Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When Rape is a Video game

I find a lot of video games too violent and ugly but this is the absolute limit.

A computer game in which players compete to rape women and get them to abort their babies has been pulled from sale on Amazon.com.

In the game, players begin stalking a mother on a subway station before violently raping her. They then move on to attack her two daughters, described as virgin schoolgirls.

Players are also allowed to enter "freeform mode" where they can rape any woman and get other male game characters to join the attacks.

I don't know what sick minds could dream up anything as disgusting as this foul "game."

This article says it has a lot to do with Japan's twisted attitudes to sex.

But I don't care.

Rape isn't sex it's VIOLENCE. And if it's available online then those who access it should be treated the same as those who access child pornography.

As for the designers and the makers...charge them, jail them, drive them out of business.

Because some things are TOO disgusting and evil.

And enough is enough...


Beijing York said...

It is disgusting and horrifying that such games actually get funded, produced and distributed.

I remember being shown a few pages from a Japanese "manga" (comic strip) that featured a successful old "salary man" cornering a school girl in an elevator and raping her. I couldn't believe that such heinous stuff could be openly sold and read on the subways.

(And at the time, women were certainly treated like second class citizens in that society.)

BlastFurnace said...

Maybe men from this part of the world who were planning on going on business or pleasure trips to Japan should say they will no longer do so until this kind of crap is no longer produced. And that we won't buy any video games from Japan that promote clearly illegal behaviour either. Sometimes the only way to change attitudes is through the almighty dollar, or lack thereof.

The Gay Young Liberal said...

I have to disagree with your position that "those who access [a rape simulation game] should be treated the same as those who access child pornography.
As for the designers and the makers...charge them, jail them, drive them out of business."

While I personally find the game to be rather disgusting and in bad taste, I don't view it particularly in the same light that I view the actual act of rape. The difference between an entirely virtual rape and child pornography, for example, is that one does not exploit actual people. Also, I believe that a rape simulation video game, as upsetting to our delicate moral sensibilities and in bad taste as it may be, is a better outlet for someone who may have rape fantasies (which perfectly normal, well-adjusted people can have) than repression from society and potentially acting out on those fantasies in a destructive way (like actually raping someone).

Also, boycotting the entire country of Japan, BlastFurnace, to protest a rather small culture compared to the rest of Japan of glorifying what some might consider sexual deviancy, is not only juvenile and damaging, it's entirely misguided. The only reason this sort of thing continues to be produced is that while the market for it is a relatively small niche, obsessive and sometimes downright creepy people both in Japan and overseas are willing to spend exorbitant amounts of money to satisfy whatever desire for their particular brand of pornography they have.

As a victim of rape myself, I absolutely believe that the act of rape is wrong, and, arguably, glorifying rape is irresponsible. But it's really no different than any other depiction of rape you can find in the media--books, movies, television, etc.--except perhaps for the glorification. In the end it IS just a video game, and it can't hurt you. As someone who also plays video games, I can assure that you that there is no link between video games and behaviors emulating video games in people who have the ability to distinguish reality from fiction.

This comment ended up being a lot longer than I planned on.

Anonymous said...

Japan has crazy porn. And *far* fewer reported sex crimes then Canada or the United States. Indeed there has been a correlation found between countries with strict limits on pornographic expression and increased incident of sex crimes.

Maybe Japanese men should stop coming here until men from this part of the planet stop raping.

Simon said...

Hi Beijing...yes I find it hard to believe that such a big company could produce a "game" like that.
I'm not the censorious type but surely there must be some limits...

Simon said...

Hi BlastFurnace...I wouldn't want all the Japanes to pay for the actions of a few.
But what I think people can do is complain loudly so the Japanese authorities will do something about this problem...

Simon said...

Hi Gay Young Liberal...thank you for your comment. And don't worry about the length. With my wordy posts I'm hardly in a position to complain. ;)
And I have to admit that maybe I should have cooled down a bit before I wrote that post.
I still think that the makers of the game should be stopped from producing that kind of material.
But comparing those who access that "game" to those who access child pornography was a bit much.
Although I have to admit that the idea of exposing boys to that kind of stuff still fills me with horror. We should be teaching boys to respect girls as equals not reinforcing sexist attitudes.
Also...all though I also spend too much time playing video games...I do wonder whether they are desensitizing young players to violence.
Finally, I'm sorry to hear that you were a victim of rape. I can't imagine what that must be like.
But I'm glad to see that hasn't stopped you from being a fabulously proud and funny blogger ... :) Good for you...

Simon said...

hi 300baud...it was not my intention to put down Japan.I am not aware of the rape statistics. I have nothing against adult porn. And I further agree that the English-speaking peoples are some of the most sexually repressed ones in the world. That's why I prefer the French... :)
On the other hand I have read enough about Japan to know that some old attitudes have to change, like they have to in other places.
And nothing can really excuse that horrible rape game...

Anonymous said...

If you outlaw this, how can you avoid chilling or outlawing more responsible content on the subject? You can, but once you start to consider the details you find that the available solutions are all subjective. Suddenly we have police and judges presiding over whether an expression is artistic or merely pornographic.

Exactly what kinds of limits to expression are you proposing when you say they should be stopped? No commercial distribution? No possession? No naughty doodles in the back of notebooks? How far are you willing to go?

The Gay Young Liberal said...

Just a funny if paradoxical point to add to 300baud's latest post: It's rather odd that graphic rape simulation games can be produced and sold in and out of Japan, but Japan for a long time barred the import of that Robert Mapplethorpe book full of pictures of nude men for being "indecent." The Japanese government works in mysterious ways.

Anonymous said...

somebody argue with me, dammit

Anonymous said...

its just a bleedin video games u americans just need to get over it and let it be wat it is a video game if u dont like it then dont look at it or close the browser and maybe you yanks should try and control ur own people from mass amounts of rapeing killings and what haves you before you go ona nd try and tell the world wats good for it

Unknown said...

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