Friday, April 27, 2018

Andrew Scheer and the Alt-Right Conspiracy

I've tried to imagine who was more disappointed to find out that the man who killed so many people in Toronto wasn't a Muslim. 

Ezra Levant or Andrew Scheer?

Because one needs bigotry to make money, the other counts on it to pleasure his brutish base.

And there's nothing that excites their depraved followers more than good old Muslim hate.

It's like Trudeau hate. It drives them wild, it arouses them, for some of them it's better than pornography.

And the way many of them, and their depraved media, reacted to the Toronto tragedy, showed us once again who those alt-right Cons really are.

For while decent people mourned the dead, the reaction of those homegrown Trumplings was indeed, as Emma Teitel writes, hideous and deeply disturbing. 

In the last twenty-four hours we’ve heard a lot about Toronto the Good and Toronto the Strong and it’s true — our government officials and police did not sprint to conclusions about the motivation of the attacker nor use the attack itself to sow division. 

But let’s be clear: thousands of people did do this, among them right-wing journalists and pundits with enormous sway. I’m referring specifically to the conspiracy peddlers at Infowars who continue to spread misinformation about the attack. I’m referring to Gavin McInnes and his odious “Proud Boys.” I’m referring to Ezra Levant’s increasingly hateful Rebel Media, whose regrettably popular British correspondent Katie Hopkins posted a video of herself to Twitter walking around Toronto’s Yonge and Dundas Square on Monday, cringing at its ethnic diversity, trying to find someone “that looks like they actually come from Canada, because everybody here looks like they come from Africa.”

And hopefully that ugly episode, that avalanche of fake news, will make more Canadians question who are these Cons? 

And to what dark place is Scheer leading them?

Or finally question why Scheer became so chummy with a well known hate monger like Levant

Until you could hardly tell them apart.

Or ask why he carried on obscenely with the ghastly religious fanatic and white supremacist Faith Goldy...

Who would on Monday rush to the scene of the Toronto tragedy, and along with others gleefully suggest that the killer was an Islamic terrorist.

Goldy would soon travel to the scene of the attack, broadcasting footage of orange-blanketed bodies lying on the street to her viewers on Periscope. She attended a 4:45 p.m. media briefing by police and city officials — and because they didn’t take questions following their statements, Goldy trailed them to ask, “Can we be told anything at all about the suspect? Is he a Canadian citizen? Do we know if the suspect was from the Middle East?”

No doubt so she could scare people with her stories of Muslim invaders...

Which is of course also a big reason why Scheer hired Levant's Rebel partner Hamish Marshall, to be the Con's campaign manager...

Although if you remember, Schmear would rather not talk about that...

And since our shabby Con media never followed up that question, Scheer has been able to get away with it, and bigotry has been normalized.  

So much so, that when Justin Trudeau attended a vigil for the victims of the Quebec City massacre in February, and criticized the far right-wing anti-Muslim group La Meute or Wolf Pack, calling them Nonos or dummies or bozos...

He was attacked by members of that group AND by a Con MP who actually said this:

Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus said the attack on La Meute was unbecoming of a Prime Minister, saying groups should not be targeted because of their vision of the country. 

 "Canada's Prime Minister must speak in a way that is respectful of people. Calling people bozos, those are not words that should come out of the Prime Minister's mouth," Mr. Paul-Hus said after Mr. Trudeau defended his comments.

While Scheer said nothing, which as I pointed out at the time made him look like a Nono or bozo himself...

And a man definitely unfit to be the leader of a Canadian political party.

He's trying to win votes in Quebec by appealing to racists. He's hoping that the rest of Canada won't notice.

And we all better hope that he never becomes Prime Minister.

For it would be a freak show from which this country might never recover...


  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    The last two mass murders have been committed by the alt-right, yet conservatives are going on about the dangers of refugees and immigrants. Just sick.

    1. Hi anon@10:44 AM...It is sick, or pathological. Studies have shown that conservatives have larger fear glands than most, so it is probably just cowardice. But the fact is that in North America right-wing extremists are responsible for more violent acts than any left-wing or Islamic extremists. So they are a real threat and they need to be treated like the terrorists they are...

  2. Anonymous11:51 AM

    There's barely any white people left in Toronto. It is very alienating.

    1. Anonymous12:05 PM

      Gee snowflake, maybe you can find your own corner of the world to hide in and melt away......

      mr perfect

    2. @11.51

      Only if you are a racist dirtbag or a Russian troll.

      Went into the Bulk Buy the other day and the Clerk was from Jamaca, the explosive smile, the beauty good cheer and the lovely voice was like having a tropical vacation. Made me go to the other end of the strip mall to A Taste of Jamaica to get take out for dinner. Jerked Chicken, yummmmmmmm!

    3. Anonymous1:57 PM

      There's strength in diversity.


    4. e.a.f.5:29 PM

      lets hope you're being sarcastic. if you're not, here is a note: whites are not the majority group in the world. people are immigrating from parts of the world other than western Europe. Get with the agenda. its not like we of European descent have first tibs on things around Canada. It did have a population here first, the Indigenous Peoples. so if you want people of non European descent to go, I think it only fair the Indigenous peoples mount a campaign to get rid of the European descent people. We can all go back to where we came from and leave Canada to the Indigenous peoples.

      Of course it is funny, these "whites" who want non whites to go "back to where they came from", seem to have forgotten Indigenous people are not "white". Would you like them to go somewhere also?????? A multi cultural society makes a great society.

