Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Great Progressive YouTube Offensive

During the last election I hoped that the Progressive side would launch a YouTube assault on Stephen Harper's Con thugs. And make them pay for the brutish bully ads they fired at Stephane Dion.

It didn't happen then, but now it finally has..... and it's awesome.

From the brilliant ad in that post about the creationist chiropractor posing as a Science Minister.

To the wonderful work of The Amazing Grit Girl....

And the best part is because these progressive attack ads are so classy... the horrible attack Cons don't know what to do. Except whine and make empty threats.

If the Conservatives are holding their fire so they won’t be blamed for playing politics during this economic crisis, the Liberals and their proxies have just given them the green light and the media wouldn’t hold much credibility if they said the Tories fired first.

When in fact the Con ads are probably so brutish and dumb they don't even DARE launch them. Because they would only remind Canadians that attacks ads and Harper's sleazy Cons go together like shit and toilet paper. And make Great Pretend Liberal Leader look like a right-wing asshole. Again.

I believe we call that being hoisted on your own petard...or drowned in your own CRAPPER.

Now due to my almost complete lack of editing skills..... I'm not quite sure what MY attack videos are going to look like. But I think it's safe to say that Great Monster Leader will NOT look his best in them.

And that although I'd like to be as classy as The Grit Girl ....I'm sorry to say I wouldn't really be surprised.

If they ended up looking and sounding a bit like this one....

Except that in my videos the inflatable Harper doll won't say anything vulgar. Just "I saw it coming....OUCH !!! "The economy is strong ...WAAAH !!! " And the dog will just say: "I know what I'm doing....WOOF WOOF !!!"

Over and over again. Until the doll springs a leak or blows up. PFFFFFT. *POP.* And the punchline comes on:

Stephen Harper's Conservatives: Fucking ...Blowing it up as they go along.

C'mon comrades it's time to storm the barricades....and master those editing skills.

The Great YouTube War has begun.

And we're gonna KILL 'EM....


penlan said...

Had just taken a bite of my grilled cheese sandwich when I read this in your post:

"...attacks ads and Harper's sleazy Cons go together like shit and toilet paper."

REMINDER TO SELF: Do NOT, under any circumstance, read Simon while eating!

susansmith said...

that video was disgusting, but aside from that Simon, I loved your post - it's a fight back campaign.

Oemissions said...

keep it classy or atleast refeshingly funny.

Simon said...

Hi Penlan...I'm sorry about your sandwich... I though about a few other comparisons, but unfortunately they weren't printable.. :)

Simon said...

Hi Jan...yeah I agree that video was vulgar. If my mum sees that one I'll never hear the end of it... :)
But I am so happy to see progressives making good videos. I figure we're so much better and creative than the ugly Cons it's about time we showed them...

Simon said...

Hi Oemissions....don't worry they might be humble compared to those others videos...but they will be classy.
Uhhhhhh...I need an editor... ;)