Thursday, March 12, 2009

Harper and the Trap of the Spidey Man

I see Great Spidey Leader tried to lure the Liberal Senators into a trap.... or his tangled web of lies. But the Senators escaped in the nick of time. And so did Iggy.

Ignatieff said Liberal senators acted "with dispatch" after learning that some EI claimants would lose five weeks of benefits if the bill didn't get passed immediately.

Something the Tories had conveniently concealed.

So now these slimy Cons are feeling the Ted Menzies did today on the Don Newman show. When he tried to claim that he had told Parliament on March 27 the E.I. benefits were retroactive.

Only to have Newman consult Hansard ....and point out he didn't.

You can watch how he carves Menzies a new one here... by clicking on the Thursday show and advancing the tape to 7:24.

The bottom line: Stephen Harper and his Cons are so desperate for an election they were prepared to make ordinary Canadians suffer. Just like they are prepared to lie about anything. Or use tax payer's money to fund blatant campaign ads.

Don't you just love the BLUE tax credits falling from the sky?

The bad news? Even in these ominous economic times they're STILL playing political games.

The good news? Only because they're DESPERATE.

The Harper camp is seemingly more intent on the idea of an early election: They don't want to give the Liberal Leader time. They fear him. It is why they're going back into gutter mode and preparing attacks ads to dirty up his reputation. For a while, it looked as if the Harper team would refrain from this. Not now.

You know I can't help feeling if we give these sleazy creepy alien Cons a little time...and a little rope. By the time fall arrives, they should be just about ready to hang themselves in their own tangled webs.

Or eat flies.

Can you imagine how much damage they could inflict on themselves if they are seen to be playing cheap political games at a time like this one?

Great Strategic Genius ,Spidey Leader.



Anonymous said...

It wasn't too long ago that Harper was "the smartest guy in the room".

Boy, things change quickly when the truth starts coming out like an acne outbreak.

PeterC said...

Wow, no wonder they were on the heavy offensive. Lecturing the senate, talking about delay tactics....

Still.... it doesn't do much to improve the liberals image either.

I, once again, wonder how much trust and cooperation can be possible in this government.... everything, no matter how important is a trap.

Simon said...

Hi Torontonian...yes I remember all that talk about how Harper was playing chess...blah blah blah. He is a smart and devious man, but his ideological fanaticism and his complete lack of empathy, lead him into one blind alley after the other. Lucky for us... :)

Simon said...

Hi PeterC...yes there is no doubt in my mind the Cons want an election ASAP.
As for the Liberals I suspect what they needed was a charterd accountant to read the fine print. Because it WAS fine...and confusing.
My humble advice for the opposition is stick to the high ground, criticize the Cons for
not doing enough to help Canadians, and the Cons will eventually fall out of the trees like rotten plums...