Friday, March 13, 2009

China's Internet War and the Grass-Mud Horse

In China resistance to heavy handed internet censorship takes many forms. But these days the most popular and mindblowing one is the grass-mud horse.

The grass-mud horse is an example of something that, in China’s authoritarian system, passes as subversive behavior. Conceived as an impish protest against censorship, the foul-named little horse has not merely made government censors look ridiculous, although it has surely done that.

It has also raised real questions about China’s ability to stanch the flow of information over the Internet — a project on which the Chinese government already has expended untold riches, and written countless software algorithms to weed deviant thought from the world’s largest cyber-community.

The expression and cartoon videos may seem like a juvenile response to an unreasonable rule.....But the fact that the vast online population has joined the chorus, from serious scholars to usually politically apathetic urban white-collar workers, shows how strongly this expression resonates.

The grass-mud horse as an icon of resistance. In a country where bloggers are jailed.

Think about that the next time you hear the right-wing racist bloggers in this country screaming about how the Gestapo Human Rights Commission is OPPRESSING them.


Just like I think about what could happen if China's heroic internet resistance gets a little help from 12-year-old Kevin....

The censors won't stand a chance. Zap.*POOF*

Hmmmm...that gives me an idea for the CANADIAN resistance. You don't think we might be able to turn Stephen Harper into a small glowing energy ball.....

....And have him fly out of his ASSHOLE ?

Complete with sound effects.

Wow. Wouldn't that be awesome? Go go go great grass-mud horsie !!!!! Freedom Forever !!!!!

Isn't resistance FUN ?


Anonymous said...

Here is the video of Grass Mud Horse

Simon said...

Hi anonymous...thank I said freedom has many wondrous champions... :)