Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Total Humiliation Of Mad Max Bernier

As you know Maxime Bernier likes to portray himself as the hero of the Mad Max movies.

Or at least the extreme libertarian version of that series.

Where the lonesome hero wanders through an apocalyptic landscape dodging Big Government agents who are always trying to tax Canadians to death, or control their minds.

But I see Bernier as the star of a completely different movie.

The Wizard of Oz, where he plays the Scarecrow who wants the Wizard to give him a brain.

Because let's face it, who couldn't see this coming? 

Maxime Bernier says he is indefinitely suspending publication of his new book in order to preserve unity in the Conservative Party. 

Earlier this month, Bernier publicly released a chapter of the book which accused Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer of winning the party's leadership race with the support of "fake Conservatives" who were only interested in bringing Bernier down because of his stance on supply management.

Did Bernier not consider that Scheer might not like to be accused of stealing the election, and of being a fake leader?

Did he ever think what that might do to Schmeagol's  image?

What was Max thinking?

But then maybe he was just confused by this poster... 

And didn't understand that apparently BELEIVE doesn't mean BELIEVE. 

And that while freedom of speech is good, if it means you can plaster university campuses with graphic anti-abortion posters like these..

Scheer apparently fiercely believes that it doesn't mean the freedom to criticize your leader.

And I don't know what him and his inner circle of religious fanatics did to Bernier, but the end result was a confession right out of a show trial...

And the good news? Bernier would not have done what he did unless he felt he had some support in and outside the caucus.

There are quite a few Cons who feel that a small group of religious fanatics are wielding too much influence in the upper levels of the party.

So if Scheer continues to sink in the polls, you can be sure he'll be back again.

Even if, sadly for him, on the ultimate quest.

He may be doomed to be disappointed...


  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Bernier needs to change the name of his book and release it as, "Mad Max: Beyond Blunderdome". And in the Con world of "free speech", it will be heavily redacted.

    1. hi JD...yes, whatever he calls his book I won't be lining up to buy it. Bernier is obsessed with supply management which is so boring you have to remember to keep breathing, and although he may be popular in the Beauce, or the Quebec City area, everywhere else he's considered a complete buffoon....

  2. Anonymous7:01 PM

    I used to like Maxime, but he has been sucking up alt right garbage so now he's almost as bad as the rest of them.

    1. hi anon@7:01 PM...yes, he used to be fairly harmless, but during the leadership campaign he started channelling Kellie Leitch, and now he's an alt-right racist...

  3. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Simon sweetie only you could imagine Bernier as the Scarecrow, and it's so perfect. I don't think he's as evil as the other Conservatives, but he is dumb. I don't blame him for being angry though, he was robbed and the leadership race was a scandal.

    1. hi anon@7:49 PM....well thank you, I do my best to try to make politics less boring and get more younger Canadians involved. But I have to admit I almost made a ghastly gaffe.
      I made a graphic of Bernier as the tin man, thinking that he was the one who wanted a brain, instead of a heart.
      But yes, he does have a reason to be angry, and he's not as bad as some of the other Cons. But he is bad enough, and he is very dumb...

  4. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Remove the cheating and the scarecrow won, except the 3000 fake memberships purchased by the milk producers lobby tipped the balance by magically all voting for the unknown Scheer. Following the cheater's election the new members disappeared almost as rapidly as they appeared. If the Russians can have a Manchurian idiot I suppose that its only fair the UPA can have one as well. Hope they have videos!

    1. Hi RT...that whole Con leadership race was marred by allegations of corruption, and when the outcome seems to have been determined by a slew or moo of fake members, I question whether Scheer is the legitimate leader of anything. But the Con leadership quickly destroyed the ballots so nobody could investigate that scandal, and all that is left is the stench of corruption...

  5. Anonymous9:34 PM

    I sometimes wonder whether Bernier is playing with a full deck. Do you remember that strange poster he made with a blue pill and a red one? He must have thought it was cool, but I thought it was weird. He must know that Scheer is going to flame out sooner or later, and he wants to be at the head of the line when the revolt begins.

    1. hi anon@9:34 PM...I remember that poster well, and almost included it in this post. However, the post was already too long, so I will have to wait for another occasion. And yes, Bernier may be dumb as a spoon, but like many others he must see the writing on the wall, and he's making sure he will be the first in line to replace Scheer. When the going gets tough, it's going to get ugly...