Monday, May 14, 2018

Andrew Scheer and the Abortion Question

Last Wednesday Justin Trudeau was answering a question about abortion, which ended with him declaring that his government would always defend a woman's right to choose.

When the Con MP Ted Falk shouted out "it's not a right!"

And caused a commotion in the Commons.

Now Andrew Scheer has finally addressed the controversy, saying he has spoken to Falk.

But he was clearly not comfortable discussing the question of abortion with him.

For his answer was far from satisfactory. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said Sunday that he had spoken with MP Ted Falk, who made a controversial comment about abortion in the House of Commons, but did not confirm what he told the Manitoba politician.

“I spoke to Mr. Falk, but I don’t talk about internal management,” he told reporters following a party meeting in Saint-Hyacinthe, Que.

Not only did Scheer not say what he told Falk, he wouldn't even say whether he reprimanded him.

Scheer, who has said he’s personally against abortion, did not answer a question about how he reacted to Falk’s comments, nor would he say whether he personally believed abortion to be a right.

Leaving the rest of us to imagine how he might have reacted behind closed doors...

Which considering that Scheer wants to be Prime Minister, couldn't be more disturbing.

And it's no good pressing him on the issue, for as we know he lies about everything.

Over the weekend, Andrew Scheer tweeted that there was “devastating” job news released on Friday, with “zero total jobs created” in April, and that 41,400 jobs had been lost so far this year. Investment is apparently being driven away from the country. It’s all doom and ruins. Except that it’s all complete bullshit. It’s lying with statistics.

The unemployment rate is at a forty year low, wage growth is higher than it has been in six years, the economy is booming. But still Scheer would try to twist the truth, as he does over and over again.

So even a lie detector would probably not be enough to shrink his pointy nose...

Which is a real problem as far as I'm concerned.

For women in this country have the right to know whether they have full control over their bodies, and Scheer's failure to make his position clear can only raise some disturbing questions.

Questions that in my view make that religious fanatic unfit to be Prime Minister.

We've seen what's happening in Trump's America, and it must never happen here.

Fight him, fight him, fight him.

Don't ever let him win...


  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Fight him and protect Justin Trudeau.

    1. Hi anon@10:31 AM...I can’t do anything to protect Justin Trudeau from the hate mongers who are constantly threatening his life. But I will always do what I can to fight those who would seek to prevent the equality of women. Misogyny is running rampant and we’ll never build a better world until it is dead and buried...

  2. Jackie Blue10:57 AM

    Nice to see he's pandering to the all-important incel demographic. Is he borrowing a tactic from Melania and literally plagiarizing from her husband now? The dotard's idiotic non-response to a question during the campaign season about his proposed anti-Muslim travel ban was "management, really good, really incredible management." We saw firsthand what "management" turned out to look like.

    Oh, and as for jobs and the economy, even despite the NAFTA tantrum by the orange oaf and now the impending sanctions on allies who do business with Iran, Canada is still the fastest growing economy in the G7 that's attracting investment from all over the globe. Including Toronto being shortlisted for Amazon HQ2 and Google developing A.I. labs on both coasts, in Toronto and Vancouver. Meanwhile, Andy's love of Brexit is seriously misguided, as it's going to collapse the U.K. and even initial supporters are having buyer's remorse. Not to mention, companies are starting to realize that diversity and women's advancement is good for the bottom line -- while aligning with regressive bigots leads to boycotts (or girlcotts) and bleeding red all over the profit margins.

    Neither Andy nor his big daddy Donnie, let alone creepy Uncle Mikey and Mother Pence, have apparently read the memo. Women's rights are human rights and no one has the right to own a woman's body. "It's 2018" not 1955.

    1. Hi Jackie...I have been stunned and deeply disappointed to see that in the year 2018 women are still fighting to be free from the dictates of the patriarchy. I felt that misogyny played a big role in the defeat of Hillary Clinton, and I see the same thing happening in Ontario with the demonization of Kathleen Wynne. Maybe the Liberal government has been in power for too long, and Wynne has made some mistakes. but she’s not THAT bad, so I can’t help believe that something else is at play. But that’s OK, women are stronger than men, and they will prevail. Scheer and the Ted Falks of this world are the last of the grunting dinosaurs, and wrong about everything. And they will learn the hard way that it is 2018 not 1955...

  3. Hi, Simon. Fabulous work as usual.

    May I use your second-last image? With credit of course. On Twitter and maybe my blog?

    1. Hi can use any image you want, you don’t have to ask, and you don’t have to credit me. Your long battle against the misogynist anti choice hordes has always been and always will be a source of inspiration. All the best.

    2. Thanks, toots! You keep up the good work.

  4. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Manning had regular problems with bozo eruptions from MPs and it cost him votes. Harper learned the lesson and clamped down hard, so hard that his MPs were afraid to talk to the media. In fact, towards the end of his reign you could see him losing his grip on the party as bozo eruptions started to appear.

    Looks like Scheer doesn't have a handle on the problem. That's fine by me. People will know how to vote when they see the Cons for what they are instead of the carefully manicured media fiction.

    1. Ah, what ever happened to the Myron Thompsons of the mad Right?

      Maybe we will find a few though Scheer seems not a bad candidate, himself.