    5. hi anon 11:51 AM... don't be such a silly racist. Once upon a time Toronto was almost all-white. The religious bigots from the Orange Lodge controlled City Hall, they used to lock the swings in public parks on Sunday, the food was terrible, and it was very very boring. But fortunately diversity saved the situation, and although as a Montrealer I'm not supposed to say this, Toronto is now a really cool place and a world class city. So please, get out there and get a life....

    6. hi Jay...Yes, can you imagine what life would be like without all those delicious ethnic foods? I can't. I mean porridge and roast beef and Yorkshire pudding are good, but hardly enough. Those miserable bigots would deprive us of so many good things and so many good people for no good reason...

    7. hi're quite right, Canada was never a white country, the indigenous people were here first. And thank goodness, because they have also made Canada a much more interesting place. I believe Toronto is the most diverse city in the world, and that diversity is its strength....

    8. hi UU...yes, until I arrived in Toronto "diversity is strength" was just a nice slogan. But after living here for a few years I know what that means, and it's so true...

    9. hi Mr Perfect...I don't where a snowflake can go to melt these days and find nothing but others like it. Probably somewhere in Siberia, and if so our poor alienated Con should probably head there immediately...

    10. Simon, there are several Indigenous peoples in Siberia. The Nenets are very close to the Inuit. They were exploited by the Czar, by Stalinism, post-Stalinism and cowboy capitalism in its wake. Indigenous peoples in Siberia have suffered enough without either Canadian reactionaries or Sarah Palin's crew.

  3. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I can't believe that anyone, let alone an MP, could defend the racist goons from the La Meute. After what happened at that mosque in Quebec City it's totally disgusting. Scheer needs to make it clear that he does not support racist groups, or him and his party must be branded as bigots.

    1. hi anon@ 2:33 PM...I already consider the Cons to be the bigot party. After Harper and Leitch there is no other name for them. And now that they have set out to try to win a few more seats in Quebec, you can expect the doggie whistles to be deafening...

  4. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I'm glad you did a post on this Simon. People need to realize just how disgusting our pathetic Con media and their political master Scheer have become.
    Has anyone seen or heard the Cons and their media call out the toxic twins Goldy and Hopkins over their vile reporting of the van attack? Of course not. They want the two racist witches and others of the same ilk to do the dirty work for them while they sit back and go what? Who me? Racist? Sheesh!!
    So while their meaningless "thoughts and prayers" are meant to comfort the victims families, the true meaning is that they hope and pray that any future attacks can be pinned on their favorite targets, the Muslims.
    Simon, I'm sure everyone has noticed that your regular commenter, the fearless and true, Jackie Blue has seemingly vanished. She had expressed her concerns when you went away(unannounced) for a few days so my message to her would be, I hope everything's okay and that you return soon.JD

    1. Anonymous5:38 PM

      I miss Jackie too, and hope she is OK. I loved her posts and hope that she'll be back soon.

    2. Anonymous9:48 PM

      Hope Jackie is ok as well.

    3. hi JD...thank you, I was a bit late with this post, but I felt I just had to say it. You were the one who brought the Teitel column to my attention, and when I started checking out what the alt-right scum were saying I was horrified. Goldy was practically panting with excitement when she turned up at the scene, and started photographing the dead bodies like some hideous ghoul. And when word started to spread that the killer was not a Muslim she was most indignant, and refused to believe it. And as for Hopkins, she is about as low as you can go. They almost arrested her in South Africa for stirring up racial hatred, and it's too bad they didn't.
      As for Jackie, I miss her too, and hope that nothing bad has happened to her. I'm hoping that she just decided to take time off from politics, and that we will hear from her again some day. And if we don't we are all richer for what she had to say, and we will always remember her fondly...

    4. hi anon @5:38 PM...yes, Jackie's comments were great, incredibly informative and always passionate. I hope that she is fine, and has just decided that a break was in order. When you're living in Trump's America, you have to pace yourself or go mad...

  5. e.a.f.5:36 PM

    Scheer is continuing down this racist road because he thinks it will get him elected like it did Trump. However, Trump had the electoral college going for him and Scheer doesn't. The Cons might want to look at the demographic in Canada and all the other parties have to do is advertise the Cons racists connections, etc.

    Sixty Years ago those living in Canada didn't want people from Europe coming here because they weren't of British descent. Then the bias was against Italians and Portugese. Then it moved to South Asia. Then when more people from Hong Kong started arriving, the focus was on them. People might want to have a look at where they come from. They might find out their families weren't welcome here at one time. At one time if you were a Jew or non white you could not join golf and country clubs in Vancouver, B.C. You couldn't live in the British Properties. An examination of some communities' development argeements stipulated people of colour weren't permitted to live in the area. it was some interesting to find out there was actually still paper out there with that written on it in Greater Vancouver. Change comes. Get used to it or get mowed over by the changes. In another 50 years we're all going to be a bit more "tanned" and the food is going to be great.

    Wonder where Scheer's and Levant's ancestors came from?

    1. Scheer is a German last name and Levant is a traditional French/English
      last name taken by 16th, 17th and 18th century Immigrants from the Arab side of the Med.

    2. hi're right, every immigrant wave has met with resistance and in some cases naked bigotry, from those who got here before them. I've seen pictures of signs with "no dogs or Irish" on them, and one of the yacht clubs I frequent on the Toronto islands was set up because the others didn't accept Jews. Bigotry is a dead end, and Scheer whose ancestors came from Holland, should be ashamed of himself...