. Our efforts have grown into an effective 4-year, 48-session curriculum that addresses bullying, sexism, racism, and homophobia, with a focus on the development of healthy, non-violent relationships among adolescent boys and girls.

Our model is one of partnerships between men and women, youth and adults, and schools and community members. Using trained adult and youth facilitators and interactive teaching and learning techniques, the Respectful Relationships (R+R) curriculum is delivered to students through a series of 12 workshops for each year in grades 7, 8, 9 and 10 or 11.

Niles said...

I for one, welcome our whingeing woozle overlords.

I'm happy to see Ms. K and anyone caught in camera range as her supporters get biiig publicity on this basis.

Now, obviously she's going for the free press and warming up to be the great oppressed Christian martyr when the HRC goes 'just what are you smoking, madam, please leave', but she's also bait for whoever comes out of the wormwood to comfort her and a loud face to a lot of Canadians who might otherwise believe adults aren't that fanatically and proselytizingly brutal in this country.

I can only hope the Aryan guard is up next with an HRC complaint about how saxonbloods are assaulted by the entitled minorities in this country.

Simon said...

Hi anonymous...yes I suppose you're right in that sense. What I meant was that in the end our fight for equality will never be beaten.
Although...and I really shouldn't brag about this. But I've taken martial arts for 14 any bigot that tries to attack me will be beaten right away... ;)

Simon said...

Hi Berto...I'm really sorry about tarring a whole province which BTW I love.
I should know better not to generalize, and unfortunately you are not the only BCer who has brought this to my attention.
So I'm going to have to narrow it down. If you're ever in Nanaimo...don't stop just keep on driving until you get get to Tofino.
Sebastien and I spent a wild windy weekend in a cabin there and it was so... MMMMMMM...

P.S. thanks for invitation... :)

Simon said...

Hi Oemissions....thanks for the info about Respectful Relationships. I looked it up on the net and I was really impressed.
In my haste to tar the entire province I guess I overlooked well as some of the excellent gay positive programs developed by teachers in BC.
Bullying can destroy the lives of kids and adults so anything that can be done to fight it is EXCELLENT...

Simon said...

Hi Niles....our whingeing woozle overlords? I love it and I'm stealing it... ;)
But you make a good point. Maybe it is a good thing to have Our Lady of the Rednecks running around wild.
That way, as you say, Canadians won't be lulled into thinking that kind of U.S. style craziness can't happen here...