Sunday, March 22, 2009

Harper and the Return of the Reform Party

Well now it's official. Great Crazy Leader isn't the head of the new/nouveau Conservative Party anymore. He's the wild eyed Monkey Fuhrer of the rotting old Reform Party.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper encouraged farmers and hunters attending a fishing an hunting conference in Ontario Saturday to pressure their MPs to abolish the long-gun registry.

Harper was criticized this week for speaking at the event, where the organization is holding a silent auction for a “hunting package” that includes a rifle.

So let's see. First he screams Freedom ,Family, Faith at a Con some kind of tinpot fascist.

Then he appoints a religious homophobe to the refugee board. And promotes not one but TWO religious extremists to senior positions in the PMO.

Then it's revealed that the Cons are secretly plotting to take over student unions. And that the Science Minister is a creationist.

Now they are going all out to gut the CBC...just to please their rabid redneck base. Now it's all about guns and crime. So why is the Reform Party suddenly back?

Chantal Hebert has a theory.

Prime Ministers don't always have a dauphin, especially when their reign threatens to end sooner than they would have chosen. But they generally have a good idea of who they don't want to see replace them.

Stephen Harper is ready it seems to take his party back to its Reform roots to settle his scores with Jean Charest.

And prevent the old PCers from regaining control of the party.

I like this theory because it would mean that Harper knows the writing is on the wall, and he has decided his ReformCon party is more important than his country. And that is the hill he will die on.

But in the meantime this government is growing more right-wing and dangerous by the day.

And if we don't drive these Reform swine from power soon, they will destroy everything that's beautiful about this country.

And make us the laughing stock of the world.

Oh boy. Sticks and stones can't hurt our bones. Eh? Wot?

But when they laugh at you it's OVER...


h/t Paul Wells

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