    2. Anonymous3:09 PM

      Funnily enough, I was watching an old Air Farce compilation on YouTube and one of the sketches where Don Ferguson was playing Preston Manning brought up the Darrel Stinson gaffe where said on the floor of Parliament:

      "I hear the word 'racist' from that side. Do you have the fortitude or the gonads to stand up and come across here and say that to me, you son of a bitch?"

      Of course, 'Preston' edited the last part in his own voice to say "gosh darn Liberal!"

      John Morgan as Deborah Grey then said he wouldn't act up again and proceeded to reveal a jar with two walnuts floating in liquid.

      Man, Air Farce was great back then.

  5. Hi anon@11:46 AM....yes, that’s a positive way to look at the situation. Along with others I have tried to warn people that Scheer is a stealthy religious fanatic, more like the ones you see in the U.S. than those that come from places like the Bible Belt in Alberta. But unfortunately many Canadians still believe it can’t happen here. So the Falk incident may help some to understand that the Cons are a threat to everything good in this country...

  6. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Rip Van Falk was probably asleep when he heard the words "abortion rights" and awoke thinking the great Satan had materialized in the House of Commons. Scheer quickly recovered with the old Harper ploy of "we respect the decision of the courts" which is just code wording for " we will pacify the faithful with snippets of anti abortion legislation & funding until we can scrap the supreme court and replace it with an evangelical tribunal". The Harper attacks on the supreme court were unconstitutional but he just fired any lawyers who dared criticize him. Fortunately the great oily financial boondoggle blew up in his face before he could complete his repressive plan. We should remember the many who sacrificed their careers to oppose the systematic destruction of our democratic institutions and vow to never let it happen again.

    1. Hi RT....Ted Falk is a member in good standing of the religious right, as you might expect from a guy who replaced that other model Christian Vic Toews. Falk’s inauguration was like a religious service and of course he’s always been a misogynist and a homophobe. I’m just astounded that the MSM is allowing Scheer to get away with not even giving Falk a slap on the wrist. And yes, I will always remember those who lost their jobs standing up to Harper and his foul Cons, and will always be grateful to our Supreme Court for defending our precious Canadian values...

  7. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I had an abortion about 5 years ago. Huge mistake. I regret it every day. I'm not against abortion in general, just very disappointed in my own personal decision.

    Please don't attack me, I'm not having a good day, I just wanted to share.

    1. Hi, Anon. Abortion is about as personal as it gets. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings about it. Did you get counselling? I hope you heal and move on.

    2. Hi anon@2:37 PM...I would never attack someone like you, I’m not that kind of person. I’m also sorry you are having a bad day and hope you are feeling better. i’m also sorry that you believe your abortion was a huge mistake. I don’t believe any woman considers it a pleasant procedure, but it is infinitely better than having an unwanted child. That’s why I also strongly support sex education and birth control. My overall position is that whether to have an abortion or not should be a woman’s decision, and nobody else’s
      business. Unless that’s the case women cannot be truly equal, and that’s the worst situation of all. I hope that you will be able to leave the past behind, as all of must do at some point, and that you can go on to have a very happy life...

  8. Anonymous2:44 PM

    I can’t believe that Andrew Scheer is able to lie so blantantly and most of the MSM allows him to get away with it. It’s a scandal and it’s damaging our democracy. Scheer needs to be confronted with his lies and given a choice apologize (or in his care repent) or resign.

    1. Hi anon@2:44 PM....I have tried to chronicle all of Andrew Scheer’s lies since he became leader, and quite frankly I am totally exhausted because there are just so many of them. It’s like trying to keep up with Trump’s lies, as soon as you denounce one another comes along. I’ve never seen anything like it in Canada, and I don’t want to sound sanctimonious but my parents raised me to expect better....

  9. The scary thing was the near universal media support Cons got when they attacked the Liberals measure to stop summer job money from going to extremist anti abortion hate groups. Some had the gall to cite the Charter of all things.
    Keeping government funds out of the hands of evangelical extremists who harass innocent women in vile, grotesque frightening ways was attacked by journalists and pundits from even nominally progressive open minded outlets.
    Scheer seems to escape the normal scrutiny applied to other leaders, a fraction of the constant gotcha, politics of personal destruction journalism Trudeau faces daily.

    1. Hi you I was also appalled by the way so many in the MSM fell for the Con line on the summer job program. As Fern Hill has admirably demonstrated, many religious groups received grants, just not the ones who would use the money to fund hateful actions against women and LGBT Canadians. And yes, like you I also believe that the MSM has given Scheer a pass, while attacking Justin Trudeau like pack of rabid hyenas. For me it’s not a partisan issue, it’s a matter of fairness and justice. But that’s OK, I have a tendency to be a little lazy, especially in summer, so I must thank the Con media for keeping me motivated...😼

  10. Good of you to notice, Simon. I've posted the results so far on my blog.

    ON religious groups:

    AB groups:

    SK groups:



    PEI and territories:

    The MSM and Conservatives have completely failed us. Many organizations probably didn't applied because of the spin. Many did though, so there will be lots of jobs in summer camps, old folks' homes, food banks etc.

    1. Hi Fern....thank you very much for these links, what an amazing research project. Everybody should should copy those posts and use them to counter the ghastly Con spin.

  11. e.a.f.9:49 PM

    Even with their best efforts still one of the base lets it out of the bag. yes, they just lost the next federal election.