Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is Pope Benny Losing Touch with Reality?

Oh. My. Gawd. Where is Tarzan when I need him? It seems Pope Benny couldn't even wait to get to Africa before making a complete ass ...monkey out of himself.

The pontiff, speaking to journalists on his flight, said the condition was "a tragedy that cannot be overcome by money alone, that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problems".

You know in the past few months this twisted old man has called gays more of a threat to humanity than global warming. He has invited a pack of rabid homophobe and Holocaust denying Bishops back into the Catholic Church. And now he's advocating genocide.

Because let's face it in a continent where more than a million people have died of AIDS, and 22 million are infected with HIV, and women already have a hard time convincing men to wear condoms, that's what his absurd message amounts to .

Which makes me wonder is Pope Benny going gah gah? Or is he just losing touch with reality?

He claims he isn't.

"To tell the truth I have to laugh when faced with this myth about my solitude. In no way do I feel alone: every day I see those who work with me, the heads of dicasteries (Vatican departments) and the bishops." .

But I still wonder.

"After five o'clock the only footsteps in the corridors of the papal apartment are those of the Pope and Father Georg Gaenswein, his personal secretary..."

You know the man they call Gorgeous Georg. And some call Benny's boyfriend...

The German priest who is said to be even MORE right-wing than the Pope. If that's possible.

Now look ....as an atheist I'm DELIGHTED. I consider Pope Benny to be the single most powerful unguided missile in our arsenal. So I don't really care what's happening in the Vatican Monkey Haus. Or who is holding whose...um...microphone.

But if I was a decent Catholic, and knew that Herr Gorgeous was spending so much quality time with Herr Benny.

I'd be really worried.

Just like I bet Tarzan is REALLY excited....

Me Tarzan....you Cheetah....you Benny.

The Nazi Pope in Africa. Woohoo !!!

This should be WILD...

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Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love his choice of dresses