Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stephen Harper's Pathetic Fox Interview

I didn't watch Stephen Harper's interview on Fox News today. I don't subscribe to that Dead Republicon channel. And after the way they spat on our soldiers in Afghanistan you can be sure I never will.

I'm boycotting them. Just like some Conservatives said they would.

The Fox interview comes less than a week after some Conservatives called on Canadians to boycott the network because of an offensive late-night talk show that disparaged Canadian military efforts in Afghanistan.

But didn't. In fact when I checked the Blogging Tories they were practically falling over themselves kissing Great Loser Leader's ass.

Like this dumbo BLOBBY.

No doubt he loved the Great De-Regulator boasting about our regulated banks.

Isn't that pathetic?

But here's the BEST part.

When the old Con hack Norman Spector somehow summoned up the integrity to pan Harper's pitiful performance.

One can understand that Mr. Harper would not have wanted to criticize Mr. Obama's domestic policies. One can also understand that he is bound by a parliamentary vote on Afghanistan. What is less understandable is why the Prime Minister and his advisers accepted Mr. Wallace's invitation to appear on his program in the first place.

The Conny commenters were on him like flies on shit....accusing him of being a LIBERAL!!!


Oh boy. Is the right dying a slow and painful death or what?

Isn't it great to be a progressive? Free to love our country. Free to speak our minds about those who dishonour our the klowns from Fox News.

Instead of a bunch of Bush Con stooges.

Or Canada hating sheep...

Yup. Enjoy their death bleats brothers and sisters. Watch them stumble pretending to be responsible regulators....or Liberals. Watch them gobble each other up.

The present may be bleak and BLOBBY.

But the future belongs to us....


Anonymous said...

Love your blog..

Simon said...

Hi anonymous...hey thanks a lot. I don't get many comments but I have to say that those I do get are really nice... :)