Thursday, March 05, 2009

Closed Zone: An Animated Waltz in Gaza

I've written about the blockade of Gaza before. From the food and the medicine that can't get the flowers that can't get out.

And why it horrifies me that anyone could inflict collective punishment on a tiny poor battered enclave where so many people have so little. And have suffered so much.

So I was really glad to see an Israeli try to explain the reality of Gaza to Israelis.

With something as simple as a YouTube...

But not really surprised that it was made by the same animator who made the brilliant Waltz with Bashir.

Because that movie also tried to explain something to Israelis.
Like being strong doesn't mean being brutal. And that brutal memories will come back to haunt you.

End this cruel inhuman blockade. Open the cage.

Let Gaza live....


  1. familiar with the work of carlos latuff?

  2. I love this animated short. I didn't know it was the animator who did Waltzing with Bashmir when I posted it on my FB page. But I sure hope that people watched it.

  3. Hi unokhan...I wasn't until I looked him up.I don't like the way he portrays Israelis as literal Nazis. I prefer to think of them as brutal occupiers who should know better because of what the Nazis did to the Jews. But I must admit some of his work is quite striking and brilliant. And I love guerrilla art...

  4. Hi is cute isn't it? And I must say I was very disappointed that Waltzing with Bashir didn't win an Oscar for best film, because it is one of the most powerful anti-war movies I have ever seen.
    I do hope this animated film does help a bit. Because anything that can humanize this awful situation has got to be good....