Monday, March 30, 2009

Can a Sub Sandwich be Really THAT Sexy?

I doubt it.

Just don't tell the "Toasty Torpedo...."

Hmmmm.....daringly different.....but why are they calling this ad homoerotic? I'd much rather date a vacuum cleaner than go out with a creepy oven like that one. it camp or is it *gasp* homophobic?

Golly. I give up. Besides my position on this matter is quite clear: NOBODY of any persuasion or gender should be seen eating a foot-long sub in public. It's just not dignified.

On the other hand .... I guess it's something to keep in mind if you live in the Great White North eh?

Next time I'm so frozen my foot-long feels like it's going to fall off.

Remind me to drop into the nearest Quizno's....

And ask if I can WARM it up.

I mean just because we can't get it together to toasty torpedo Harper and his Cons, doesn't mean we isn't GENIOUSES eh?

WHAT????? You think it isn't HARD being a Canadian these days?

Does a bear shit , dance in the woods?

I thought so.


Have a great week everyone...

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